In 2016, Hillary was unquestionably the winner going into election day. Turned out she was not to the surprise of many. I one of them.

Wherever significant, the polls had Hillary 2-3 points ahead. Donald won most of those states via the Electoral College.

As a result, many have little faith in polls in 2020.

Biden has a 4-5 point lead in certain significant states. Should make the difference. Hopefully.

If so, Biden will be President. If not, 4 more years of Trump. The country will not survive if such is the case.

Donald Trump Jr. is cut from the same clothe as his father. Bullish. Knows it all.

A day or two ago, Donald Jr. dismissed off hand the number of coronavirus deaths.  Claimed “the numbers are almost nothing.” He so spoke on a day when the number of deaths was 1,000.

The same day, Donald Sr. claimed “deaths were way down.”

Some do not like to play by the rules. Wilbur Ross is Trump’s Secretary of Commerce. His moral character on a level with Trump’s.

Trump promised 4 years ago to “clean the swamp.” Instead, he added to it.

One of the additions is Wilbur Ross, though neither arrested nor charged with any criminal activity.

The U.S. has been engaged in a trade war with China since 2017. A trade war which has hurt the economy of each nation.

Cabinet members are not supposed to have any connection with a foreign nation. The rule dd not seem to bother Ross.

When Ross became Secretary of Commerce, he signed a letter confirming he had no connection with the Chinese Company Huaneng nor was he a member of Huaneng’s Board or WLR’s Board. A few years earlier, Ross’s company W.L. Ross & Company had entered into a joint venture with Huaneng and Ross became a Board member.

His letter of 2/27/17 was not correct. He had not disengaged himself from any Chinese ventures, was a Board member of the joint venture company, etc.

Ross did not leave the Board seat till late 2019.

It appears Ross was a Board member during the years the U.S was engaged (and still is) in the trade war with China.

Ross placed himself in a difficult position as a result. One cannot serve 2 masters at one time.

Tucker Carlson is the infamous FOX political commentator. His present show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Carlson recently broke the record for being the highest rated monthly news show in the history of cable news. His audience 5.4 million per night. His salary much more than that number.

A couple of weeks ago, it was announced Carlson is considering running for President on the Republican ticket in 2024.

A horror! He reminds me often of Donald Trump.

Strange things frequently occur. Most recently in New Zealand.

Two items were on the ballot for approval. Euthanasia and recreational marijuana.

The populace voted for euthanasia and rejected recreational marijuana.

The euthanasia law will permit doctors to legally prescribe a lethal dose of medicine to patients suffering from terminal illnesses wherein their lives were likely to end within 6 months.

Seems like the whole of the U.S. is voting early or by absentee ballot. Even here in Monroe County. Early voting is up 52 percent as of this past wednesday.

May Johnson. Our lady of the past amuses and concerns me. In today’s vernacular, surface wise she appears to be a “good girl.” I wonder, however.

Last night she danced with Charlie at La Brisa. Did not get home till midnight.

In the meantime, her “love” Everest continues to work out of town.

I had another hospital test yesteryear. Drove down Duval afterward. Around noon. This is the last friday of the faux Fantasy Fest.

More people than previously reported. Up to 30 percent of the crowd that would normally be walking  Duval on this particular day.

Not one person wearing a mask.

Tonight, the parade. Twenty some odd floats. No means of propulsion needed. They will move down Duval on a moving track.

The size of this year’s floats dictating how they are to move. The floats cannot be larger than 18 inches, nor higher than 18 inches, nor wider than 18 inches.

Ain’t going to be any nude ladies on these floats!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Not that long ago America was in the grip of terror because a “caravan” of 3500 central American migrants were headed to our southern borders. The number kept getting smaller and smaller until it was just something like 1500 made it to the border, but the “terror” never dwindled.

    We are killing more than that EVERY day with this pandemic thing and it’s like what’s the big deal. Even Lou Dobbs is OK with that, but not with the dreaded immigrants thing.

  2. I’m not good a making predictions, so this is not a prediction in any way. Just something to think about if you haven’t already.

    If Trump wins the election it will be very important to him that the Republicans hold onto their slim majority in the Senate. Why? Because if the Dems retain their majority in the House and also take over the Senate, Nancy Pelosi would be positioned to impeach Trump in the House (again). And this time there would be enough votes to find him guilty in the Senate. Trump would be gone in a couple of months.

    • No John, he would be Impeached. That all! It does not mean he would be gone in two months. He could sue for a number of reasons (just because) and drag it through the courts, ending up in the Supreme Court, where he now has a 2 to 1 majority and who knows how that would work out. Could take 4 years to find out.

      If he wins again, and both houses are solid blue, he could still rule and do what ever he wants with “Executive Actions” and ignore any and all resistance from congress, as he pleases, just like he’s done with DACA.

      • We disagree slightly. A President or other government official can face articles of impeachment in the House. If the House votes to impeach, then the President is forever impeached and must face trial in the Senate. He still holds his office until the trial is completed. That’s where Trump is now, impeached but not convicted of the charges. But if two thirds of the Senate votes to convict, then the President is removed from office. That’s what the Constitution says, but it does not specify when or how he is to be removed. This is where you are correct. The lawyers will swarm all over it and, as you say, drag it through the courts. There is no precedent for how to remove a President who has been impeached and convicted.

        • Trump was not convicted, nor did he even have a trial this last time. around, he couldn’t even be convicted even if the Democrats flipped the senate, because there is ZERO chance they’ll end up with a two thirds majority any how. So, I stand behind what I said in my reply to your first statemen”

          “No John, he would be Impeached. That all!”

          • I doubt that the founding fathers meant for the two thirds senate votes for conviction to be strictly along party lines. Their wording suggests that two thirds was considered a reasonable number for Senators to convict one of their own for a high crime or misdemeanor. The fact that Congress has become completely polarized according to political party is on us.

            The overly simple answer, of course, is for Democrats to win more Senate seats, and for Republicans to retake the House. Congress should not be denied the power to remove a President for cause just because they have a “D” or an “R” after their name.

            • Forget the founding fathers,

              Your solution is sooooo naive and ridiculous and so out of touch with reality. But then I guess I forgot, you are a Libertarian, which id the very definition of ‘out of touch.’

              • I believe I said the solution was “overly simple”. That was intended to be a sardonic comment.

                I also said that members of Congress should not be denied the power to remove a President for cause just because they have a “D” or an “R” after their name. I do believe that.

                Finally, why does an exchange of views in this blog always have to end in a personal insult? It diminishes the value of the conversation and goes against the credibility of the person who resorts to it.

                • Personal insult or accurate azzessment? Every time you are caught correcting (or changing the meaning) of something you said, or skipping around the point, you cry foul on some rather weak grounds.

                  Ending with a personal insult, would be calling you an idiot, or other “insults” like the President of the United States has elevated to a high art. Criticising you is not an insult just because you say it is so.

  3. The Donald, his sons, his daughter, his inlaws, and cronies are all a bunch of crooks. Fifteen or so of his cronies are already in jail. They make “Tricky Dick” Nixon look like a choir boy.

    Haven’t You Had Enough

  4. Fortress Investment Corp, multi-billion dollar private equity firm, whose subsidiary was awarded two special permits by the Trump Administration to haul hazardous liquified natural gas (LNG), including by rail along Florida’s east coast, forgave more than $100 million in debt owed by President Trump.

    Yet, they want to talk about Joe Biden’s son Hunter and not that?

  5. It is cold in Canada. They can come to KW if they fly by their own plane or by only AIR CANADA which does not land here. The car must com by commercial car carrier. Will we see our common Canadian friends this winter? Only the rich will make it here.

    • Sandy is a 2¢ agitator whose primary interest in Lou’s blog is only to start trouble with vitriol comments and racist garbage. He is no friend of honesty and delights in other peoples misery. Some people believe he is a Russian disinformation agent because no matter what he NEVER comments on their interference or wrong doings.

  6. Forcing people to stand in line for hours in order to vote is cruel and barbaric in this day and age. It is no wonder that half the eligible voters do not participate in elections. But it is a known fact that the GOP likes it like this because they do better.

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