Rain, rain, rain! Wow! Supposed to continue throughout the day. Key West is experiencing peripheral weather from Tropical Storm Michael. Soon to be Hurricane Michael.

Michael will not be a danger to the Keys. Will pass to the west and travel up the Gulf of Mexico. Northern Florida in danger, however. The Panhandle. Governor Scott has already declared a state of emergency for more than 20 counties.

Michael is presently somewhere south of Cuba and near the Yucatan Peninsula.

Michael must be Florence’s beau. The Carolina’s will bear the brunt of Michael. Expected to be a category 2 when it hits. Flooding  worse than the winds.

The Gray Man of Pawley Island, South Carolina is a ghost. Been one since 1822 when he died in quicksand during a storm while trying to reach his lady love. His betrothed went looking for him. Came upon his ghost clad in a gray suit.

He warned her to take her entire family and leave the island. A massive storm was coming. They left. When they returned, all homes had been destroyed except theirs.

Since that time, the Gray Man has appeared many times. In each instance, warning persons of a pending disastrous storm.

The Gray Man failed to warn re Florence’s coming. Thus far, no warning re Michael.

A full Sunday yesterday. Enjoyed brunch at Hard Rock Cafe. Terri performing with Larry Baeder. Sat with Donna and Joe.

Liz showed up. With Josefina and Mary. Liz attired in dark clothes. Jeans and a black jacket. She looks terrific in dark clothes. A sharp 85 year old woman!

Had a strange experience while walking to Hard Rock. I had to walk 4 blocks from where I parked my car. My legs were heavy. An effort to lift them. My ass dragging.

I could not understand. Maybe I needed to eat. I had skipped dinner the night before. I do it occasionally on my diet. Has never affected me in the past.

Ordered breakfast. An omelet and toast.

The trip back to the car no problem. Legs felt great. I had energy. It was the lack of food. No question food is fuel!

The Blue Macaw last night. Ate. Ribs. Chatted with Paul, Dan and Joseph.

Also with a young man from Biloxi, Mississippi. He, his Dad and a friend were in Key West for a few days. He is being married next July in Key West. I asked what beach. His response…..No beach. At the St. Mary of the Sea Grotto. We’re Catholics.

It was the we’re Catholics that got me. Few express religion these days and few seem to be religiously motivated.

I miss bocce. The comradeship especially. My old team Don’s Place is doing well this season. Tied for 3rd place, 1 1/2 games out of 1st.

Our Nation is sick and getting sicker by the day. Trump no help. He encourages all kinds of negative activity.

Trump was in Topeka Saturday night at a rally. A black protestor from Black Lives Matter interrupted the President. He was removed roughly by security guards. His removal proper, his handling not.

The crowd repeatedly yelled disparaging remarks at the protestor. Some of the audience White Nationals. Expressions like the Nazi salute “Seig Heil!” Others, “Light the motherfucker on fire.” Shades of the old South where blacks were tied to poles or hung from a tree and burned to death. A lot of “Kick his ass!”

Trump proudly stood by. These were his people.

Beware a woman scorned. Women do not forget. Republicans will pay for Kavanaugh’s ascendancy to the Supreme Court.

Enjoy your day!





21 comments on “A GHOST STORY

  1. “Trump proudly stood by. These were his people.

    Beware a woman scorned. Women do not forget. Republicans will pay for Kavanaugh’s ascendancy to the Supreme Court”

    The damage done by Trump is evident each day as the divide widens in America. President Obama stated he was aware of dark forces in this nation but feared he underestimated the numbers. November is a test, not of politician against politician but American against American. Once the results are in we will know for certain the character and temperament of this nation. It is all in the hands of the voters and the direction of this nation depends on it.

  2. Hi Lou – Trump rally protester
    Can you please share with me where I can find information on the protester who was forceably removed at the Trump rally in Topeka. I have searched the Topeka newspaper and searched on the Topeka tv news sites and have not been able to find any information or articles regarding this situation. This would certainly be significant news especially with inappropriate vulgar slurs being directed toward this individual.
    I have also tried to scan the entire speech and haven’t found where this happened. If you could let me know about what time it occurred during his speech I will be able to go back and listen for myself.
    Thank you for your help

    • I was incorrect re the Topeka rally comments. I picked it up on a news release. Your request caused me to go back and look for it. Could not find. Did find however that the comments were made at a December 2015 rally somewhere else. I say somewhere else in that I find the words were allegedly used at more than one rally. Trump correct re fake news in this regard. I apologize for misinforming. I try to be accurate. Sometimes I get fooled too.

  3. Or maybe story was planted by the Russkies so Trump and others could blame the Democrats for the plant. What a twisted web.

  4. I can not vouch for any other trump rally, but I was at a Trump rally at UNI in Cedar Falls IA in January of 2016. It wasn’t all that big as far as attendance goes but it was pretty rowdy and VERY nasty. Lot’s of use of the N word by everybody and very racist in terms of Trumps speech. It was like he didn’t care what he said, as long as the crowd was rowdy. Lot’s of different chants, although I dodn’t I heard one like what you said. Then again I didn’t stay long, just had to get away from what I though was VERY disrespectful and probably going to turn violent. I wanted no part of any of what was happening.

    • Typical Trump-hating garbage, from a Trump hater.

      Nowhere on the internet or local papers is there any proof of “lots of use of the N word by EVERYBODY”.
      The seating capacity of UNI West gymnasium is 2052 people. There were estimated to be 2000 people at that rally.

      • Like I said, small crowd and kinda rowdy. I was a PolySci major at the time and fairly neutral. You don’t know me and I resent you attacking me without any proof whatsoever. I witnessed this first hand and can tell you the N word was everywhere amongst the crowd. So was chanting, like “Lock her Up” and other things. I would also say that I was surprised at the crowd itself, not that many students and not a lot of what looked to be local people either. Rumor around the school was they bussed people in, which might have been true, or not. You sure sound like you have a short fuse.

        • Proof? The capacity of West gym is 2052. There is documented proof that the gym was filled pretty much to capacity at that rally. A venue filled to capacity and you refer to it as, “not all that big as far as attendance goes”.

          How is that attacking you?

          Go ahead and Prove there was “Lot’s of use of the N word by everybody”. No proof anywhere.

          You are the biggest snowflake on this blog. Always taking offense when someone makes any comment that doesn’t agree with you. Get over yourself. Typical thin skinned liberal.

          • This is the first time I ever posted on this blog. You are really a total arrogant SOB. I don’t need to PROVE anything to you. I was there and I know what it was like. You wern’t and you are just plain wrong.

          • hello linda from uni. I am also kind and also from iowa. this guy who is attacking you is named patrick and has been a trolling the keywestlou site for many years. he is a hothead. And a certified bully who thinks he s clever actually he s only clever by half and tries to insult people especially womenwhenever he gets caught lying. I suggest you ignore him most people do that, not worth fighting with. besides he’s only really interested in starting trouble and often just embarrases himself without any outside help. a real piece of work.

  5. I went to 2 different Trump rallies, one before he was a candidate and one when he was the candidate. I was an undecided voter and didn’t want to vote for Clinton. I thought maybe Trump would be better, but both his rallies turned me off because of what he’d say. I can tell you that what I saw was a different Trump then you would see on TV where everything was edited. He swore like a sailor throughout his speeches both times, especially using the “F” word. The crowd loved it and it got him cheers. I’d see the same speech later on TV with his foul language was filtered out. TV WAS showing everybody fake news, at least from what I saw in that regard. Trump was not my kind of guy and neither were the people I saw at his rallies. I ended up voting for Gary Johnson.

  6. We all know from the election that there are many, many people who like Trump. To me, that has always been the scariest part of this episode.

  7. We went to a Trump Rally too, here in SC. It was OK, kind of like a Tea Party rally we’d gone to years ago. Everybody fired up and having a good time. I thought it was OK, although we did leave a little early because my wife thought it was getting a little vulgar.

  8. I did not know there were any limits on Trump vulgarities since he and his ilk officially killed off PC. Maybe there is hope for the future after all.

  9. What are you going to do Linda R when you find you have been lying again about patrick. Lying and slander is a constant trait with progressives.

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