George Orwell wrote his famous book 1984 years before that date. His purpose was to show how society and societal values would change over the years. What they would be in 1984.

Orwell made 1 mistake. 1984 was too soon. It would take into the 2020 teens for the evils he wrote about to significantly manifest themselves.

Today, freedom and slavery are issues of consequence. What Orwell projected for 1984 are front and center today.

Re freedom and slavery, he wrote: “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Washington’s Mayor Bowser has started a trend. The large yellow letters covering 2 blocks in front of the White House saying BLACK LIVES MATTER will now have a place in New York City.

Mayor de Blasio and Trump do not get along. De Blasio announced that in the next 2 weeks in front of Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue a giant BLACK LIVES MATTER mural will appear painted on the street. Yellow, of course.

A source close to de Blasio said the Mayor “is doing it to antagonize the President.”

As I have said, he who fails to give respect is not entitled to respect. Trump has disrespected so many in the 3 years he has been President. The mural in the street a what goes around comes around thing.

An appellate court decision has freed Michael Flynn.

An absolute disgrace! Evidence of favoritism running from the President and Attorney General Barr to Trump’s personal friend Michael Flynn.

Flynn pled guilty 2 times in open court. Then Barr comes up with a baseless unique legal theory that Flynn was done wrong in entering the pleas.

Judge Sullivan the trial Judge. He said hold on when Justice wanted the case dumped. The Judge smelled a rat. The entire legal community smelled a rat. Not the way things are done. Blatant favoritism. A friend of the President was being accommodated.

Trump has demeaned and destroyed the good name of the Justice Department and those working under it, as well as the Judiciary. Barr has magnified and assisted in Trump’s wrongdoing.

Makes me wonder if Judge Sirica would have been able to do what he did. Sirica was the federal Judge who the Watergate burglars and others were before. They all did jail time. Sirica was not a man to screw around with. Even Nixon did not attempt what Trump has been doing and getting away with.

Today a famous one in American history. George Custer and his 7th Cavalry were wiped out by the Sioux and Cheyenne at the Battle of Big Horn.

It would be the last time the Indians knew such success.

A bit of Key West.

Willie T’s and Shanna Key have been closed because an employee in each place tested positive for coronavirus. Each will be closed for 14 days. “Cleaning and quarantine” to be manged by Florida’s Monroe County Health officials.

Owners of each establishment totally cooperative.

A problem here. Test results are supposed to be available in 3 days. In each instance, it took 7 days. The additional 4 days provided  opportunity for the virus to spread.

Key West’s famous July 4th fireworks may not be held this year.

On June 2, the Key West City Commission met and voted to have the fireworks. Since that time, coronavirus has increased everywhere in Florida. The Commission is meeting tomorrow morning to decide if their vote should be rescinded.

I suspect it will be.

The Key West Arts Center is located at 301 Front Street. A 2 story white building well kept.

This morning’s Key West Citizen ran a photo of the building taken many many years ago. The building in the photo a dilapidated wood structure.

The Key West Arts Center was established in 1960 and opened in the building. Still operates today. A popular tourist attraction. Part of the Old Town waterfront area.

The building was originally constructed in the 1850’s. Near what then was the waterfront. Constructed to be used as a grocery store. The grocery store was owned and managed by the Babcock family for many years.

Fire seriously damaged the building in 1886. It was rehabilitated as a single story building. A second floor was added in the early 1900’s.

In later years, the building was the location of the First WPA Art Project under President Roosevelt.

Another fire occurred.  An extensive one. The building was condemned and ordered to be torn down.

A Key West arts group and prominent local officials persuaded City officials to save the historic building. An agreement was reached. The building was converted into a City sponsored art center and gallery.

It is now recognized as a building of historical significance in the Old Mallory Square area.

May Johnson’s exciting 1896 life continues.

On this day in in 1896, May finished the dress she had been sewing for several days. White organdy trimmed in silk lace and ribbons.May wrote in her diary “very pretty.”

That evening she went out with Earl. An event at La Brisa. Called the “German.” In honor of the officers of the Maine.

Three states with rampaging coronavirus. One Florida.

I blame Governor DeSantis. Trump’s lap dog. Followed Trump’s dictates precisely.

As of yesterday, the number of new cases in Florida has increased more than 2 times since early June.

I fear the worse is yet to come, even for Key West.

This is day 105 of my self-quarantine. Fifteen weeks. If the coronavirus trend continues as it recently has, I may be here another 105 days!

I miss sitting at a bar and talking with people. I miss going out to dinner with friends and conversing. I miss partying at a friend’s home. I miss people!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Where are the “Constitution Snowflakes” on this Flynn thing, or for that matter the Berman thing. These phony lightweights are all over the place waving the constitution in everybodys face when it’s some BS thing they want to talk about and then as quiet as a church mouse when it is anything questionable that Trump does that is actually undermining democracy?

    • The constitution is not worth the paper it is written on if the people of this country don’t agree or support what is says or was intended to do. It’s constant interpretation for political purposes is making it mute when it was once mighty. No where in the constitution is it written where the President of the United States is above the law or immune from ANY prosecution while in office, even though the Justice Department has chosen to interpret it that way because THEY choose to, the people be damned.

      Wake up Americans, we no longer have a constitution worth protecting, because we are no longer protecting the constitution, we are protecting the politicans.

    • Why would proponents of the Constitution have anything to add here. The Constitution makes no laws, or enforces any, or determines illegal acts or inflicts punishments.

      Our laws are based on English common law, and modified or added to countless times by the Congress as established by the Constitution. Our federal laws are defined by the U.S. code, not by the Constitution.

      So if there is malfeasance or impropriety within the Justice Department and/or the Presidency, there might be violation of the U.S. Code. The law provides way to determine that and correct it.

      As for General Flynn’s interactions with the FBI and the Justice Department, I know nothing more than has been in the media. Lou stresses that Flynn has plead guilty in the past. He is being disingenuous. Lou knows full well that good attorneys will advise their client as to the best plea under the circumstances, even if the plea is guilty and they intend to appeal to a higher court. I don’t know what circumstances may apply here, and neither do you.

      • No, you are incorrect (wrong). General Flynn HAS pleaded guilty, Lou had that right. Opinions about that do not change fact!

        Everything else about your reply ‘stinks’ with you ‘wiggling out’ of anything and everything with lame and vague excuses. Precisely my point, that nothing means anything anymore when it comes to following laws, including the constitution anymore. Everyone seems to want to interpret the law for their own purposes. YOU even chose to interpret Lou’s statement about Flynn pleading guilty to fit your own purposes.

  2. New studies by credible researchers are showing no expected significant increase with Covid 19 in those people involved is protests in Minneapolis, NYC, Dallas, Seattle and Washington DC. These testers are theorizing that this is a result of these protesters using masks. That maybe true, but I’m wondering if it isn’t because most of these people were subject to tear gas and pepper spray, where as other places where high concentrations of people getting Covid were not gazzed.

    Would someone please tell Donald Trump and his MAGA friends that inhaling mazzive quantities of tear gas and direct shots of pepper spray to the face seem to be a sure fire way of reducing the risk of getting Covid 19 while still attending large and intimate gatherings, like say church (my house).

  3. Trump always sounded like “Big Brother” but now he is starting to look like him. Ooop, time for a 5 minute “Hate”.

    • I don’t have 5 minutes to ‘hate’ anything, let alone Trump, but e has always sounded more like a bully to me than anything else.

  4. For those of you on this blog and beyond who have tried to characterize the “noose” found in the Bubba Wallace NASCAR garage, as nothing more than a garage ‘door pull’ should look at the photos of this actual ‘noose’ now released by NASCAR and can be found on ESPN, CNN, AP, You Tube and many other places (but not on FOX, or Infowars). The question shouldn’t be how long was it there or if it is overblown (take a look), but what was it EVER there and how come for more that a minute! Any attempt to pazz this off as overblown, misleading, or fake news, is simply shameful.

    Maybe those who smugly made such a big deal preaching about how we all should have waited for all the facts to have come out, should have themselves taken that advise, or at least waited for the photo.

  5. I remember a long time ago when I was sitting with a bunch of other Boy Scouts practicing knot tying and somebody tied a “hangman’s noose” and we all tried doing it. Nobody mentioned anything or thought about lynching. Somebody said it was illegal to tie one. That just made it more fun. We were just a bunch of kids screwing around.

    • The term “Nigger” was probably acceptable to you and your Boy Scout friends back then too (maybe still is?). Things have changed and I ‘noose’ hanging anywhere, particularly in the south, is far from acceptable with ‘normal’ people.

      I have kids too, they wouldn’t think of doing that.

      Nor would I have ever think of posting what you just posted and I’m pretty sure I’m way older than you.

  6. Donald Trump, the President of the United States still thinks the Covid 19 Pandemic is a Hoax!

    Just last night, during a town hall with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Trump referred to the Carona Virus issue and I quote “So we’ve done a lot and we’re very proud of it and we had the best until this artificial problem ‘cause I call it an artificial problem,…”

    Write this down you psychopaths, Thursday evening June 25th 2020, Donald Trump still thinks this is an “artificial problem” (his exact words) or a hoax by any other person’s definition.

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