Florida ranks #3 in human sex trafficking in the United States. Which means there is a significant amount. The numbers continue to grow.

One initially thinks of young ladies being trafficked coming from France or Saudi Arabia. Not the case. Most are home raised Floridians. Run aways. Just a few miles from home. Some are still transported in from France and Saudi Arabia. The number small, however.

It is a $150 billion global criminal endeavor. Human sex trafficking surpasses the illegal sale of firearms. It is expected soon to outpace revenues from the illegal drug trade.

The greater portion of the Florida trade is centered in south Florida and the Keys. The business has grown so rapidly in recent years that it has outpaced local enforcement’s understanding of the issue and ability to cope with it.

Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 3 examples.

Miami has the problem under control. Miami has geared its ranks to deal with the problem. Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach have not. Accordingly Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach are basically inept at dealing with sex trafficking. Yes, they do arrest. However few if any procedures are in place for follow ups. To assure prosecutorial success. Police, prosecutors, judges, and medical personnel require specific training as to how to deal with sex trafficking cases post arrest.

Miami took the time and incurred the expense to do so. As a result Miami’s success has been obvious. Miami is the largest city in Florida. Its arrest numbers are high for sex trafficking. Its conviction/pleas on the high side also compared to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

Human sex trafficking exists in the Keys. Especially with under 18’s. I could locate no numbers indicating percentage of success with bringing Keys white slavers to justice.

Human sex trafficking growing. More required to deal with the problem. Florida being #3 is nothing to be proud of.

Spent some time at the Chart Room thursday night. Tammy bartending. Good friend David at the bar. One of the nicest people in Key West.

Met a terrific couple. Allie and Michael from Naples. In Key West for a long weekend.

Both around 27. Attractive, bright and interesting. Allie has a very giving job. Giving of herself. She teaches kindergarten autistic children.

Michael no slouch either. He has a Doctorate in physical therapy. Seven hard years of study. His specialty is helping patients avoid surgery. Interesting work.

Originally from Chicago, they now live and work in Naples.

Married 2 years. Allie told me they were trying to have children. She said they were “working” on it.

They indicated they would return to Key West. I hope so. I would enjoy chatting with them again.

Last night dinner at Donna and Terri’s. Donna cooked of course. She has the touch! She could make show leather taste good.

We enjoyed fresh caught fish.

I have not seen my lesbian wives in about 6 weeks. During that time, I was sick. Terri had a heart attack. Her second. Donna was in the hospital with pneumonia.

The black cloud was over us.

The last time I saw Terri 6 weeks ago, she was extremely tired. Obviously so. The doctors thought it was the many meds she takes re her cancers. They missed the actual problem. She was 99 percent blocked in one of the vessels near her heart. Stented and ok.

Lucky she did not die.

Last night, she was a new woman. The Terri I knew. Joyous, laughing, chatting away, etc.

She recently received word from her cancer doctors that her cancers are in remission because of the drugs she is now taking. A stalemate between the drugs and cancer. Better than the alternative.

Donna was in better health. I forgot to mention she was in the hospital again last week. She thought she was having a heart attack. No attack. Doctors not sure what. She is undergoing a ton of tests.

I read an interesting political comment this morning.

At this time in the GOP primary race for the Republican nomination in 2016, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker were leading with 22 and 17 per cent respectively. Donald Trump was in last place with 1 percent.

The Democratic race still too early to call.

A little World War I history I never knew till recently. U.S. infantry troops arrived in France in June 1917. Doughboys.

A problem. They were untrained, ill equipped, and far from ready to fight. Wilson had to show America’s support for the war soon after the U.S. got involved. So he sent 14,000 untrained troops for “show” purposes to France. Their next 4 months were spent training. General John J. Pershing set up a training camp. Four months later, America was in the fight for real.

More troops and equipment soon arrived. The troops had been trained in the U.S.

Seventeen months later, the war ended. An armistice was declared. In that short period of time, the U.S. sent 2 million soldiers over. Fifty thousand were killed.

It was the war to end all wars!

The G-20 meeting in Japan has come to an end. Trump smiling and appearing to make friends with everyone. He has sat down with China’s Xi. No final decisions arrived at. Trump however is holding future tariffs in abeyance to see if the treaty being negotiated can be finalized.

Then Trump can declare he “won” the confrontation.

Trump sat with Putin. Videos show the 2 amiable, both laughing. A reporter asked Trump is he had warned Putin to stay away from the U.S.’s 2020 election. Trump kiddingly turned to Putin and in a joking manner told Putin to stop. They both laughed.

History will show that Putin bullshitted Trump all the way.

Don’t forget North Korea’s Kim Jung Un. He and Trump write “love letters” to each other.

In a tweet, Trump asked Kim Jung Un to meet him at the DMZ border separating South and North Korea. They could shake hands and have a friendly conversation.

Trump is convinced he is going to convince Kim Jung Un to stop developing nuclear weapons. Trump is totally unaware Kim Jung Un is making a fool of him.

The social media companies sense the government is going to be on their asses soon big time. So they are doing whatever they can to show the U.S. government they are “good guys” and “cooperative.”

Tweeting is Trump’s favorite social media. He would be lost without it. If not able to use it, he would undoubtedly have withdrawal symptoms. Big time!

Tweet announced 2 days ago that influential government officials who used the site for bullying and abusive behavior would face consequences. The first news report looked like a bar to such conduct. Trump definitely in trouble!

I read this morning however that such tweet messages would not immediately be shown. Rather a label would show up on the screen indicating bad behavior. Then it was the responsibility of the reader to press  and eliminate it or go ahead and read it.

Trump’s messages will still get through.

Reminds me of Don Quixote fighting wind mills.

Enjoy your day!







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