Three well known, well liked, Key West area persons died this past week. George Weber, Frank Holden, and Jim Cameron. I knew each.

Brought to mind what I always thought was an old wives’ tale of Italian origin: Death comes in threes.

I googled and searched. Not described as an old wives’ tale. Believed by many world wide, however. Not merely as to death. As to anything. If something happens twice in a short period of time, expect a third to occur.

I grew up in an Italian home. My mother was born in Italy. My father here of Italian immigrant parents. Everyone was Italian back then. We lived in what I describe as an Italian ghetto. Who knew of Irish, Poles, Germans, etc. There were only Italian people.

My mother, father, grandparents, relatives, friends, all thought the same way.

One of those “thoughts” occurred if 2 persons you knew died in a close time frame. The question  arose who would be next. Death happened in threes. No one questioned it.

I have not thought about the 3 death thing in years. The deaths of George, Frank, and Jim returned it to mind.

Do I believe it? I don’t know. However rest assured I shall think of it as others I know pass on. I am sufficiently close to death that the issue is of thoughtful concern.

Another custom involving death comes to mind.

Italians believed that after visiting the funeral home or home where the body lay, or going to a funeral service, one was not to return directly home. Death would follow. I recall many instances where my parents and I would stop for coffee, ice cream, or something to eat first. Another stop was visiting friends.

The old ways. Never leave us. Forgotten for a time. Guaranteed to return.

Big day today! World wide!

Michael Cohen testifies before a House Committee. The hearing open. It is anticipated he will reveal things about Trump. Some not mentioned before.

His appearance supposedly dangerous to Trump. I shall be glued to the TV all day watching.

The other event is the closing of the Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam. What will Trump give away this time? What if anything will he receive in return? Will Kim take advantage of Trump once again?

Interesting questions.

A personal observation. Kim giving up nuclear weapons is as certain as Mexico paying for the wall. Trump deludes himself once more.

We sometimes forget there is more to the world than the United States. and certain other countries such as Venezuela, Russia, China, and others frequently in the news.

Other nations do exist. Nations who have nuclear weapons. Nations that we rarely think or hear about, however.

Like India and Pakistan.

The 2 nations were one. India. Till 1947 when partition occurred which lead to 2 nations.

A sloppy separation of India. Remaking boundaries generally are. The split displaced 14 million persons along religious lines. A problem ever since. India and Pakistan have hated each other all these years.

Both have been rapidly developing. Both have nuclear weapons.

The past few days they are playing war games. Perhaps the beginning of war itself. Both sending planes over each other’s lands. Aerial shootings.

The question arises as to whether what is yet a minor conflict will reach the nuclear threshold. Hopefully not.

Amazing that the nations we expect could cause World War III are the United States, China and Russia. Not 2 nations from left field.

Syracuse basketball last night following Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Lost again. North Carolina topped Syracuse 93-85.


Syracuse was to have had a great team this year. Many players returning. Excellent recruits. Syracuse won some big games. Lost too many to poorer teams, however.

It was not to be.


Enjoy your day!



5 comments on “DEATH COMES IN THREES

  1. When I was a little kid there was an Italian girl who would come to the house to see me. My mother would send her away. She said that the Italians were dirty. The old ways.

  2. Trump publicly brags about building a huge new arsenal of beautiful, deadlier nukes and then goes over and tells the leader of a sovereign nation that he can’t have any. Get real.

  3. Trump and Kim had the most expensive lunch in history. Trump will be sure to brag about that one like he does about everything else, except this time it will be the truth.

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