The Catholic Church has a problem with sex. Really? I write the sentence with tongue in cheek.

The problem not merely a today one. Has occurred many times in the past. Makes it hard not to question one’s Faith.

Today’s Church is loaded with pedophilia, homosexuality, priests and bishops having sex with nuns, conception occurring, abortions the result in many cases, etc.

What is going on? Where is all this going?

Pope Francis just concluded a meeting of Cardinals to deal with the problem. I doubt anything of significance will result. It is reported many Cardinals are a part of the problem.

History abounds with sexual impropriety. Popes who married and had children. Popes who did not marry and had children.

The Knights Templars another example. A new religious order where sexuality went a muck.

The Knights were also known as God’s Holy Warriors. Medieval knights founded in 1119. A band of poor and pious initially. In a short time, wealthy.

Practiced extremes in homosexuality. Eventually villanized and disbanded in 1307. Villanized by France’s King Philip IV and Pope Clement V. Thousands arrested, tortured and burned at the stake.

A Code of Conduct totaling 72 Rules was intended to have kept the Knights humble, chaste, and obedient. Failed in every regard, especially as to chastity.

The Rules required the Knights to live as if women did not exist. Beware of ladies the admonition. They will lead you into sin. Look not upon the face of a woman less you be tempted. Kiss no woman, including your mother. Any type embrace with a woman could cause you to perish.

Any Knight found lying with a woman would be put into irons.

Knights cautioned not to speak of women or the pleasures of the flesh associated with women. Labeled filthy talk.

Man has an inherent sex drive. If not woman, then man. Homosexuality the order of the day. Sodomy the order of the day. If a Knight felt a sexual need, he contacted another Knight who was duty bound to provide his anus (as described in Templar writings). The anus big in the Order. Part of the induction ceremony involved kissing of a Knight’s ass. Deep passionate mouth  kisses also part of the ritual.

There are always those who adjust the rules to suit their personal needs. The more successful and powerful Knights engaged sexually with elegant women also.

As young homosexuals in recent years have entered the Church,  the gay men of the Knights’ era made a beeline to join their local monasteries.

When the Knights were founded, the organization was poor. With in a very short time, affluent. In less than 200 years they were recognized as world controlling financiers.

The Knights in their poor stage were known also as Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ. Such did not last long.

The Knights also warriors. Fought in the Crusades. Their attire a white frock with a large red cross on it.

Initially successful as Crusade warriors. Failure began to set in. Saracen outsmarting them on the battlefield.

The Knights began losing face. Still money rich, however. King Philip IV of France financially broke for a number of reasons. Wanted to get his hands on Knight riches. His cousin was Pope Clement IV, who supported him in the endeavor.

The Knight Templars were denounced. Big time! Swiftly! More than 5,000 arrested in a short period in France alone. Tortured. Made to confess their homosexual sins, ass kissing, mouth to mouth kissing with men, an occasional dalliance with a woman, etc. Then burned at the stake. Their wealth confiscated, of course.

Such the story of the Knights Templars. From rags to riches to extinction in 200 years.

Why do men of God conduct themselves in such fashion? Why do they foist in the name of God autocratic rigid mandates which they themselves do not follow? What does this say about God? How does God feel about the matter?

Makes me wonder.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Lou, please leave the Robert Kraft story to the National Enquirer and the people who read that trash. We don’t need to know anything more about that then has already been exposed.

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