Last night was the second evening of the Democratic Presidential debates. A new team of 10. They came to play. Not like the previous evening that lacked a punch. Probably because most of the major candidates were scheduled for last night.

My thoughts, observations, etc.

There was a major drawback. Most of the participants were into yesterday. Few spoke to any degree about tomorrow. Their thoughts  for the future of the U.S., its programs, etc.

Biden. Screwed up big time. Disappointing. Probably the best qualified. However it did not come across. Harris buried him.

They say Biden does not practice for the debates as he should. A mistake. Even champions have to get ready.

Biden had to know someone was going to come at him with his comment last week re the 2 Southern Senators from more than a generation ago. Biden’s response defensive. Biden was making the point he could work across the aisle. His message simply stated. Misconstrued by many. It became the basis to beat him up re his purported admiration and support of the segregationist south.

Biden should have been ready to pointedly and effectively jump on the defense when the issue was raised. The issue was a yesterday problem. He reacted and voted consistent with the rest of the country. One reacted to events that way. Quickly Biden should have then spelled out one of the primary issues today is police shooting blacks and offered his thoughts re the issue. Bingo! He would have taken control of the argument and thrown Harris off.

He went into yesterday on other items also. He must stop. A brief comment fine. But get on the offense quickly. Control the dialogue. Otherwise, he will not be the candidate.

I have spent considerable time evaluating Biden’s performance because I believe him best qualified to be our next President.

Harris. A fighter. Unquestionably. If she were President, the country would be in good hands. Though Biden is the more experienced and would make a better President. A Biden/Harris ticket would be a winner.

Sanders. Sad.His comments a rehash of 2016. The election is 4 years later. New times, new issues. He cannot win with 2016 alone. His poll ratings will continue falling.

Buttegieg. Love this guy! Brilliant. Perhaps the most articulate politician in years. Outshining even Obama. Not his time, however. A bit too young and his same sex marriage needs more time to take hold.

The winner last night. NBC’s Jonathan Allen said it correctly: “Donald Trump the winner of the first debate.”

Which brings me to a final point. Besides discussing present and future issues to be dealt with, the candidates should have beat Trump up a bit. From my perspective, Trump got a free ride.

Enjoy your Day!

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  1. I don’t see a Biden/Harris ticket. I don’t think that she would consider second position. How about a Harris/Buttigieg ticket? That could be outstanding.

  2. Sanders. Sad.His comments a rehash of 2016. The election is 4 years later. New times, new issues. He cannot win with 2016 alone.

    Time for Bernie to take down his sails…. To much concept and not enough follow through.

    Now a question for Lou… some time ago I believe you mentioned your Dr. requested a high-carb/ low-fat diet change. Has your weight been affected?

    • Surprisingly, no. Not a pound. It has been close to 5 weeks. I was afraid I would rapidly gain. Al I could think of what a waste it would be if I did. To gain the 62 pounds back! There is a benefit to how I am eating now. All kinds of foods rich in carbs that I avoided for a long time.Cake, breads, cereals, fruits, etc. I am learning my pancreas won’t accept certain carbs however. Like ice cream. Thanks for asking.

    • Larry knows all about your electoral college lecture Patrick, and your second rate night school Poly-Sci education that makes you think you are in possession of superior knowledge mare than everybody else. Save it for another day. Larry’s comments are clearly stated that more AMERICANS actually voted for Hillary than for Trump and didn’t try and make any case that he (Trump) wasn’t president.

      • To add insult to the MAJORITY being ignored….Trump himself championed -for decades- the popular being the TRUE form of democratic selection. He changed that tune real quick, but if HRC won the EC and he the Popular he would stoke the insurrection.
        Maybe we should expand the EC…. not to just give fly-over dust bowl states clout over the majority but add marginalizes and minority citizens too. That should get the “establishment” moving to abolish it.

    • “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”
      ― Barry Goldwater

    • Said the one time President of the SAGA…… not buying it now or then. Unless Reagan was talking about the civil war period democratic party…. then he is correct… they became Republicans.

    • Pay attention, this comprehensive stuff isn’t that hard! The post was about Reagan saying the Democrat Party left him, etc., the response was that’s now what some are saying about the Republican party, as in how many conservatives are now saying the Republican Party is leaving (or has left) them!

  3. I pay attention and you’re right that some conservatives say their party isn’t conservative enough. I don’t see many conservatives becoming progressive.

    • I don’t think that’s what more and more Republicans are now realizing. They are saying that the Party has changed away FROM them, or to put it another way, as in ‘I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me.’

      • It could very well be that many Republicans are now seeing that being a Republican isn’t really being a conservative, that was just the cover story they all WANTED to believe, but really it was just being contrary and bigoted and that at some point that’s turned into chaos and lawlessness and no longer fun. It could be they’re embarraszed at what they see themselves having become and decided that they don’t want to be that anymore. No one is suggesting they become Progressives, or even Democrats, it is just that they no longer want to see themselves as Republicans, or no longer what Republicans have become.

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