Key west humidity heavy. It makes me wish I was back in that valley half way up Mont Blanc in Italy four weeks ago. It snowed.

My day yesterday started with the dentist. No big deal. But a problem. Rectified in five minutes. When will I be finished? I thought I was last week.

Then to Lisa’s. We visted. God is good. I love her.

Lisa and I have a date scheduled for Saturday night. Her and me. My places. Should be fun.

Stopped at Publix. Needed a few things. Went to the old one. No one there. Aisles empty. Good. I whipped around. Very few familiar faces. I was in the new one last week. No one I knew there either. Did they fire the Publix employees and replace them with Albertson’s people?

My evening was the Chart Room. Loved it! Locals galore. Emily, Sheila, David, Katherine and Sean, amongst others. I fear I insulted Sheila some where along the way. Sheila love, I am sorry. Forgive me.

I mentioned the other day that the price of gasoline had dropped $.20 a gallon in a short time. What goes down rapidly, goes up equally fast. If not faster. The cost of a gallon of gasoline has gone up $.10 in the past two days.

What pigs these oil companies are!

Published a new Amazon Kindle article today: A Story Of Courage. The story of Clare Lumas. In her 20s. A paraplegic. She walks again! Robotic legs!

My internet show this mornoing. 10 am my time. World wide. www.konkbroadcasting. com.

Join me. You will love the topcs and how I deal with them.

Enjoy your day!

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