Yesterday, I solely wrote re the Catholic Church and sex. Today, no Catholic Church, no sex.

Came across a piece this morning advising that on this day in 1873 Enrico Caruso was born. Caruso the great operatic tenor of his time.

Born in Naples, he immigrated to New York. His finest years were spent at the Metropolitan Opera House. The tenor of the day. No one comparable. His main years on the Metropolitan’s stage 1895-1920.

My grandfather Louis, after whom I am proud to have been named, was born in Naples also. Around 1910, he came to the United States at the age of 12.

I loved my father’s parents deeply. I look forward to the day my grandparents, parents, and I will be together again in the after life.

My grandfather was a lover of music. Italian classical music. Opera, especially.

In his living room, he had the phonograph of the day. Manufactured by the Victor Talking Machine Company. Stood tall and black. Four legs. The top opened by hand. Inside lie room for a record to be placed.

The machine was operated by hand. On the side was a long handle which had to be manually turned. In other words, the phonograph as it would be called today had to be wound up to run.

On the inside of the lid was its distinguishing mark. A small sitting dog. The dog in front of and looking into a cylinder gramophone. The words underneath…..His Master’s Voice.

My grandfather had a slew of 78’s. Most Italian and operatic. Most the voice of Enrico Caruso. He especially enjoyed listening to Caruso’s Vesti la giubba from Pagliachi.

I frequently listened with him.

My grandfather trusted me with his records and machine. From the time I was 3-4, I was permitted to operate and listen alone. My grandfather away at work and my grandmother in the kitchen.

I gloried in those moments. This young man sitting in a huge easy chair, his feet not even able to touch the floor, enjoying a greatness that my grandfather knew and to which he had exposed me.

Kate Miano’s Gardens at 5 yesterday. Terri singing.

The Gardens were packed. Easily 200 plus. Strangely, I knew no one other than Terri and Donna. Donna had saved me a seat up front.

Terri her usual magnificent self.

I had not felt well all day. For some reason, my body is off. I could not get comfortable. At intermission, I left.

Walked up the street to Hot Dog Church. Only a few participants left. Chatted with Laurie and a couple of the ladies and left. Still feeling weird.

Decided a good meal would help. No room at Antonia’s or La Trattoria. Ended up having a grilled cheese sandwich at Mary Ellen’s. As good as any food I could have ordered at Antonia’s or La Trattoria.

If you have not experienced Mary Ellen’s go! On the side street around the corner from La Trattoria. Grilled cheese and tomato soup to die for!

Then home to watch the Academy Awards. An experience I enjoy.

The acceptance speeches by the winners for Best Actor and Actress among the best I have head.

Rami Malek for the men. His memorable words that his parents immigrated from Egypt and he was first generation. Look at me, in effect. At the pinnacle of his success. A comment also saying don’t knock immigrants or immigration.

Olivia Colman won for the ladies. I never heard of her before. I had been pulling for Glenn Close. She is getting on, time is escaping her. She may not have another chance. Hopefully, I am wrong. I see her winning her first and only Oscar as John Wayne did. Late in his career.

Whatever, Olivia gave the best acceptance speech I ever heard. It was obvious she did not expect to win. She mumbled about this and that, all the time crying. She shouted out to Close that she thought Close should have won and she was sorry. As to Lady Gaga, she said something to the effect….Oh, my God, I beat Lady Gaga.

God bless them all and future good luck!

Aqua’s Dueling Bartenders tonight. Terri guest performer.

Terri appears to be working more now than before she became blind. She had her usual sunday late morning gig at Hard Rock cafe. The Gardens last night. Dueling Bartenders tonight.

Her sight may be gone. However, her voice not. Sometimes, I think even better than before.

The Everglades perfect for reptile breeding. And other type strange non-humans. Florida has failed to protect against 2 invaders. The Burma python and iguanas.

Waited too long. The State admits it will never be able to eradicate pythons. Hopefully merely contain their growth. Containment thus far, a failure.

Iguanas has only recent come to the State’s attention as a problem. Though we have all been complaining about their growing numbers for 20 years. The State looking for a solution to the invasion. Hope time does not stand in the way as it has with pythons.

The reason I share with you thoughts re exotic reptiles is Florida has a new one. The anaconda. A snake. Weighs up to 550 pounds. A big mother! Hope the State moves its ass rapidly with this one.

Key  West has had many business ventures that proved highly successful. Shipping, salvage, sponge fishing, shrimp fishing, cigar making, come to mind. The businesses come and go. However, always a new one to replace the one that just left.

Key West was a world wide port in 1892. The Key West Custom House collected $827,147.79 in import duties that year. The amount being more than the rest of Florida, Georgia and Alabama combined.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Trump just happened to come along during this current phase of N Korea’s evolution as a World player but he really has had no effect on it, one way or the other, even though he claims to have done so. The same thing could be said for his influence on our long running economic upward growth trend.

    • Actually he seems to have slowed that a bit now hasn’t he. The rate of growth has declined and is now showing some signs of real trouble.

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