My self-quarantine took a reluctant brief break this morning. Day 110. Only for an hour. A doctor visit.

Doctor appointments frequent at my age. It has been more than 3 months since my last. Doctor’s office called to reschedule me. I said no, not yet. The nurse said, yes.

Two appointments made. One for blood work. The other to get the blood results and have a physical. The blood work this morning. Physical next week.

I hated leaving the house. I was not comfortable. I have self-quarantined because I am an excellent choice for the coronavirus to visit. Over 80 and other ailments.

Appointment at 8.

I still knew how to drive a car. I enjoyed the drive downtown. I had not been in Key West proper in 3 months. Saw how Cow Key Bridge was coming. Little traffic into downtown.

I arrived at 7:50. I was the only patient. Me and the nurse who was going to draw my blood. I was done and out at 8. Since I was out, thought I should take a look at Duval.

Duval shocking! Roughly 35 percent of the stores empty. Nothing inside. One a business that had been on Duval for more than 20 years. Gone!

One whole block of Duval on one side empty.

Went to Whitehead. A small block across from the Custom House empty. Perhaps 3 stores formerly.

Very few people on the streets. Not the time for people. Too early.

Drove to the Southernmost Point. About 20 in line. Tourists, I assume. No social distancing and no masks.

Drove through the Casa Marina area to Flagler to head home. Something else was obvious. Many high end homes for sale. Saw that also when driving down the Boulevard. Several for sale signs at the entrance to an area of fine homes.

An indication prices will drop. Both for sales and rentals. More radically than 2008. This is only the beginning.

I was home by 8:45. I enjoyed walking from where I park the car to my house. The air smelled good. It was the firs time I had smelled fresh air in over 3 months.

I was a good boy. Wore my mask and gloves.

Will have to make a similar trip next week. I must be frank. I am not comfortable leaving my home.

Coronavirus cases are moving upward in Monroe County and Key West itself. I attribute it to reopening too soon and taking down the barricades at the entrance to U.S. 1.

The cause is being dealt with in a limited fashion.

The police and Codes are out making sure the rules are followed. First time a serious effort. From what the Citizen reports, they seem to be doing an effective job.

Bars a continuing problem. Drinking outside the bar, also. Permitting too many people in a business an additional problem.

Written warnings being given. Second time a citation to go to court.

A pool room on Flagler had more than 50 percent occupancy. Police and Codes warned staff and patrons. Police and Codes returned 1/2 hour later. Still overcrowding. Two $500 citations were issued.

Key West announced all beaches will be closed for the July 4th weekend. Good!

Hope it keeps mainland people from coming down. Mostly young. Follow none of the rules.

The County controls whether barricades will be erected again to keep non-Keys residents out. It helped to keep the virus numbers down.

The businessmen of Key West got pissed off. The barricades were removed 2 weeks ago. The numbers going up since.

County Administrator says no decision made yet re the barricades. However, he thought they would not go back up.

The numbers are important when determining what precautions are to be taken. New cases total 236. The numbers are spiraling upward. Yesterday 17 new cases. A one day record.

I wrote in yesterdays blog re Abraham Lincoln. Whether he was a racist? Whether his statues, etc. should be taken down?

I thought many of my readers would be up in arms. Haven’t heard so far. However, I did come across an interesting article in The Blaze on the internet this morning.

The Black Student Union at the University of Wisconsin-Madison wants the towering statue of Lincoln on campus to be removed. The group acknowledges Lincoln was anti-slavery, but claim he wasn’t pro-black: “He was…..very publicly anti-Black. Just because he was anti-slavery does not mean he was pro-Black.”

The student group views Lincoln as a symbol of racism.

Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob and Clarabell may be the next to be attacked for racism.

Howdy Doody was a famous radio show. Then a major TV show. A kid’s show. Even older kid’s watched it. The show’s theme runs through my head even to this day.

When I was in college, most of us rushed to the game room at 5 to watch the Howdy Doody Show. We used to sing the theme song along with the show’s members.

Buffalo Bob: Says “What time is it? / Kids: “It’s Howdy Doody time!”

“It’s Howdy Doody time. / It’s Howdy Doody time. / Bob Smith and Howdy too / Say howdy to you. / Let’s give a rousing cheer, / Cause Howdy Doody’s here, / It’s time to start the show. / So kids let’s go!”

The show had a “peanut gallery.” Young children appeared on the show daily and sat in the peanut gallery.

The peanut gallery could rise to the level of racism.

The situation is sort of like white men going black faced in minstrel shows.

The term peanut gallery is black derived. Concerned vaudeville shows. Blacks could not afford good seats. They sat in the cheapest. They ate peanuts while watching the show. If they disliked an entertainer, they heckled and threw peanuts at the person.

Peanut gallery was born. Howdy Doody had both the peanut gallery and the peanuts.

In addition, the term “hecklers” is black derived. The blacks watching the vaudeville show and throwing the peanuts came to be known as hecklers.

A significant issue has arisen. The claim that Russia paid Afghanistans a bounty to kill American soldiers. Standing alone, important. More important perhaps is whether Trump knew and what he did about it.

I believe the usual Trump/Putin scenario took place. Trump asked Putin if he did it and Putin very strongly denied. At some point Trump will tell the American people that he asked Putin and Putin denied. The issue was closed as far as he was concerned.

What does Putin have that gives him such control over Trump? Must be sex or money.

Trump made visits to Russia many times before his election. The issue keeps popping up that Putin has photos of Trump engaging in sex games with a prostitute.

Trump did business big time with Russian banks. Whether he or his family still do, I do not know. There is a suspicion the Trumps owe money big time to Russian banks. Most Russian banks are government owned.

Who knows what the reason. Time will tell.

I heard an interesting comment on a TV talk show last night. Something to the effect that the person who owes money to a bookie, is always nice to the bookie.

Biden is making a speech this afternoon in Wilmington, Delaware. It is reported he will say as part of the speech that Trump calls himself a war time President, but is surrendering to the virus.

How true!

No matter how you cut it, the Chinese are one smart people! They cheat and get away with it. Enterprising!

Wuhan is part of the story.

It has been revealed that China is the home of  massive gold bar counterfeiting. Wuhan one of the cities where they are turned out.

Gold is valuable collateral. Counterfeit gold not. It has been described as “ghost collateral.”

In recent years, China has made 83 tons of phony gold bars which have been used as bank collateral. The banks are stuck!

The counterfeiting is done in one of two ways. Either gold plated copper or gold plated black tungsten plate.


Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

So much to talk about. I never get to cover it all.

Join me for a quick moving and interesting half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I remember a while back when China was caught shipping counterfeit bolts to the US. They used low grade “butter bolts” with doctored coloring and markings indicating that they were high grade, high strength parts. They found their way into many critical construction and manufacturing products like bridges, airplanes and nuclear reactors.

    • What kind of AMERICAN company would import, then distribute critical hardware from China or anywhere else without first running their delivery through even the simplest quality control system? What kind of Airplane, Bridge, or Nuclear Reactor company would buy from such an importer?

      Sure sounds like a Fake story to me, something FOX news would do. Sources please!

  2. I will plan to be in attendance at Mount Rushmore when they blow the likeness of Abraham Lincoln off of the mountain. It’s going to require a lot of dynamite, so it should be a good show. But wait! Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt are also accused. The BLM is going to have to bring the whole mountain down. Wow! I hope they do it on a Fourth of July so we can all include it’s destruction in our Independence Day celebrations.

    • Serge – you don’t need to go Mount Rushmore to watch them blow up the likeness of Abraham Lincoln off of the mountain. That entire ceremony will be lived streamed in the basement of that Pizza Parlor in Washington D.C. where Hilary Clinton ran an underground and satanic child sex ring. It should be a good time, all your friends will be there including Edgar Maddison Welch. It is planned for the fourth of July, so you better get going. BTW you won’t need a mask and Carona will be served free!

      • Good to know! I’m glad to hear it will be a ceremony, instead of BLM just blasting away without any patriotic music or anarchistic speeches. Do you think there will be a military aircraft flyover? That pizza parlor is a favorite. I’ll be there. Thank you!

  3. Can someone direct me to a quote from the DNI or other senior intelligence official that confirms Russia’s offer of a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan?

    Asking for a friend.

    • Tell your friend that a number of reliable sources are reporting that detailed receipts (apparently American Express and PayPal) with names addresses, cell phone numbers and other details, for these “Bounties” paid by the Russians have been found and that they were sent to Hilary Clinton at her private email address. Therefore they are positively 100% accurate. Just unavailable at the moment.

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