Must be my recent health problem combined with being 83 years old cause me to think a bit. About my life in general and the lives of others in my age bracket and condition.

The thought…..Tomorrow is too late. Now is the moment. Do what you want at this time. Assuming of course that such is feasible. Too many people think about doing this or that and never get around to it.

I am not complaining. I have had a god life, success, traveled, etc.

One does not achieve everything desired. I came close however and cannot complain.

My admonition is for those who can and don’t. You want to do something and can, do it now! Tomorrow is too late!

Yesterday did with an afternoon visit from Sloan. We accomplished a few things. Sloan is one of he finest people I have ever met. Concerned, caring, competent.

Last night was the outside bar at La Te Da. First time in a while I have been there.

Mary was to meet me for dinner. I arrived an hour before her. My entire time at La Te Da was 2 1/2 hours.

I have been doing La Te Da for 30 years and several owners. A more frequent visitor in my earlier days. Always a fun place.

One of the bartenders was a lovely woman. Never got her name. Probably in her 60’s. Stunning! Thin! High cheek bones!

I was concerned how she kept so thin. She said it was easy. She is Norwegian and Norwegians look that way.

Enjoyed dinner with Mary.

No alcohol or cigarettes for 5-6 weeks. Last night the worst! Everyone at the bar drinking and smoking. Came close to capitulating before Mary arrived.

I am still treating myself like an old lady. Took Mary home immediately after dinner. I was in bed by 8:30.

The pancreatitis the problem. Doctor says I no longer have pancreatitis. Then why do somethings bother me? He says the pancreatitis screwed up my stomach and body and it will take time for everything to settle down.

I wish it would hurry up!

The humidity has been thick the past few weeks. Comparable to when it was 10 below in Utica during the winter. Each an extreme.

Friday the FDA approved a female Viagra.

There has been such a pill called Addyi for 3 years. The pill had to be taken every day, even if not needed. The new enhancer is a shot in the stomach or hip. Only required when sex is shortly contemplated.

The shot boosts a woman’s sex drive for several hours.

A bit of interesting history. France surrendered to Germany on June 22, 1940. An armistice was signed 3 days later.

Hitler decided to see his newly conquered Paris. The next morning at 5:30, he flew to Paris. Took with him his architect Albert Speer.

Hitler remained in Paris only 3 hours before returning to Berlin. He saw only those monuments, etc. that he wanted. The one he spent the most time at was the tomb of Napoleon. Napoleon always Hitler’s hero.

While in Paris, there was no fanfare, no parades. Few even knew he was there.

He told Speer while in Paris that he wanted Speer to drop everything and complete building the new modern Berlin that Hitler wanted. Speer did so and rapidly. What he designed and had constructed from 1940 on was totally bombed out of existence by 1945.

Hitler never returned to Paris. Some believe it was his way of showing distaste for the city. It was just outside Paris that Germany signed the Armistice with the allies in 1918. Hitler considered that Armistice an insult to the German people.

Syracuse has new football uniforms. Great! What a 10-3 season will do for a team.The old ones were newly designed in 2014. Stunk! Drab orange. Saw pics of the news ones. Bright and exciting.

Apparently not everyone in Washington is aware that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are the best of friends. It was announced Thursday that the U.S. added Saudi Arabia to its human trafficking blacklist.

I close with 2 items re Trump.

The first involves Iran and the story that he tells how he called off the military raid at the last minute because of lives that would be lost. He also indicated he wanted to sit down with Iran and talk. Iran of course said no way.

We were not told the whole truth when we were told that the attack had been called off. We were left to think everything was as is and no further aggravating moves had been made or were to be made by Trump.

We were not told. The very same day Trump called off the planes, he authorized a cyber attack on Iranian computer systems that operated Iran’s missile control systems and spy network.

Over the weekend, warmonger supreme John Bolton was videoed in Israel following a conference with Netanyahu. The men were standing together. Bolton made it clear the U.S. was not done with Iran. More would be coming.

Trump’s people described the cyber attack as retaliatory for the U.S. drone shot down.

In the background lurks the tank missile attacks. I am concerned.  Why is the U.S. involved in the tank missile attacks? The tankers were not U.S. ones. They were Norwegian and Japanese.

I have a feeling Trump and associates are looking for a reason to join Saudi Arabia and Israel in a war against Iran. Which suggests that everything Trump has done with Iran has in large part been done to satisfy Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Today was the day ICE was to begin its raid on illegal aliens to arrest and throw them out of the U.S. Trump said the number would be in the millions. It got whittled down as of Friday to 10,000 for the time being.

Trump announced last night that the raids would not take place for 2 weeks. His excuse was Nancy Pelosi had telephoned him and asked him to hold off so Congress could see if they could get out an acceptable plan that would stop the raids.

Trump appears to have talked with a forked tongue again.

This morning’s news reported Trump called off the raids for 2 weeks for other reasons.

One was that the news media had found out specifically where the raids would be and were prepared to print them. The other that ICE had reported to Trump that it had no place to hold those who would be apprehended. ICE also said the plan was moving too fast. There had been no time to work details out.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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    • Why so mean? I have no doubt you actually are a liberal just pretending. Stoking the flames of hate. Shame on you.

    • Yeah, part of the group that want’s to be taken more seriously, the group that insists we learn to talk to them with more civility. The people who start to cry because they feel we talk down to them.

  1. TDS’ers need not worry any longer, Juan Bahama just threw his hat in the ring. You can start to smile once agin.

  2. That is correct, TDS is best known as an account term used with taxes it is a acronym of “Tax Deducted at Source” and has been around for years. It has also been long used as an slang short hand tor “Tiny Di*k Syndrome”and more recently as a snarky reference by Trump lovers against those they feel don’t like Trump. Apparently ignoring (at least in their own minds) the far better known “Tiny Di*ck Syndrome” reference it is better know as. Ironic, huh?

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