Sometimes you just can’t win for losing!

Yesterday, one of those days.

Kavanaugh got the vote and was sworn in. Syracuse lost to Pitt.

The Kavanaugh fight is over. Time will tell who was correct.

Syracuse’s loss depressing. Syracuse started the season 4-0. Then lost to #4 Clemson last week by 3 points. This week Pitt. Should have been an easy win. Was not. Pitt won in overtime 44-37. Syracuse played poorly.

With Syracuse also, time will tell. Six games remaining.

An observation. Roe v. Wade will not survive Kavanaugh. It will be overturned.

Last night spent at Blue Macaw. A clubby atmosphere. Friendly. Love Montana the bartender. Chatted with Joe, Doug, Donna and Terri.

Doug is of Italian extraction, also. His Dad a chef of sorts. Doug learned early on how to cook. We spent much time discussing Christmas Eve’s seven fishes, their preparation, etc.

There is more news than Kavanaugh and Trump. However, their news will continue to be overwhelming. To the result that what is happening otherwise does not come to our attention.

For example, the U.S. Marines coming to the rescue last week in Washington, D.C.

A senior citizen facility was on fire. More than a hundred residents. Two hundred yards away was a small Marine outpost. The Marines saw smoke and rushed over.

Someone yelled there are people inside. The Marines acted as you would expect Marines to act. They rushed in and saved lives.

Newsworthy? You bet. Front page any other time. Not this past week. Sad.

Some things just plain un-American. Trump leading the pact in taking such actions. He forgets we are a republic and not a dictatorship. Authoritarianism has no place in our society.

Trump is down on Facebook. For some time. He is unhappy that Facebook carries comments adverse to Trump. Too bad. That’s the way it is in a republic. People have the right to express themselves about their government.

What have been described as “anti-activists” are a thorn in Trump’s side. Makes him unhappy. Trump had demanded information as to who they were with all pertinent details. Facebook refused. It is now claimed the Trump administration has secured search warrants to enable them to be discovered.

Involved are some 6,000 individuals who “liked” an anti-activist Trump Facebook page.

Wrong! Chilling! The U.S. is not Russia, China, or North Korea.

ACLU attorney Scott Michelman said, “What is particularly chilling about these warrants is that anti-administration political activists are going to have their political associations scrutinized by the very administration they are protesting.”

Welcome to the United States of 2018!

I am 83 years old. Retired from the practice of law 12 years ago. It was time. Should have done it years earlier.

Politicians seem to overstay their time in office. Two examples are Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch. Grassley 85, has been in the Senate 38 years. Hatch 84, has been in the Senate 41 years.

Both too old. Should have packed up and left town years ago. Both not today in thinking. Their minds back to a time where women were looked down upon. They do not understand today’s world in many respects.

Grassley is Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He was asked this past week why there were not more women on the Committee. He suggested too much work. They might not be able to handle it. An example of the keep ’em pregnant and in the kitchen mentality.

Hatch back in another time when he opens his mouth.

Time for new faces in Washington.

Terri sings 10-12 this morning at Hard Rock Cafe. I am going to enjoy brunch and Terri at the same time.

Enjoy your Sunday!


34 comments on “A DOUBLE LOSS IN ONE DAY

      • We didn’t realize Michelle or Hillary were members of congress. But it would be nice if they did retire from whatever it is they are doing. It does take a thing like this to get another lesbian horny. That knows no political boundaries.

          • Stop paying attention to this guy Patrick using the Anony name to try and hide his identity and then claim it isn’t him and he’s not the one to blame for any of his wako trolling, anyhow. It’s ALWAYS everybody else’s fault for the crap he starts.

        • Unthinkable post in very poor taste. Your attitude towards women is exactly what’s wrong with this country. Shame on you.

  1. It may only be a small victory but I think it is worth noting. What Republicans did to the Supreme Court with Obama and now with Kavanaugh can only forever prove to the world the one thing they are not, yet desperately want the most – to be right!

    • Yes, those women – terrible, terrible things.

      We men have to prevent that, don’t we, because WE know what’s right and what’s not.

  2. Lou, I think Roe V Wade is safe. That is not how it will happen. As I have posted before, unborn children will eventually be given individual rights. That is what will end most abortions.
    An unborn child has their own DNA, they only look different at that age…as they will look different if they are allowed to live, at 5 years of age, 25 and at 90.

        • Is your argument that we should protect every “released” sperm too? How about EVERY released egg? “No egg should go un fertilized?” Protect the eggs and protect the sperms?” or are you suggesting ONLY protect the fertilized unions of DNA? How do you feel about protecting those fertilized unions of egg and sperms in say Puerto Rican unions? African unions and may say any union already born like a five year old union?

      • What is the difference between a 280 day old fetus, inside the womb and a 270 day old fetus outside the womb?

        I will help you….nothing other than location. They are both human beings. Helpless, human beings.

        • Another difference is that Republicans apparently don’t seem to care ANYTHING about a 270 day old fetus outside the womb. No health care support, once born. No education care once born, No protection from GUNS once born, etc., etc.

          • The difference is that Dems want someone else to pay for the kid once born, but they are OK killing same kid before birth. Quite a difference.

          • Republicans on the other hand want our government to get out of regulating businesses, banks and just about everything else, but want to regulate a womans choice when it comes to anything to do about her own private reproductive rights.

          • You just twist things to suit your own argument, ignoring the facts and ignoring truth. Democrats are NOT asking for someone else to pay for kids once they are born, we are asking for Republicans to pay as much attention to kids after they are born as they seem to want to do to a womans (or family) rights when it comes to their own reproductive issues.

        • How many elective abortions were done in this country in the last say 5 years (just as an example) at anything close to 270 days? Your example is suspiciously pejorative and as such very TROLL like. Obviously made by a man with woman issues?

          • Try and get Hillary Clinton to say that abortion should be restricted to under 270 days. Go ahead, try and find her saying that anywhere.

          • Who is Hillary Clinton and what does she have to do with this discussion. What is your total fixation on her – YOU are really creepy and why should any of us take you seriously when it is obvious your discussion is totally political and partisan and creepy.

    • Every day aprox 342 people in AMERICA (aprox 40 of which are children) die of gunshot related incidents. That’s 342 and those are just in America and JUST from guns. Are they somehow less important that abortions? Why always this talk about abortions and NEVER about doing something about gunshot deaths? Could it just be Partisan politics?

      • Approximately 1000 abortions are performed daily by Planned Parenthood. How many others are being performed ?

        The 342 number of gunshot deaths is reported by the Brady organization and is an exaggerated number. Many of those are suicides. I’m not making light of the figures, any number is too high. Its a comparison.

      • Try thinking the troll is right. Progressives can’t think or see past the end of their noses. Women will get abortions whether legal or not.

    • NOT when the Troll tells a lie or creates a meme for the sole purpose of stirring the pot, as when some one calls you an azzhole (not a lie, but not very nice either and only used here as a statement of truth from some one who knows you).

  3. Not sure who the troll is. The original post about individual rights, was a response to Lou’s worry over the Roe V Wade issue. That post certainly wasn’t trolling. It is a legitimate response to Lou. And every word in that post is a scientific fact, whether pro-legal-abortion folks like it or not.

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