I fell.

Last night at 10. Had dinner with Mary and was walking to my car parked behind the Simonton Fire Station. Walking down the path running along side Antonia’s.

I just fell! Ground level. Brick walk way level. Didn’t trip on anything. Etc.

Sober. Only 2 drinks before dinner.

Why did I fall? Bothers me I do not know why. Recall I used to fall a lot several years ago. Then did a year of physiotherapy. Learned how NOT to fall.

My left elbow took the brunt of the fall. Followed by my left butt cheek and left knee. Cuts on my back, also.

When I went to bed, I noticed a bulge on my elbow. Size of a golf ball. This morning, a grapefruit. No pain. Felt like a sack of water.

Arranged for an immediate doctor visit. Thought the elbow was fractured.

Turns out a ton of fluid was released. Will take 1-2 weeks to get absorbed. If I feel heat in the meantime, instructed to call the doctor immediately. Means the fluid has become infected.

My friends, senior citizenry and falling go hand in hand. Besides the danger of a hip fracture, it is extremely difficult to get up. Even with help. The body is dead weight.

I was fortunate Mary was along. It still took a good 10 minutes to get me on my feet.

I am beginning this blog at 11:45. Ergo will be short. I have yet to get ready for my podcast show tonight.

Started last night at Aqua. Dueling Bartenders. Terri sang. Beautifully!

Afterwards joined Mary for diner at Antonia’s. Pleasant meal. Salmon over gnocchi.

Then the fall.

Another Key West friend passed on this week. Frank Holden. Also known as Captain Frank.

Quiet, soft spoken.

Enjoyed an interesting career. He captained a large private vessel. Huge. Same boat, same owner. For 20 or 30 years.

What a job! Frank lived on the boat even when its owner was elsewhere. Which was often.

Frank was a member of the Conch Republic Navy. If I recall correctly, Admiral at the present time.

Frank and Jean Thornton were very close. I have already expressed my sympathies to her.

Podcast time!

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight at 9. A half hour of Louis ranting and raving about this and that. Always an interesting show. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Trump playing the most powerful man on Earth at the moment. In another historic meeting with Kim Jung Un.

Nothing of value will result. Kim too smart for Trump. Trump does not know his ass from his elbow when it comes to international diplomacy.

When the meeting is over, Trump will declare victory. The danger of war gone. He accomplished what no prior President could.

Sort of like Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace In Our Lifetime!” as he was stepping off the plane which returned him home after his historic meeting with Hitler.

How long did the “peace” last? One or two years.

Trump wants two things out of this meeting.

First, he has been laying the ground work to some day build a Trump Tower hotel in North Korea. He keeps telling Kim that North Korea is a natural. Set between China and Japan.

Second, Trump wants to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. For having resolved the North Korea crisis. Good luck! I cannot believe the selection committee would be that blind or stupid.

Re the Nobel Peace Prize, Japan’s President nominated Trump for the award. He said Trump asked him to do so.

I have been following Maduro and Venezuela for 5 years. Ever since families began eating their family pets.

Two reasons why Trump will fail in his efforts to get a war going with the U.S. leading the pack.

It is necessary for the Army to switch its allegiance to the usurper who claims he now is President. Only with the Army behind him and a supporting U.S. intervention can the new man win.

It will never happen. The Army leaders are happy. They are part of the graft and corruption at the top. They and their families live and eat well.

The other reason Trump is destined to fail is he does not really care about the Venezuelan people. Here is a man who continues to fail many of Hurricane Michael victims in the Panhandle and Georgia. Don’t tell me his heart bleeds for the Venezuelans.

Trump wants the oil! Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world.

Trump forgets Russia wants the oil reserves, also. China stands with Russia in this regard. I find it hard to believe Russia would let the U.S. get control of  Venezuelan oil.

Enjoy your day!

9 comments on “I FELL

  1. At your age it is better to focus at all times when moving around, especially on stairs where you should keep a hand on the railing. I caught my heel and fell down a couple of steps. It took me a while to untangle and get back up.

  2. Trump vis a vis Venezuela… I fear Trump is not smart enough nor astute enough to understand the implications of what you said. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. He is likely to screw up our foreign relations even more.

  3. It seems to me that Kim is the smarter of these two and will again get what HE wants, by making Trump look good. Trump is a stooge around Kim and embarraszing to real Americans

  4. So sorry about your fall. I need you to be well. We met last June. Read blog every day. I’ll be back in October. You mentioned having dinner.

    Take care my friend.
    Barb from Iowa….tell John I said hi! Be there as soon as I can

  5. Lou! I’m so sorry to hear about your fall! It was so lovely to see you last night for dinner, I’m horrified to learn that the evening ended in physical harm! Wishing you a speedy recovery! All my love, Nicolle

  6. Lou, were you cognizant during the fall or simply found yourself on the ground wondering how you got there? It is an important distinction.

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