I do not care whether Republican. Democrat or Libertarian, white, black, purple or green…..Michelle Obama’s presentation last night before the Democrat Convention was one of the finest speeches ever made. Put politics and other concerns aside. She did a hell of a job! You do not have to agree with her. You do not have to like her. You do not have to like her husband. But…..you cannot deny the quality of the presentation.

Being the political junkie that I am, I enjoyed the speakers last night. The Democrats came out fighting from the opening bell. Clinton should be fantastic tonight!

Yesterday was ordinary. A simple day. Ran some errands. Sat in the sun by the pool for an hour. Fell asleep in that hour. Continued working on the trip photographs. Getting closer to publishing some. Worked with Sloan.  Dinner at Outback at the bar. Me and the newspaper. Enjoyed the Democrat Convention from the comfort of my bed.

Today will probably be more exciting. Seeing Lori this morning. Need a haircut. More importantly, time to trim the beard. It is beginning to look unruly. Needs a trim every which way.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Everyone last night had to come out fighting and ended up looking like fools.. But,, they had nothing else to do.. They had to trash the Republicans because they certainly can’t talk about their Boss’ record.. I doubt I can bring myself to listen to Billy tonight.. The Clintons and obama’s have no love for each other and tonight will be nothing more than a set-up for Hilary in 2016.. I can’t wait until this election is over,, if obama wins though God help us.. I can blame Gary for me reading this.. I’ve stayed away for sanity purposes.. Patrick

  2. Michelle called it like it is, without saying so. Romney is a rich white kid who wants to keep the status quo for the rick kids. Obama drove a rusted piece of Sh*t on a date. I am afraid the supply side trickle down nonsense is an illusion. You want to make the economy hum when 75% of it is not the Rich outfitting yachts but families at Walmart? You give the families at Walmart a reason to spend and spend well. Sam Walton knew this fact and look at his heirs.

    Demographically, the Reubs are cooked…just a matter of time now and we’ll see how graciously they support the US Constitution then, when the numbers are against them and the greed they stand for.

    At least Ron Paul says it like it is, we are flat broke so no more nonsense for the rich, the military-industrial complex or the needy. We pay our way and pay for what we believe in. Never gonna happen though thanks to entrenched interests leftist and right wing fool.

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