Congratulations to the businessmen who insisted on reopening the Keys. Greed their motivation. Using the economy as an excuse, they rabble roused people into supporting their position. Remove the barrier to U.S. 1 and get businesses open again!

These are smart men. They made the Keys, especially Key West, the success they are. Only this time they were wrong.

Roughly 3 weeks later, the proof obvious.

Those from the mainland came to Key West in hoards. Mostly young. They hit the bars as expected big time. One problem, however, they failed to take any precautions. No masks, social distancing, etc. Kissing and hugging prevalent.

It had to happen. Where the Keys had come through the coronavirus attack in good shape, in a short 3 weeks it has slid backward. Way below where it earlier had been.

The young brought the virus with them. Certain of our people got infected. They infected others. And so it goes.

Most of those visiting were from Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. The 2 most heavily infected counties in the United States.

The Keys experienced its 2 worst days thursday and friday this week. Fourteen new cases each day. Total cases now 202.

Covid-19 moves rapidly. An unseen meteor. When first it arrived, it took weeks and months to infect. Now, a matter of days.

Again, it all goes back to when the check points were removed June 1.

I hope those who made this second and more serious visit of the virus possible have learned. They bear responsibility for what is happening now. I am confident they are too smart to allow it to happen again.

In the meantime, many more will become infected. Some die.

Luke 23:34 comes into play: “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Members of various Keys government groups also bear responsibility. They failed the people who elected them. They wanted to please the residents rather than do the right thing.

Masks an example. They “recommended” masks be used, rather than “mandating” their use. If “mandated” were in force 3 weeks ago, the numbers would not be going up as swiftly as they are.

Coronavirus is not the only disease being experienced. Dengue fever has returned. As of friday, there were 8 more confirmed cases. Making a total of 10.

The Key West City Commission has begun moving in the right direction. Appears they understand what no more pussyfooting means.

The annual July fireworks have been cancelled.

Re wearing masks, stricter rules. Must be worn in all public places. Indoors and out. Failure to do so the first time a warning. Second time, a $500 fine. Police and Code enforcement officers will enforce.

I don’t believe the punishment sufficient. We are talking about life and death. Jail time the way to do it. Not a slap on the hand like a weekend. At least an automatic 10 days.

The only way to make an impact. Word will spread quickly. Masks will be worn after a few have spent 10 days or better in jail.

I continue to tell the Greece story. They have controlled the problem. One example why is what they do if someone fails to wear a mask in a bar. The patron is not punished. The bar owner is. Fined $20,000! Has to make an impact! Maybe Key West should consider this type punishment.

The State finally showing some degree of serious concern. Governor De Santis has been useless thus far.

Key West and the State worked on the bar problem yesterday morning. The bars are a major problem area. The State closed them them immediately, Key West at noon. The handwriting on the wall seen.

Florida’s trip upward. Yesterday a big day! Almost 9,000 new coronaviurus cases. The most ever in a single day. Two or 3 days ago, Florida hit its highest number. Somewhere in the 5,000’s. Two days later up approximately 2,500! Nationally, the U.S. suffered the day of its greatest number of new cases also. Forty five thousand two hundred forty two.

The national number overall is 2.48 million. Deaths in excess of 125,000.

God may be in His Heaven, however all is not right with the world. To make it right requires drastic action such as significant jailing and/or mammoth fines.

Did the Sahara dust storm move over Key West yesterday? I never left the house obviously. Don’t know.

May Johnson continues to enjoy her life in Key West.

Her boy friend Ernest is in Miami working. They seldom see each other. Write often.

In the meantime, May enjoys herself in Key West. She and Ernest must have an understanding.

On this day, she went to La Brisa in the afternoon. Danced with Earle, Miguel, Oscar, Louisa, and Charlie C. Then watched Cuban dancing till 10 when she returned home.

The NASCAR noose. Saw a photo of it this morning for the first time.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quack likes a duck, then it probably is a duck.

The noose is a noose. No question about it.

The FBI says no federal crime violation involved. Many trying to convince others it is not a noose. Merely a rope to help open an overhead door.

Those who disagree it is a noose insult Darrell Wallace, Jr. and all others who believe what their eyes told them: A noose.

Why are some trying to misrepresent what it was? Especially at this time in our history where race once again is a major issue.


The word is Seattle is returning to normal. The “kids” squatting on CHOP-CHAZ announced they are folding their tents and going home. They further announced they are throwing their support behind Joe Biden.

I watched the White House Task Force yesterday. Another disgrace.

Pence lying through his teeth: Things getting better folks! Fauci diplomatically countering.

Trump takes another federal court beating.

A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that Trump’s use of Pentagon funding to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border was illegal.

The Court ruled 2-1 that the use violated the Appropriations Clause of the Constitution. The Clause gives Congress exclusive power of the purse.

Poor Donald. He abruptly cancelled his weekend of golf in New Jersey. Trump tweeted he was doing so “to make sure LAW & ORDER is enforced in Washington, D.C.” Trump is concerned that further Confederate statues might be torn down.

Donald is President. He thinks he is President of everything. Not so. Doesn’t realize that primary protection of property is the responsibility of Washington’s Mayor Bowser. The woman who had Black Lives Matter painted in large yellow letters in front of the White House.

Trump’s tweet about remaining in Washington to protect Confederate statues came a day after he personally called Interior Department Secretary David Bernhardt and asked that the Park Service put back up the statue of Confederate General Albert Pike. Pike’s statue had been toppled and set on fire a few days earlier by protesters.

Washington’s Governor Inslee recognized Trump’s interest in Confederate statues and monuments when he said, “I wish he cared more about living Americans instead of dead Confederates.”

Well said.

Never made Cocktails at 7 last night. For some reason, exhausted. Slept from 7 last night to 5 this morning.

Enjoy your day!




  1. We have a president who thinks this Covid Virus Pandemic is just a hoax. Here in Florida we have a Governor who owes this President EVERYTHING because he helped him get elected governor. So, we the people in Florida got what we deserved and many of us will get sick, some dying for our trouble.

  2. While I agree we need to wear masks in Key West- a 10 day jail sentence is an overreaction.
    You do that often Lou- takes away from your credibility

    • Maybe not, 10 days seems entirely reasonable, considering the lives that could be saved. After all drunk driving can be several thousand dollar fine and two years suspension of one’s driving privileges for simply being drunk while driving and endangering others.

      Lot’s of people are not taking this seriously, time to do something about it.

      Bubbba ain’t ever gonna listen until we get his attention somehow. How about a thousand dollar fine?

    • Most are not understanding the need for mask wearing. Do something in the extreme. They will learn and others will learn by the fact that authorities are serious. Coronavirus is not a game we are playing.

    • What would be the fine for driving down Duval Street at 50 mph?

      Say 50 mph while drunk?

      Both are just as dangerous and both are just as defiant!

      Time we consider getting serious about this!

  3. What is credible is that right now few people are wearing masks on Duval and nobody is doing anything about it so there is no need to worry about any penalties. You can’t say the government here did not try to do the right thing.

  4. The US reaction to COVID is simple. The Red States primarily brushed it off as did Trump (science is for chumps). Trump’s statements about the pandemic often border on the insane. We have all see Fuaci cringing. We could not have elected a worse President for these times even if we somehow actually did elect Mickey Mouse. I’m sure Mickey would take masks very seriously.

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