A big time double header yesterday. Consumed the world stage. Michael Cohen in Washington before a House Committee. Donald Trump in Hanoi with North Korea’s Kim.

Both disappointing.

I was glued to the TV all day till around 5 watching Cohen testifying. He came across sincere. Honest, also. Although his word hard to accept by those who hold his plea of lying to Congress as negating his telling the truth ever again.

Other than the check for $35,000 bearing Trump’s signature, I was unimpressed. Probably because we all have heard too many times recently the story from his perspective.

His words will affect Trump. Will probably lead to a charge or two against Trump.

From the beginning of this investigation 2 years ago, I have said the same thing. That which will get Trump is laundering money. He had too many transactions with Russian banks and Russian people. Especially condo sales for amounts far in excess of their value.

Money laundering will fall on at least one member of his family also.

The Republicans behaved like asses. Instead of chasing him on the evidence, they kept challenging his veracity because of his guilty pleas.

Moving to Hanoi, Trump’s failure in achieving anything his own fault. He knows everything and claims he does not need the State Department to help. Understand that since Trump became President, the State Department is dramatically understaffed.

Kim out foxed Trump once again. He has become a major world figure by having Trump visit him 2 times in less than a year.

As I wrote yesterday or the day before, expecting Kim to give up nuclear weapons is like expecting Mexico to pay for the wall.

I am disappointed with TV’s political pundits this morning. Most consider Trump to have acted wisely in going slow and not making a deal. He could not make a deal without giving away the whole farm.

Trump was desperate to make a deal.

The next week will tell what really occurred in Hanoi. So far, we only have Trump’s word as to what happened. His word unfortunately cannot be depended upon.

The game plan for last night was a manicure and then a Key West Black History presentation at the San Carlos at 6.

Saw Tammy at 4:30. What a business she and husband Ricky have! She the immigrant 14 years ago. A citizen today, owns her business with Ricky, owns her home, has 2 children, employs 8 people.

A contributing citizen!

It was early. Still had time to kill before the lecture. Stopped at Aqua’s Side Bar looking for David. No David. Walked over to La Tratttoria. Enjoyed a drink at the bar and friendly chat with Carrie.

Then walked over to San Carlos. Got there 5:50. Lecture to begin at 6. Was told it had already started at 5:30. I was not at fault. Chatted with some others afterwards who were late also. Newspaper had it scheduled for 6.

Six persons participating. All local. All knowledgeable re the issue. One old enough to have lived through some of the more interesting times.

Decided to have dinner. It’s season. No room at La Trattoria or Antonia’s. Got in the car and drove to Harpoon Harry’s. Realized it was wednesday night and the special was turkey dinner.

Enjoyed the dinner. Sat and read the newspapers for a while. Home well before 9.

I am guesting on Laurie Thibaud’s radio show at 4 today. Party Time. Station 105.7 FM, WGAY FM. Join us. We make interesting talk together.

Then across the street to the Chart Room.

I have been critical of Trump and FEMA. Hurricane bills not being paid. Trump is stiffing States and municipalities. Either failing to send money or refusing to honor bills for aide provided.

The problem consistent. Still ongoing. Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, California wild fires, etc. waitin

A local example. A serious one. It will affect our Monroe County taxes to the tune of $6.6 million.

The Marathon area was severely hit by Irma. The damage ran down to Cudjoe Key. The County immediately erected tents to house first responders from outside the area. over a period io

Seven large air conditioned tents were erected. Included within the tents, a mess hall, laundry facility, showers and a sleeping area.

FEMA supposed to pay. Monroe County submitted an application for charges incurred to the tune of $6.6 million.

FEMA has ejected the application.

FEMA apparently has no issue with the establishment of the base camp and its use. FEMA’s problem is with the paperwork submitted. FEMA claims the County did not follow proper procurement procedures and proper documentation.

What bullshit! A category 3-4 hurricane hit the Marathon area. Immediate help needed. Everything including people had to come from the outside. Urgency required, not a receipt.

Marathon is typical of the rest of the U.S. Trump has been a failure in covering costs for which the federal government is normally responsible.

The federal government was also billed $44 million by Monroe County for other items. Most of the $44 million borrowed from banks. Per the direction of Washington. The feds told states and municipalities to borrow monies needed from banks. The Federal government would provide reimbursement down the road.

Of the $44 million, only $6 million of the debt has been reimbursed/paid.

Typical of today’s Washington. Trump goes on TV following a disaster and says in effect don’t worry, do what has to be done, we have the money.

Ben Hecht was a famous screen writer. He was born on this day in 1894.

Hecht has a Key  West tie-in. He wrote the screenplays for Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms.

Hecht also wrote the screenplays for 3 of my favorite movies. It’s A Wonderful World, Wuthering Heights, and Gunga Din. He collaborated on Gone With the Wind.

My arm is getting better. Swelling down about 60 percent. Most of the fluid having slid down my arm where it is longer and thinner.

I’m glad I did not break the arm or a hip. Always a concern at my age.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Hard to believe anything Cohen said. He even admitted that the Southern District has hinted they may get him out of jail sentence IF he cooperates with them. He has every reason to lie and paint Trump as a criminal.

    • On the contrary, every word out of Cohen’s mouth is being listened to by the SD of NY and by Mueller Even the slightest lie by him will have consequences. His ONLY hope is telling the truth yesterday. Clearly he has nothing to loose by telling the truth and possibly something to gain by doing so too. Whereas if he lied even a little, he’ll NEVER have ANY help where he needs it most. Trying to spin it otherwise is a fool’s (or an operative’s) errand. Take your “trolling” elsewhere. Try that argument on blogs where readers don’t have brains.

      • Trolling?? I stated an opinion. Just because it differs from yours, doesn’t make me a troll.
        There is already proof that he lied. He contradicted what he has in his book. Look it up.

        And Loose is for screws.

    • When all is said and done only one reason will matter….he is correct. Trump, his family and or his organization will be indicted in the SD.

  2. Cohen is scum and a disgrace, like Trump. I see why they hooked up. Cohen has nothing to gain by coming clean and everything to lose if he drops the ball again. Trump has a track record of pathetic, petty and self serving lies and his tally is far greater. Cohen wins this one.

    “Trump was desperate to make a deal.”

    … the Nobel drifts farther away…….

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