Covid-19 on a rampage. The numbers rise daily.

Yesterday was a record setting one. Nearly 100,000 new cases in one day. The actual number 98,583.

Another record breaking number this past week. The U.S. passed the 9 million mark for coronavirus cases.

Yesterday was a normal one as far as deaths wee concerned. In the area of 1,000. Actually 978. Total U. S. deaths exceed 230,000.

The election 4 days away.

The U.S. has reached the point where the virus is not merely a “scourge.” It is a “fiasco.” More people have died in the U.S. than any other country.

The House Sub-Committee on Coronavirus described the pandemic as “among the worst failures of leadership in American history.”

Tuesday’s election is literally a choice between life and death. Americans must understand the need to work together against what is a common threat.

Trump thinking along the way may have been creative. Like a shot in the arm or a drink of bleach. Fortunately few followed his Clorox suggestion.

When it comes to coronavirus, the U.S. needs a President who is genuinely pro-life.

Trump’s recent consistent cry has been “we’ve rounded the corner.”

Yesterday at a rally he said, Covid-19 deaths have dwindled to “almost nothing.”

This past week Trump blamed the doctors for the increased coronavirus numbers claiming “doctors get more money if someone dies.”

Donald Jr. on FOX News this week described the medical experts who have been talking about a surge in cases as “truly morons.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed said, “We are tired of Covid-19 but Covid 19 is not tired of us.”

An example of how coronavirus quickly gets out of hand is a faith based retreat held over the summer. Ninety percent of the students and counselors  who took part in the summer event came down with coronavirus, the CDC said in a new report.

One student alone was the source of the infection that was able to spread through the camp because there was no mask wearing or social distancing.

Dr. Fauci is the nation’s leading infectious disease expert. Nevertheless, he is a frequent Trump target.

Fauci acknowledges that pat of the reason some Americans refuse wearing masks or social distancing is “that feeling of independence and not wanting to be told by authority of what to do.”

Fauci added, “But absent a vaccine it is all we can do.”

I would add a simple failure in leadership an example. Trump refuses to wear a mask or social distance. His rallies shoulder to shoulder.

The U.S. has to cut the bullshit and follow the rules. “People” meaning not only citizens, but also political leaders.

The election is not so much a political one as one to save lives. I believe many have become aware of such. So Democrats, Republicans, Green Party members, Libertarians, and Independents do the morally correct thing. Vote Democratic! The life of the U.S. and its people depends on a blue wave.

Enjoy your day and a Happy Halloween!



  1. Lou, your comment “Actual numbers are xyz” are not true and part of the conspiracy Trump wants us to believe.

    Many states particularly here i Florida are open admitting they are NOT keeping accurate numbers.

    Better you should say “the actual numbers were are told about (reported) are..”

  2. Lou,

    Kinda worried about how you will deal with a Trump win, given your complete obsession with hating on this guy.  Being quarantined at home for so long, I can see how it is kind of overtaking your life.

    What is your plan?  You have a limited amount of life left.  Don’t spend it hating.  That is poison to the soul.

    And you may have to seriously consider getting emotional therapy for your moderator.  She is in overdrive, attacking everyone who posts anything in Trump’s favor.  On busy days in your comment section, she posts under several different names, flailing around like a shape-shifter, accusing every “Trumpie” of being the same person…either Sandy, or Patrick or any other poster that she can attribute to the posts with which she disagrees.

    Seriously, even if you’ll be OK for four more years, she needs some help.  In fact, just watch how she reacts to this post.

    • OMG, you come on Lou’s blog and insult him with your “hate” horse*hit and then ask him for a favor in shutting up anybody and everybody that criticizes you?

  3. Proper analysis and criticism of someone is not necessarily “hate,” anymore than accusing someone who does that, such as yourself, is doing so for pejorative political reasons.

    There are a lot of factual reasons for Lou or anyone else to seriously criticize Donald Trump and to fear for America and it’s people for what he has done, besides hate. Lou’s opinions seem very much the latter. And Donald Trump should never be thought to be above any criticism by Lou or anyone else.

    …and your accusation about Lou hating Trump, instead of his levelheaded and appropriate criticism and fear, seem to be both false and intentional political on your part, considering ALL the reasons for criticism Trump has created in the last 4 years alone.

    Stop with the phony posts. If you want to post something in favor of Trump without allowing criticism on this post, good luck.

  4. Hate to say it but, after listening to interviews with Trump fans outside his rallies, I have to fear for the future of the human race.

  5. What if he loses and just gracefully concedes, wishes Biden well, and quietly fades into the sunset? How shockingly anticlimactic that would be.

    • Then we should thank him for once in his life for doing it the right way, by not criticizing that incident.

      But once out of all the other times is hardly balanced, any more than absolving Hitler, had he apologized at the end for having threatening say, Prague.

  6. Well, Hitler thought that he was doing what was best for Germany just like our guy today is acting for what he thinks is best for the USA.

    • I think the evidence shows that Hitler and Trump are different in one major fundamental way. Hitler may well indeed think he was doing what was best for Germany but Trump is doing what he thinks is best for himself and the country be damned. Not only that, but Trump is far more inept and transparent, than Hitler at it.

      In either case Hitler was wrong and so is Trump. Two wrongs do not make a right!

      Another difference is, I doubt that Trump will decide he too must pay with his life?

      • Let’s review the ways they aren’t different.

        Both Hitler and Trump attack the judiciary and rule of law.
        Both Hitler and Trump attack the media.

        Both men degrade anyone who disagrees with them. Trump’s allegedly, “disloyal” bureaucrats in the State Department, EPA, FBI, CIA who he calls the deep state are in deep trouble with him, for example.

        Both denigrate the immigrants.

        Both demonize their political opponents — Hitler called his opponents parasites, criminals and leftist scum. Sound familiar?

        Neither was elected by the majority. Let that sink in.

        Trump uses paraphrases such as Hitler’s “lying press” and “fake news” and deride the importance of scientific data and rely on their worlds public opinion ultimately defining what is true and what is false.

        Hitler attacked democracy itself by purging voter roles and challenging the integrity of electoral process. Before the outcome of the 2016 election was made final Trump said he would decline to accept anything other than a win. That it was rigged.

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