Presidential debates 2020 are over. Fortunately. I look forward to the day when the two candidates for President can stand face to face and discuss issues and problems without yelling at one another.

The boisterous one this year was Trump. Last night he was subdued compared to the first debate. However, he did increase in intensity as the debate wore on. Another half hour and he would have broken loose.

I thought Trump won. Eked out a close victory. Like a 2 point game in basketball. Such does not mean Biden was not good. Nor that he failed.

GOP pollster Frank Lunz thought Trump won. His words wise that explained his thoughts. Trump won the “final debate.” Biden “won the war.”

His conclusion is a marginal victory did nothing to move Trump forward. With the election only days away, Trump does not have  time to catch Biden. It is “virtually impossible for Trump to win.”

Some impressions.

Trump should stop saying he has done more for the blacks since Abraham Lincoln. He evidences his ignorance of American history when he does so. He fails to mention Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson. Trump could never equal the achievements the black community received when Johnson was President.

Trump could not wait to throw out the purported dirt he had on Biden and his son Hunter. Russian disinformation that several investigations have indicated there is no basis for. Not even if Giuliani says there is.

The public is not buying the story. Had it been in reverse with Trump and one of his children, the public would have believed it.

One of Biden’s best lines came after Trump had heaved the “dirt” on Biden. Biden looked into the cameras and told the American people: “You know who he is.” Intimating a corrupt individual lacking in character. A liar in most instances.

Trump’s record came into play. Biden raised many individually. Two hundred twenty thousand coronavirus deaths, coronavirus still not under control, vaccine–when?, the economy is tanked, 545 children whose parents cannot be found, alienated our allies, and pushed the Republican Party to the fringe.

Biden’s purported wrongdoing involved taking $3.5 million from Russia, doing nothing for blacks, etc. His list of sins significantly smaller than Trump’s.

Biden reflected vision in many of his responses. Trump, none.

Many of Trump’s responses bombastic. Factually, he had little to say other than constantly telling Biden he was corrupt.

Trump had no agenda, no detailed plans for what he was going to do if reelected. No policy was set forth for the next 4 years.

Biden on the other hand had detailed programs he was prepared to initiate and carry through. Trump responded each time that Biden had been in office 8 years with Obama and why didn’t he do them then.

Here is where Biden screwed up. His retort should have been that you Trump have been in office for the last 4 years. Why didn’t you do any of these things?

Each had a different approach in responding. Trump forceful and negative in tone. Biden calm and positive. I believe the American people are ready for a person with a calm positive thought out approach again.

The overall winner was the moderator. Kristen Welker did an outstanding job! She tamed the beast. Kept Trump in line.

At 7 this morning, I received a telephone call from Guy de Boer. Could I fill in at 8:48 for a guest who could not make it on his radio show. I’m always happy to do radio.

We spent our time discussing the debate.

Another record day for coronavirus yesterday! A record number of new cases. Reported were 77,640 new cases.

The CDC reported earlier in the week that coronavirus cases were surging in 75 percent of the country. Shouldn’t be. Trump says “we” have the problem under control.”

Enjoy your day!

16 comments on “DEBATE BATTLE OVER

  1. After Obama won, I will never forget Mitch saying that the main priority number one goal of the GOP controlled Senate was seeing to it that O was a one term President. They tried to block everything he came up with for the next 8 years. Keep that in mind when you claim that Obama accomplished nothing.

  2. Right now, aTony Bobalinski is sitting in a room with a bunch of FBI investigators, and files upon files of evidence. I wonder what he’s showing them?

    • He’s giving them details of the relationship between multiple Chinese State-Owned businesses and companies owned by Hunter Biden., Hunter started traveling to China shortly before Joe Biden became Vice President and signed multiple lucrative contracts with the Chinese during his father’s term as Vice President. There’s nothing wrong with that unless Joe Biden was receiving kickbacks from his son while providing favors to the Chinese companies, which is implied in the emails found on Hunter’s laptop.

      So it’s not so much a Russian problem. It’s a China problem. Hunter is right in the middle of it, and Joe says he doesn’t know anything. I guess we will have to wait and see, but I wouldn’t want to be a member of the Biden family right now.

  3. But the Russians are behind pushing this phony nothingburger on the American public, in the form of a smear campaign. People like No One get behind just to try and cause trouble.

    Perhaps “No One” would be willing to explain the issue of Donald Trumps undisclosed bank accounts in China and why Donald Trump the President of the United States of America has paid more income Tax in Chinna than he has in America, which has been going on for at least the past ten years. In an equal “smear” way.

    Or maybe “No One” wants to visit his disingenuous outrage campaign on this blog on how California isn’t spending more effort in cleaning the grounds in all the Federal;y owned Forests in California so there are less forest fires.

    Or maybe he wants to talk about Don Jr’s vivid coke habit?

    • Nope. Nothing there that has’t already been beaten to death on this blog. I will say that the Director of National Intelligence, John Radcliffe, has already ruled out Russian involvement in the Biden laptop case. In fact, there is a 60 page US Intelligence report that includes details of the Biden/China relationship, without implicating Russia.

      I would be happy to discuss Trump’s bank account and tax info, except that I know nothing about the details of his finances and investments. I bet you don’t either.

      Don Jr. has a coke habit? Maybe he’s hiding out in a crackhouse with Hunter.

      • That’s a bet you would lose, like just about every other argument you try and make. You are a phony and a fool and ONLY here to try and create chaos.

        John Radcliffe is one of the least respected people in Washington who is trying to blame the Iranians and throw cover on the Russians, jut like you, making both of you look like idiots.

        Better you should try and make your lame smear case on some “Poor Boy” website where it has MAYBE a 1% chance of being believed.

          • Hey “No One” – may I recommend YOU try Hemlock. In this case that seems an appropriate remedy for your arrogant and patronizing attitude with dishonest and manipulative attempts to push your (well, someone elses) politics on Lou’s blog.

            Who the fu*k do you think you are?

  4. Looks like that FOXCONN thing in Wisconsin? It’s turned out to be just that – a total con job on the people of Wisconsin.

    Remember how big a deal that was for Donald Trump and how he basked in that whole deal> I do. Remember how that was hyped here on Lou’s blog by Patrick and all those other fools? I do.

    400 million plus $$ and ZERO jobs and an empty factory.

    Just one MORE Trump failure.

  5. Trump was touted as the non-politician. Well that is debunked. Trump listened to his handlers and remained fairly calm for the last debate, a departure from his true nature. Unfortunately for him you can’t fake intelligence. Biden did well, despite all the Trump claims he was mentally off. The highlights- Biden mocking Trump by calling him Lincoln, saying America doesn’t want to hear about our families but what we can do for theirs and blue and red does not matter- he will be a president for ALL. I’d say that was checkmate, Biden is good for election day. It will come down to COVID response and character.

  6. Biden challenged on speaking to his Party to get an relief package for America. Biden stating he did and they had one, since summer and it is still there. Trump foolishly admitting he won’t allow it because it helps “poorly run, crime ridden Democrat cities and states” -priceless.

    America has had enough of this silver spooned elitist loser. Biden for ALL Americans, those who support him and those who do not.

    • Texas already accepts seven different photo IDs for voters. And if a voter doesn’t have ( or can’t get) one of those IDs, then they can still vote after filling out a declaration form. How many more options do they need?

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