Anything can happen one week before an election. Recall Hillary Clinton. Comey going on TV twice before the election with information re new e-mails found. Definitely caused her to lose.

Do we have a situation comparable to the e-mails with what happened late monday night in Philadelphia?

A black man was shot and killed by police. His name Walter Wallace Jr.

There was a confrontation. Wallace came at a group of police with a knife out. The police continued to tell him to drop the knife. He did not. They shot him dead.

Black Lives Matter heard and were immediately on the scene. Hundreds of them. Significantly more than police. BLM was so overwhelming at one point that the police turned and ran.

There is a video of a vehicle coming swiftly around a corner. Many on the corner. Police and BLM people..

The BLM driver hit and ran over a female police sergeant. She was injured. Something broken if I recall correctly.

The situation before and following the automobile accident total chaos.

Pennsylvania an important State in the election. It could very well guarantee victory for the candidate who wins it.

With each day between now and the election, words are going to fly, accusations made, threats from both sides.

Trump will be hitting away with his law and order cry. Biden with his support of blacks who get shot by the police.

A mess!

The Supreme Court came down with a decision monday that is reflective of that which is to come. In a ballot case involving Wisconsin, the Court in a 5-3 decision ruled that ballots received 3 days after an election could not be considered. A Wisconsin law had permitted them to be considered.

Kavanaugh voted with the majority. However he wrote a concurring opinion. One he had no obligation to write.

He wrote the acceptance of late ballots could “flip the results.”

No comment how Trump had hundreds of mail boxes and super fast processing machines removed. Obviously to be sure there would be no late ballots received. A fact that is thought to be favorable to Trump.

Pennsylvania has a similar case coming up for decision soon in the Supreme Court. In the Pennsylvania case, 1.4 million ballots are involved. A healthy number. It is thought whoever wins Pennsylvania, wins the election.

Not to count 1.4 million ballots could very well turn things in favor of Trump.

For years, the battle was between a President and Congress. Then a President and the Senate.

The Senate’s side is losing ground. Which means the Supreme Court is going to be the arbiter. An arbiter that will favor far right decision making.

The only way to avoid such is for Biden to win and bring in with him a Democratic Senate. Biden’s next step would be to “pack” the Supreme Court so Democratic justices may be appointed. Leave the Republicans in a position where they will have to take the back seat. Something Republican Senators have been foisting on Democrats for years.

A what goes around comes around outcome.

Six days to the election. Everyone vote! Normally, I would say vote your choice, your conscience. Not this time. Vote for Biden and a Democratic Senate. The only way Trump’s garbage can be eliminated and proper laws returned to the books.

The victory must be decisive. Otherwise Trump will have the election results in the Courts for years knowing full well that when his cases reach the Supreme court, he will win. He has packed the Court and has nothing to fear.

Wisconsin is one of the States that each candidate must win. Looks like it is going Biden’s way. As of this morning, Biden is 17 points ahead of Trump.

There is a problem, however. One state alone cannot dictate a result. Need several. Ergo…..Vote!

My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou was last night. I went out of my way not to talk about Trump. Slipped up only once.

I believe America is sick of this election. Lets get it over! In the meantime I did a no politics show for the pleasure and enjoyment of me and my listeners.

Ann Magnani. Burt Lancaster. Duncan Street. The Rose Tattoo. Tennessee Williams.

Quite a grouping of names. All involved in the making of the movie The Rose Tattoo.

It was on this day 1954 that Anna Magnani  arrived at the Casa Marina Hotel. She came to Key West to make The Rose Tattoo. She came a few days early to rest before doing so.

Magnani was an Italian actress of some note. She won the Academy Award for her performance in The Rose tattoo.

Everyone knew Burt Lancaster. One of the greatest male actors of his time. Tennessee Williams wrote the play and movie. The Rose Tattoo was filmed in a house on Duncan Street. Two doors from Williams’ home. One and a half blocks from Lisa’s home.

I continue to have air conditioning problems. It was allegedly fixed friday. Not so. It worked in a fashion where I have been sweating or freezing since friday.

The air conditioning people came again today. Checked out the whole system. Lets hope it works properly now. I am not upset. Not everything is possible of quick and easy correction. However my bouts of sweating and freezing were getting too uncomfortable to handle.

Enjoy your day!




  1. I think that if Donald Trump was running for President as a Democrat, he would get just two votes, Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs, no other. Republicans only vote Republican, NEVER the candidate.

    No Democrat would vote for him as a Democrat, Democrats ONLY vote for qualified and competent candidates.

    • As just that, NEVER Trump, I’d say they are more human? I didn’t say they’d vote Democrat! If they vote at all they’d vote Libertarian.

      Why do you ask, forget to think?

  2. As a parting shot, Trump just signed over a huge pristine forest preserve in Alaska to developers. The fallout from this sin will probably add greatly to his IRA.

  3. OMG the stock marked crashed AGAIN today, the DOW was down another 900 points, it’s worst drop since June.

    Just when Trump was going to play his last October surprise tomorrow by announcing that the economy had finally turned around and that we are on our way to a rapid recovery.

    What do you bet he’ll try that lie anyhow, who’s going to stop him.

  4. Come on man did you see all the J. Biden and K Harris supporters walking the streets and through the stores of the “City of Brotherly Love” (Philly) the last two nights supporting Joe and as Harris urged picking up their payments.
    Joe can put a”lid” on his actions but he can not put a LID on his supporters actions.

  5. Sandy is a troll a pest and mostly a dishonest disinformation machine, whose vulgar and racist posts on this blog are nothing but an effort to create chaos and fights. He has no problem positing outright lies and delights with shouting “Fire” in a crowded theatre just for a chuckle.

    Then crying about why no one respects him.

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