What a lovely morning!

The sun rose with a pink back drop. The hue continued onto my neighbors’ homes. Yellow and light green houses were altered muted colors this morning. Pretty.

I spent several hours yesterday working on the trip photos. Getting there.

Stopped at Walgreen. Had four prescriptions to pick up. I am out of the donut. What was costing me a $100 plus per prescription for a few months is now in the $2 to $10 range. This donut thing is a disgrace. I understand Obamacare helps with it. I am not sure how.

I enjoyed a late  fantastic lunch while enjoying a spectacular view. At the Southernmost on the Beach. Part of the Southernmost Complex. Open aired. Great food. The water a mere 50 feet away. People, beach chairs and umbrellas between you and the beach.

Then to Don’s Place. Stayed for only one drink. The company was good. However, I preferred watching the last few holes of the golf tournament from the comfort of my bed.

Don and David there. Watching the golf tournament. Todd bartending.

Don is sponsoring a bloody mary contest tonight. I am not sure whether it is who can make the best one, or who can consume the most. I may stop in to watch.

It was a good final round for the golf tournament. Tiger hung 2-3 strokes behind. He did not falter on the last day. McIlroy won by two strokes. Tiger was third, 2 behind.

Spent the rest of my Labor Day watching old movies on TV.

Tonight through Friday, the Democratic convention. I will be glued to the TV for most of it.

Enjoy your day!

Special note: It is raining. The pink must have foretold the rain.



  1. Louis is out of the donut! How will Obamacare pay for your drug? By taking it out of MY funds. With a bit of sensibility, there ain’t gonna be Obamacare. Best wishes.

  2. Actually the donut hole experience is a Bush idea. The funds merely add to our massive federal debt. But with all our endless costly wars abroad and pet projects domestically, Louis’ pills are not even a drop in a bucket the size of the Atlantic. If we ever balance our budget, which we cannot and still have a credible continental nation, pills will not be free nor will retirement and taxes will be very high to buy those latest bombers and fighters to fight _______ (fill in the adversary du jour abroad here). At least Lockheed Martin and Northrop are happy campers.

    • bush, bush, bush cheney! big oil men! that’s all i heard 4 years ago. gas was cheaper then than now! how come no outrage about it now? oh, i forgot the liberal philosophy! when will it be someone else s fault? can’t wait for that day….. i guess everything bad that has heppened will forever be bush’s fault. grwo up you liberals! where are you patrick?

  3. Gee Gary,, I didn’t even notice you misspelled a word.. With all that smoke rolling out of your ears,, I can certainly understand it.. Apparently some don’t realize their beloved obamacare doesn’t take effect for quite a while.. Only a liberal would complain about the cost of ‘scripts but think nothing of the price of Key West diners and drinks.. Patrick

  4. Interesting Screed Gary. You assume I am a liberal, no actually a Ron Paul Libertarian, a much truer form of conservatism than Chameleon Mitt (i.e. check what he did as Blue State Massachusetts Governor).

    As for who actually grew entitlements and such, try reading the Wall Street Journal (that liberal bastion):

    go here: http://online.wsj.com/article_email/SB10000872396390444914904577619671931313542-lMyQjAxMTAyMDAwNDAwODQ3Wj.html?mod=wsj_valetbottom_email

    I hope the link works if you cut and paste. Repubicrat or Democrat it makes no difference. Republicans actually grew entitlements more than liberals so as to retain power.

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