Short blog this morning. Barbara leaving. Have to get her to the airport for an early flight.

Still biting my tongue re Trump. People voted for a change. He is giving us change.

Some food for thought.

  1. The United States does not operate in secrecy. A federal agency media freeze is un-American.
  2. The President works for the people. The people do not work for the Presidnet.
  3. We have a B Cabinet: Billionaires and bankers.

The Key West City Commission has been considering making Key West a Sanctuary City. Still up in the air. Perhaps, fortunately. Trump is expected to target Sanctuary Cities today.

My blog talk radio show last night. A good one from my perspective. A lot of China and Mexico and the U.S. interplay with them.

Pythons back in the news.

I wrote a lengthy column about four years ago in KONK Life re the Florida python problem. Primarily in the Everglades. The bottom line was they are here to stay. In excess of one hundred thousand. The State is trying to manage the problem. Eradication not possible.

The State has hired two tribesmen from India who have had success in India with the problem. The State is also in the process of bringing in dogs trained to sniff out pythons.

Syracuse won a game last night! A close one. Beat Wake Forest 81-76.

Bocce and the Sons and Daughters of Italy hand in hand this weekend. Makes sense. The Sons and Daughters and the Key West Wildlife Center are having a Bocce Night Fundraiser saturday evening. 5:30-9:30. Bocce courts across from the White Street Pier.

Cost minimal. You even get to learn and play or play if you already know how. $20 for adults and $10 for children.

I will be at the fundraiser teaching. It is like riding a bicycle.

William Blakley. Fifty eight degrees this date in 1856. He “made up a fire in the stove.”

Fifty eight degrees in Key West is like 20 degrees up north.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “A FEW COMMENTS

  1. While I am certainly not a fan of Donaldus Rex, to be fair it should be noted that Obama did the same thing when the Stimulus package was first passed….2009. Manufactured outrage causes me personal outrage.

  2. I continue to believe President Trump is taking America into dangerous waters. Nearly every reputable economist takes a negative view on populist economics and with good reason. Trumps “bring back jobs” initiative is a no-brainer, who wouldn’t want to see good jobs return, more so if we do not sacrifice the environment, worker safety or worker rights as part of the deal. As it is we, the taxpayers, will absorb the lost tax revenue since corporations will not return out of patriotism alone. Beneath it all a much darker element exists in the Trump Administration, a retreat from a charitable and empathetic America, once respectful of diversity and willing to protect the marginalized. America is supposed to be the good kid on the block, the high standard. Trump managed to convince America that the carnage was upon us, he brought fear and despair instead of courage and hope.

    As to President Obama accomplishments-

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