My thoughts re the first night of the Democratic Presidential Debate.

Too many candidates. Ten last night. Ten more this evening.

Three stood out.

Elizabeth Warren. Outstanding in every respect. It was expected of her and she disappointed no one.

Julian Castro. Came out of the blue. Smart, articulate, fearless. He will move up in the polls. My sense is he could take on Trump and defeat him. David and Goliath. Physically and mentally.

Corey Booker. Going to be difficult to knock him over. A smart guy. Personal. He weaves his roots into many of his responses.

There is one candidate who got lost in the mass. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. He has accomplished much in New York City. He took its problems by the horns and came up with several significant solutions. He sees where others do not and has the capacity to come up with new and fresh programs that work.

Unfortunately, he will not go far in the Presidential race. The way it is.

Comment is required re the moderators.

The first group consisted of Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie and Jose Diaz-Balart. They did a poor job. They were like school teachers trying to keep what they anticipated would be a rambunctious group of students in line.

The way they questioned, insisted on keeping to the schedule, nastily cutting off candidates, created a not needed tension. They forgot one of the candidates might be President and all should  be accorded respect with that in mind.

The second group of moderators were Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow. Performed in an outstanding fashion. Kept the mood light. Permitted a bit of rambling. Made a sincere attempt to allow followup questions by the candidates themselves. Showed respect for the candidates.

Tonight another group of 10. The luck of the draw has pitted most of the leading candidates in this group. The evening should be interesting.

Enjoy your day.


13 comments on “FIRST NIGHT

  1. The crowded field will thin quickly…. some will not take the hint and stay far too long. Most important… candidates that do not make the cut rally their supporters, not solely for the good of the Democratic Party but, in the absence of a sane GOP challenger to Trump, for the good of Our Nation.

  2. I never understood the widespread intense dislike for de Blasio. Reminds me of the hatred many felt towards Hillary.

    • Only 29pct. Of New York City residents view de Blasio favorably. 34% view Trump favorably. That should tell you enough right there. Or maybe his quoting of Che Guevara today in Miami, of all places, can clue you in a bit more.

    • reported today that several republican sources published deBlasio won the debates. The Russian bots loved him.

      NY Mayors are generally loathed.

  3. That’s just not accurate. In the period just before 9/11 he was mired in low approval ratings, a nasty media circus stemming from a very public extramarital affair, and a VERY strained relationships with the city’s black community. New Yorkers are a tough crowd and he was having a tough time before 9/11 happened. I’m speaking as a long time city resident, I was there and I remember.

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