The Bible tells us the way things are. It speaks as to the consequences of bad deeds. Do bad and bad will come back at you. St. Paul’s epistle to the Galatians, Galatians 6:7: “Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Future consequences are inevitably shaped by present actions. We all pay for our sins.

Trump has a big misdeed to pay for. He should pay every day of his life.

I refer specifically to the father and daughter who drowned recently in the Rio Grande. A photo of their bodies is everywhere.

Father, mother and daughter left El Salvador for the United States. The daughter 23 months old.

The family waited 2 months in a migrant camp in Matamoros. The temperature hit 113 degrees some days.

The family had received a humanitarian visa from the Mexican government. They could not enter the U.S. however. The ports of entry were too crowded.

They were desperate to get to the U.S.

The father swam across the Rio Grande carrying his daughter. He reached the American side. Placed his daughter on the bank. Admonished her to stay there.

He then turned and began swimming back to the Mexican side to retrieve his wife. His daughter went into the water to follow him.

He got to her in time to save her. However the current was too strong. Both died. Their bodies washed up on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

The photo mentioned was taken of them. Both lying face down in the murky water. Beer bottles and reeds about them.

The saddest part of the photo: The little girl had her bare arm around her father’s shoulders…..It’s ok Dad.

The little girl and her father died because of events Trump had put in place. Some not even legal. All in his effort to keep asylum seekers out of the U.S.

A fitting punishment would be for the photo to be enlarged and hung in the President’s bedroom. Opposite his bed. So every time he looked up, he would be reminded.

I am not sure it would bother him.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. Unfortunately most topics involved Trump. He has taken over our lives.

I was able to cover Hezbollah, Archduke Ferdinand, Saudi Arabia on U.S.’s blacklist for human trafficking, Nicholas Kristof’s column on child malnutrition, Trump imposing additional sanctions on Iran, the sunday ICE raid that never took place, the detention center were 330 migrant children were maltreated, and several thousand American soldiers still at the border wall with nothing to do who were painting the border fences.

The half hour went by swiftly.

A Key Wester died on Higgs Beach.

It was mid-afternoon monday. A woman went on the beach. Saw a man lying on a towel snoring. She took some sun several feet away. Suddenly dawned on her he was no longer snoring. She thought nothing of it.

A little later she walked over to him. She was concerned he was in the sun too long and might burn.

The man Jerry Earl Hickerson. He appeared dead. She and several others gave him CPR. To no avail.

I wrote yesterday about Julius Stone, the WPA, and Key West. I forgot to mention that Diana Millikan wrote about Stone and the Pirates of Penzance. She wrote a play. Took her a year. It presently sits on a Key West director’s chair with many others. He has to read it and decide if it is worthy of producing.

I hope it is. Diana worked hard on it. She is a talented woman. It has to be good!

First Democratic debate tonight. At 9. Can’t wait. Love politics!

The Clint, Texas migrant children detention center. in the news big time the past few days. Properly so. Things were in a disaster state. As a result, 300 of the 330 children were moved yesterday to another detention center.

My concern: One hundred of them were returned in the afternoon.


The House worked late into the night. Fine tuning for the border bill to sufficient monies for Clint and other detention centers. Trump claimed he had no money to properly provide for the children. A lie. He could have taken from one account and loaned it to the detention centers account. He has done it for many things already. Like the wall, troops, etc .

The bill totals $4.5 billion.

It is different from the Senate’s bill. Means the bills go to a conference committee for resolution.

Trump says he will not sign it. The House bill only covers humanitarian needs. It strictly prohibits use of the money for ICE raids or the border wall. It is for toothbrushes, food, blankets, medical attention, etc.

Everyone better move their asses. Congress gores home shortly for the July 4th holiday. Trump probably to Mar a Lago. If so, their attitude will have been the children can suffer a bit longer.

James Bond. 007.

A new Bond movie being filmed. Bond 25. A new fresh Bond younger obviously than those of yesteryear.

It was announced yesterday that Mueller had agreed to honor the subpoenas served him and appear before 2 House Committees on July 17.

I worry about Mueller. I was all excited he was investigating Russia and Trump. A top quality man from what I understood.

His report grossly disappointed me. He did not take a final position re Trump’s involvement. Which placed the Russia/Trump issues in limbo.

I fear he may not do on the 17th what he should have done in his 400 plus page Report.

If so, it will only make matters worse.

Enjoy your day!





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  1. The Bible tells us the way things are. It speaks as to the consequences of bad deeds. Do bad and bad will come back at you. St. Paul’s epistle to the Galatians, Galatians 6:7: “Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

    It makes a good bedtime story Lou but, as you know, that isn’t really how it works. Plenty of very bad people do very well AND live a long life too. As for what does and doesn’t follow at the end of life… to each his own belief.

  2. The little girl and her father died because of events Trump had put in place. Some not even legal. All in his effort to keep asylum seekers out of the U.S.

    Seek out the tweet from Jerry Falwell Jr. in reply to preacher Russell Moore criticism of Trump’s border policy…. it speaks volumes to how far “people of faith” and America in general have slipped into the muck of the Trump Swamp.

  3. Diana and Patrick. Just 2 of the people driven away by the readers of this blog. Funny that Lou has mentioned numerous times of friendship with both.

        • I think Lou’s blog has been the better with out them and their hateful posts, particularly Patrick’s constant lies about things, like Puerto Rico and how the Puerto Rican people were themselves to blame for their own misery after the twin hurricanes Maria and Irma had devastated the Island, because all the local truck drivers went on strike and that only 19 people had died, this long after even official results were confirmed that it was hundreds of times more than that. Good riddance you prick!

  4. I have a serious question for those of you who are liberal or lean liberal. I understand the Democrat opposition to a border wall, and the concern about overcrowded detention facilities, and the separation of children from parents. I also have noted the accusations that these issues are the fault of The Trump administration. The Democrats in Congress seem united in this view.

    On the other hand U.S. law makes it a crime to enter our country without proper documentation, and that person is subject to deportation. If the immigrant is seeking asylum, he/she must declare it and appear in court for an asylum hearing. Under the law asylum seekers can be held in a detention facility until their asylum hearing. True?

    So here is my question. What would Democrats do differently? Should our border be open to anyone who wants to come across? Should there be no arrests and/or detention? Should asylum be granted for all immigrants? What should be done when immigrant arrivals exceed 100k in a single month as happened last month. Is it okay to admit all those people without knowing much about them?

    I expect to be slammed for asking. But i’m not trolling or being a smart a** here. It’s pretty clear what Democrat Congressmen don’t like about our immigration policies. What is unclear (at least to me) is what they would do differently.

    Tomorrow morning I will probably regret asking these questions. But i’m Hoping there are readers here who can answer

    • I’m not going to bite but I will ask questions of you. Do you really think pulling “a Hitler” over immigration is going to come up with a resolution? Do you think demonizing, spreading lies and fear is the path to a solution? WHY do you think people with or without documentation come here and more specifically WHO benefits the most from it. Has Trump ever addressed issues with the northern border? Has Trump ever offered policy to hold employers accountable (probably a good thing since he is guilty of that) Do you agree with Trump that immigration is fine, just from white european countries?
      “””Jan 11, 2018 – He reportedly made the racist remarks during a meeting Thursday. … countries” and called for more immigrants from places like Norway “””
      His supporters say Trump isn’t racist…. well, I can’t agree from what I see and what he says.

      If you want policy that works stop the hypocrisy. Reagan was aware, why not Trump?

    • But most of the border issues are NOT with immigrants crossing the border illegally anymore. They are with immigrants
      seeking asylum legally. Or by those heretofore accepted legally, now banned (DACA) and other issues having more to do with human rights and inhumane treatment. This whole immigration issues is more a political stunt than a the crazy issue it’s being made out to be. Take the issue of the “Wall.” That is an example of an over the top solution to the problem, which just won’t work. Why is it the right seems far more interested in a fight than a solution. Opposing the wall and other knee jerk improvements isn’t a solution or seditious, it is common sense and moral responsibility. But for the ‘right’ political theatre and riling the base is a game.

      BTW – you claim not to be trolling and that your questions are serious, you want to know what “Democrats” would do differently. Well, Democrats HAVE made serious and reasonable proposals, all shot down because they don’t provide for the wall in ways republicans INSIST (their way or no way). So I question YOUR question in the first place, are you really being serious or is this a really not so cleaver way to just make a totally political statement.

    • Why are we discussing immigration in these ways on Lou’s blog in the first place, when Lou’s blog posts on the subject are almost always only about the humanitarian transgressions and horrors surrounding immigration.

      Why is it this people with very pro Trump views want to invade Lou’s blog with their own discussions as if this was some sort of call in radio show designed around what ever the public wants to talk about. It is not. If you don’t want to comment on what Lou’s has talked about, don’t bother the rest of us with your personal temper tantrums, or use Lou as a way to complain about how you feel you’ve been maligned by people you disagree with.

      Why is it that people want to complain about being disrespected are the first to disrespect others with “butting in” where they weren’t invited. Why do you want me to answer your questions about what I would do, or more importantly what I think Democrats should do about immigration, on Lou’s blog, when that wasn’t anything he brought up in HIS blog.

      ….and while I’m at it, why do you think I shouldn’t tell you to Sod off when you do and have no time for your crying about it when you do !

      • I completely agree and am so tired of reading the hand wringing comments on Lou’s blog from those poor people on the right who always want to complain about their views are being criticized or not heard, especially those that want to hear what others think. What’s the matter with you people and who the h*ll do you think you are? THIS IS LOU’s BLOG, if you want to talk about your own issues or ideas, get your own blog and stop bothering the rest of us.

  5. Dead trash. No loss.

    Don’t want to die in a ditch? Don’t sneak across the border like the criminal trash you are.

    • But not everyone has access to CHAIN MIGRATION like Trump’s in-laws or visa abuse like his wife. Hypocrites.

    • What percentage of immigration is now people sneaking across the border? And how many of those people entering the country that way anymore?

  6. Thank you for your responses. I still don’t know what should be done on the border going forward that would be acceptable to the full Congress. Namely, how should we deal with the large number of undocumented persons crossing our border? I knew that my post would leave me wide open for criticism, but I was hoping for at least one answer that would address my questions directly. I don’t see that answer in your responses. No problem. I’ll try again somewhere else.

    • First of all, what make’s you think you have any right to come on this blog and start a conversation about this to begin with?

      And what makes you think any of us would expect you to do ANYTHING but complain about the answers we’d give would satisfy YOU according to YOUR rules or that anybody would really care?

      It would seem to almost anyone with an ounce of thought that you were only trying to enlist ANY response so that you could complain the YOU aren’t satisfied. This is the very definition of a TROLL.

    • I kind of thought she had it just about rignt. I too am a little annoyed he thinks this place is his personal playground. About time people respect Lou for his own space.

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