Politics is dirty. Both sides. However the past few years have shown the Republicans to far exceed the Democrats when it comes to immoral activities.

Maybe it’s Trump’s leadership. I don’t know. Whatever, the Republicans have been flagrant in their abuse of propriety.

Kentucky an example. Bad.

Today is primary day in Kentucky. What I am about to share applies both to primary and election days.

Note that black hearted Mitch McConnell is one of the U.S. Senators representing Kentucky. He has opposition in the primary today. Expected to win, however. McConnell leads in 2 polls as to election day itself. He is projected the winner by 14 and 20 points respectively.

Maybe McConnell was worried, maybe Trump.

Kentucky Republicans wanted neither the blacks nor Democratic whites to have it easy when voting.

There had been 3,700 election places. Kentucky recently reduced them to less than 200. Especially where black districts were concerned.

The reduction a 95 percent one.

A clear example of the wrong is Jefferson County. Its population 767,000. Now has only one place to vote.

The purpose of the reduction in voting places is to make it difficult and to discourage Democratic voters.

LeBron James faced a similar situation recently in Georgia. He said, “This is systematic racism and oppression.”

Sure is!

The November election has clearly developed into a referendum on Trump. No question about it.

He deserves to lose big time.

Trump worries not about coronavirus. Strange because he is a germaphobic. Always washing his hands even before being elected President.

As of yesterday, the count is 8. Eight Trump advance persons to the Tulsa Rally have come down with coronavirus.

In addition, some White House personnel were discovered to be afflicted 2 weeks ago.

Hope some day the experts will be able to tell us how many of the 6,200 attending the Tulsa Rally also became infected. Extremely few wearing masks. No social distancing.

Now Andrew Jackson. Demonstrators sought to topple a large statue of him in the park near the White House.

The demonstrators chanted, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Andrew Jackson’s got to go.”

One hundred fifty to two hundred U.S. Park Police arrived. They swung batons and released pepper spray.

Jackson still stands.

The protesters wanted Jackson to come down because he was cruel to Native Americans and an enslaver.

The group had encamped on H Street. Seven or eight tents set up on the street itself. They were moved off the street.

The tented area is near St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Beside trying to topple Jackson, the demonstrators also desecrated St. John’s Episcopal Church which was nearby. The Church of the Presidents.

BHAZ was painted on 2 columns holding up the Church. BHAZ short for the Black Home Autonomous Zone. The group’s intent to do what CHOP has done in Settle.

Florida shooting for the skies with its coronavirus numbers. Up and up, not flattening.

The Mayors of he 7 major cities in Miami-Dade County now require masks to be worn by all persons in public. Inside or out.

Palm Beach County is planning a reopening. Intends that masks be worn in public. Whether voluntary or mandatory not yet decided nor has a date been set to begin.

Coronavirus traveling at different speeds in various areas of the U.S. Some states still in the first wave. Others in the second.

A major problem is moving from one state to another. Easily done. Crossing state borders commonplace. Ergo, the virus is frequently spread and respread easily.

It’s going to be a long hot summer and autumn will not be any better.

Coronavirus from another angle.

The U.S. has the most new cases of Covid-19 in the world. We’re NUMBER ONE. AMERICA FIRST…..We can do this! We are doing it!

Nothing to be proud of.

Florida and California battling it out for the most new cases. Both over 4,000 a day. Florida’s inept Governor DeSantis says California has more people. Makes it sound like he is disappointed Florida may end up second.

I told you he is not too bright.

Florida reopened certain areas too soon. Beaches especially. Masks not required. The word was they were for wimps and Biden voters. Social distancing? No way.

I was proud how Key West initially handled the coronavirus problem. Imposed rules, followed rules.

Unfortunately, some merchants won out in the end. They created a furor. Reopening was permitted. Tourists from the mainland made Duval alive again on weekends. Especially young visitors. No masks, no social distancing, hugging and kissing ok. The numbers are creeping up again.

Key West City Commissioners are trying to take the bull by the horns again. Hopefully soon enough. The 200 and 300 blocks of Duval will be closed to traffic weekend evenings. Such should make social distancing easy. Masks will be required everywhere, inside and out.

No decision yet how to punish violators.

The plan is flexible. The blocks will be expanded as needed. Each weekend new decisions will be made.

Not enough from my perspective. Arrest violators. A stiff fine or jail. People will then understand. If the violation occurs inside a bar or restaurant, arrest the owner and hit him with a stiff fine as they do in Greece.

Coronavirus is nothing to screw around with.

Housing prices are plunging across the U.S. The most since 2008.

Condos down the most. Forty one percent. Homes 24.8 percent.The average of homes and condos for the past year May to May down 29 percent.

April-May is a red hot selling season. Not this year.

The May to May percentages all down. The north east 29.9 percent, mid west 20.2 percent, south 25.1 percent, west 35.1 percent.

One problem. I do not see prices dropping in Key West. Still the highest ever.

I suspect the numbers stay high because of manipulation. No other way could they not be consistent with the national figures set forth.

I listen to local realtor talk. They insist the epidemic will not affect real estate market prices. I think they fool themselves.

This day a big one in 1960. Changed life for women and in so doing for men also.

Today the anniversary of the day when contraceptive pills were made available for purchase in the U.S.

Feminism grew. Women considered themselves equal to men. Sex without the danger of pregnancy was available to them. The women’s movement grew from that day forward.

Sex without danger of pregnancy the enabling factor.

A criticism of today’s protest movement. I am for equality. I am for everyone to have available the same advantages.

What I cannot understand and what I cannot agree with is punishing the memories of people who lived 100, 150 and 200 years ago.

Note that we live a certain way today. What is acceptable today was not a couple of hundred years ago. People lived differently back then. Different rules, standards and customs.

Today’s movement does not take that into account. It should. We are holding yesterday’s heroes to today’s standards. Wrong!

One exception. Civil War Confederates. Traitors. Can understand their not being honored. However as to all others, leave their statues and memories alone. They broke no rules as existed back in their times.

Join me tonight as I share my thoughts on blog talk radio. The show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Some ranting and raving. Guaranteed you will enjoy the half hour.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Republicans CANNOT win elections anymore without cheating. The reduction in polling places in Republican held states is exceptional onerous and racist. However not one of your phony constitution loving readers will, lift a finger or walk the walk when it comes to calling for fair elections in any of these places.

  2. Today, Trump made a big deal that HE has ‘authorized’ the Federal Government to Arrest anyone who topples Monuments.

    1. Not sure he has those kinds of ‘States Rights’ to begin with.


    2. Wouldn’t that already be a crime in just about every place in America where there are statutes?

    • Yeah, it’s a little like if Trump went on TV and authorized the police everywhere to to arrest anyone they see speeding.

  3. Hey Florida, thanks for all the distortions and lies about Covid responsibility and credible testing. And thanks too about defying Covid containment and opening carefully. How are those beaches looking now you Jack Aszes?

  4. So the “noose” found in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage turns out to be a garage door pull-down rope. Look at how quickly American’s jumped on the racist storyline pumped out by the Media. Look at how easily we are led by BLM and others. Look at how weak we are. And stupid,. Yes, look at how stupid we are. America is broken!

    • It is indeed and thanks to the President we foolishly elected, he has broken it almost beyond repair I fear. Lou is totally correct the Republicans now lie, cheat and steal to maintain power. They remind me now of the British Parliament circa 1774-1775 and His Majesty King “Mitch McConnell” George now more than Americans. Sadly, in this new ear with an emerging China, all we have is endless division, utter BS, and no unity demanding from all sides.

      It did not work out so well for Rome. Are WE paying attention?

    • Yes America is broken. We won’t believe the FBI when they try and tell us that Trump was in cahoots with Russia to influence an American election, Trump himself calling them (the FBI) “corrupt” and “scumbags” but we instantly believe those same “scumbags” when the say the only noose like rope, in all of NASCAR’s many garages, was coincidentally found in the garage of the only black driver in all of NASCAR, was actually just a rope pull and had been there since October of 2019.

      hmmmm, America broken? Really?

      • If I am reading these replies correctly, Americans are stupid to believe in anything Trump says or does because he and the Republicans are corrupt and we were stupid to elect them in the first place.Doesn’t that make us doubly stupid?

    • It may have been a garage door “pull down” but it was purposely and uniquely shaped like a noose. That was not an innocent or typical thing, it was unique to this garage door. What was a noose of ANY kind doing on a NASCAR garage door and why was it not discovered until now. NASCAR apologized, and correctly so. It should not have been there, especially now and especially on the door of the only black driver in all of NASCAR. The fact that it may of been there since the previous October is neither innocent or acceptable in any way. Shame on you for trying to make this seem somehow innocent or acceptable, this should never be any attempt to sweep this under the rug.

  5. Some will say that Americans jump to conclusions so easily because we don’t have all of the facts while we are led like sheep from one “news” headline to the next.

    No, lacking all the facts is called ignorance. There is nothing wrong with being ignorant of some of the pertinent facts while events are becoming known. But acting too soon, before all the facts are known, is stupid.

    Ignorance can be cured through education, patience and self-restraint.

    But there is no cure for stupidity. Stupid goes to the bone.

    • Yes, that and the fact that sometimes false facts are given to us by so many people we are told to trust. For example it was Donald Trump, the President of the United States, himself that said that Antifa was responsible for all the troubles during the BLM uprisings. Yet any and all investigations, including his own Justice department said they could find NO evidence of anyone with any link to Antifa causing any problem. Trump kept on claiming otherwise.

      Then there is FOX news caught superimposing photos of a right wing militia man, from the Minneapolis protests onto the Seattle compound and labeled it as armed Antifa protecting that place. They also showed fires in Minneapolis and labeled them as Seattle burning.

      It is hard NOT to jump to conclusions when your President is pushing false conclusions and so is a National News Network.

      Yes, America is broken, top down! The stupidity we have is at the top and that CAN by fixed.

  6. Lou, you really missed the mark on your research regarding the Kentucky election. The state is allowing everyone to take advantage of absentee voting instead of physically going to crowded polling places. That is why they have fewer polling places.

    Also, the election is the primary election with the goal of determining Mitch’s democratic opposition. Not the re-election of Mitch.

    I agree on the need to stop removing all the historical monuments in our country.

  7. After noose incident, waiting for Trump to declare that there really is no racism in America, it’s all just more fake news.

  8. Theory: Trump is encouraging not wearing masks and large gatherings in hope that there will be a huge Fall surge of covd. Then there will so many sick, dying and dead Americans that he will be “forced” to cancel the election and remain in power indefinitely. This could be why he is against mail in ballots, the lower the voter turnout the better the GOP has down in the past.

    • Trump will claim that anyhow, he’s already claiming that the election is “rigged” against him. Expect that to expand in any and every way it can. Also expect the polling places, what’s left of them” will be guarded by thugs, or maybe Trump’s private ‘prison guard’ (ICE) army, because, you know, Antifa!

      The constitution be damned.

      • Trump, at his campaign rally in Arizona last night, said claimed that the upcoming election in November will be the most corrupt election in history. No doubt that will prove not so much a prediction as a statement of intent.

    • Trump has a long held habit/history of projecting his thoughts and actions.

      Republican cannot win without cheating. It has been that way for some time now.

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