I sometimes think I have too much on my plate.

Yesterday, I worked on the Epilogue to my trip. The photos. Still organizing and selecting. A real task when there are 600 pictures.

Work done, I decided to go to the beach. Read the Sunday papers and look at the lovely ladies.

I went to Higgs Beach. My intent was to sit in my sand chair a couple of hours. Then walk over to Salute’s for a fish sandwich.

It was not to be.

Higgs Beach stunk! In fact, most of the Atlantic side beaches smelled. Including Smathers.

Like dead fish.

It was Isaac getting the last laugh. Isaac had thrown seaweed and fish life onto the beach area and beyond. You could see where the water had come over the sea walls. The sidewalk and grass still had sun bleached brown sea weed splattered about. The water at Higgs Beach was also a disaster. Brown. Isaac had churned the bottom. The water not yet settled.

No Higgs Beach for me!

I drove to Fort Zachery Taylor Beach. Also on the Atlantic. But around the corner of the island. Fort Zach’s Beach was clean. I could see my toes in the water. There was no smell.

The beach was packed. Everyone out enjoying a lovely Sunday. Many probably transfixed from Higgs to Fort Zach.

Dinner last night with Lisa and the family. Robert and Ally a joy. As always.

Part of the meal consisted of corn on the cob. Robert had no trouble devouring his the normal way. He has teeth in front. Ally does not. Lisa had to scrape the corn off the husk for Ally. Ally put away two cobs of corn in that fashion.

Stopped at the Chart Room for a few drinks. Knew no one. All tourists.

Duval was also packed with tourists. In Key West enjoying a fun filled weekend. Merchants had to be happy. The visitors were.

Enjoy this last day of the Labor Day Weekend!


2 comments on “SUNDAY

  1. love reading your blog…couple of years follower here in Boulder Co…….hope to make it to Key West soon…p.s….I’m a UPS driver here, hence the chocolate santa…

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