On this day in 1941, the Chicago Daily Tribune dismissed the possibility of war with Japan. Forty days before Japan bombed Hawaii.

The Chicago Daily Tribune editorialized, “She cannot attack us. That is a  military impossibility. Even our base at Hawaii is beyond the effective striking power of her fleet.”

The Chicago Daily Tribune is the same newspaper that on November 3, 1948 published its paper with the headline “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

Two major screw ups by a newspaper respected world wide.

The mistakes do prove a point, however: Don’t believe everything you read, especially in the newspapers.

In the past few days, I have been communicating with readers and friends re the election. Some contacted me, others contacted me. A total of 13 telephone calls and e-mails. The response interesting.

Twelve either had already or were planning to vote for Biden. Only one for Trump.

An intimidating report today on Morning Joe.

The coronavirus surge is hitting Utah badly. Hospitals are at the breaking point. ICUs, medical personnel, and supplies are strained. The severity has State officials considering  a “choice” approach in deciding who gets admitted to its hospitals.

The younger will be admitted, the older not. The older sent home.

Medical care will be provided those having better the chance to survive. The process is described as “rationing care.”

Thank you Donald Trump for not taking the virus seriously and getting it under control. If the problem hits Washington, D.C., you should be rejected since you are in your early 70s. An old man, my friend. Join the rest of the elderly sentenced to death by a disease you should have had under control by now.

In one of his rallys yesterday, Trump said the virus numbers are surging because the U.S. is testing more. A report this morning fact checked the statement. As expected, Trump wrong.While there has been a 23 percent increase in cases, there has only been a 2 percent rise in testing.

Texas part of the surge. Especially El Paso. Hospitals bursting at the seams.

A new stay at home order has been issued. Additionally to assist in alleviating the problem, beds will be set up in El Paso’s convention center.

The Senate adjourned yesterday till after the election. No acceptable stimulus bill passed.

The Senate made sure Amy Comey Barrett received a swift acceptance. However the Senate failed to help put food on the tables of many families and monies to help prevent rental evictions and mortgage foreclosure proceedings.

At every rally, Trump cries out the economy will be a disaster if Biden is elected. Stocks will crash, retirement accounts will vanish, and there will be an economic depression “the likes of you’ve never seen.”

Wall Street seems happy with the prospect of a Biden victory. Stability will return to the market place. Trump’s era of uncertainty gone.

The DOW has been a roller coaster under Trump this year. Yesterday, an example. The DOW dropped 650 points.

The faux Fantasy Fest is into its second week.The first week had crowds, but nowhere near what would have been on the street were this the real fantasy Fest.

In addition to the hotels raising rates for the weekend, the weather is now being claimed as a reason for crowd sparsity. It rained big time all week.

An unmarried pregnant young lady, the father, and her for real boy friend with whom she is actually in love. A scenario that occurs even today. Shotgun weddings rare, however.

An interesting situation reported in May Johnson’s diary this date 1896: “Arthur Carusoe was made to marry Susie Wade this morning, baby born 6 o’clock. Poor Louis Lowe, he was engaged to her.”

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou this evening at 9 o’clock my time. So much to talk about. I will be happy when the news slows down.

In any event should you enjoy ranting and raving, join me for a fast moving provocative half hour.

Enjoy your day!






    • That is like saying why worry about Donald, Don’t Presidents have to follow ..

      Perhaps, a far better system for picking a high court Justice (with constitutional amendments to support) would be establishing a pool of qualified candidates by some set professional criteria then picking a name like you pick a raffle winner. That would free up the President and Senate so they can play games with other things.

      • 1. The names of all those in the pool would be leaked to the media, setting up partisan challenges.

        2. Who makes the blind pick? How do you prevent cheating?

        3. Senators are very protective of their power. Not likely to accept a lottery winner that they didn’t get to vote on.

        Still, good thinking outside to box on your part.

  1. “Conservative activists are now free to press forward with the agenda they’ve pushed since the Reagan era: criminalize abortion, ban racial preference in school admissions and elsewhere, cripple the federal regulatory state, roll back voting rights, civil rights and campaign finance laws and grant greater and greater powers to corporations. Whether voters support it or not.”

    • and we ALL will ALL suffer the resulting consequences…

      …may THEY one day themselves suffer the inevitable schadenfreude.

  2. I though the covert was made by scientist in China who failed to control it. They protected them self but stuck it to the rest of the world.

    • No Sandy you cheap tool, it didn’t happen that way. They warned us right away, withing two weeks,(some say 8 days) and Trump was briefed right away. He chose to mostly ignore it and call it a HOAX. He had already disbanded the Pandemic task force and ignore the Pandemic manual Obama and Biden had created and went about business as usual promoting any and every Quack remedy he could profit from. He even sent China 9.5 million in relief funds and supplies, that we could of used ourselves. Eventually he blamed China for political gain and your racist anti Chinese azz went along with that bull sh*t.

      But you go along with it just to be a tool and a fool.

      Failure to control yourself is only second to Trumps control this pandemic. The Chinese got in under control in China, we didn’t, and a lot of that is because people like YOU!

  3. Future headline : Trump wins, designates the Democratic Party as being a terrorist organization, cancels their Medicare and Social Security, confiscates their guns. Republicans cheer.

  4. Over the past 4 years, Republican leadership has lost every fiber of credibility. I suppose it culminates with seating Barrett. I’m not sure they can rebuild the party after the conduct they displayed, the lies they told and the positions they reversed. Check out – there are some true republicans left but is that enough.

  5. What is most troubling about a politician isn’t the display of poor conduct and lack of honor, but how many Americans applaud it.

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