I enjoyed lunch yesterday with two of tomorrow’s leaders. My grandchildren, Robert and Ally. Always an experience!

We ate at Lobos. First time for all of us. Lobos is that little outdoor place with picnic tables on the pathway from Duval to the parking lot behind Antonio’s. We keep looking for new places to eat.

Lobos has to be a gold mine. The place is small, but was packed. Mostly tourists. Drinking beer and wine one after the other. One table of ladies champagne. Bottle after bottle.

Some clever/interesting comments arose during the luncheon. Everything originated in their minds and came out of their mouths. Like why do people always give the President a hard time? Perceptive, I thought. We want a Butterball turkey for Thanksgiving. Mom never makes one. Why Butterball, I asked. Because there is a ball of butter in it, replied Robert.

Sleeping Thanksgiving weekend will be a bit of a problem. Cameron will be home from college. Robert has taken over his bedroom. Robert will have to move into his sister’s bedroom and sleep in the bunk bed. He was not happy! Plus, the grandparents will be sleeping in the upstairs bedroom.

Spent some time in the afternoon working on the KONK Life column for this week. A little nationalistic pride. The topic is one few people are aware of. I only know because I am old enough to. Most who came before me are dead.

The topic is the Doolittle Raid. A World War II tale of pride and heroism.

I received an email from the publisher of my soon to be published book. The World Upside Down. The email had attachments consistiong of a 6″ x 9″ formated manuscript, the jpg cover, and the back cover text. Exciting! Another closer to publication!

Syracuse beat Maryland 20-3. Unexpected. I am proud of my alma mater. Syracuse is now 5-4. One more victory and Syracuse will receive a bowl bid.

I was unaware the game was to be televised. It was no big deal so as to be on national or regional TV. But there it was! I watched the game from 4 to 8. Never went out of course. The game kept me glued to the TV set.

I thought Syracuse played well. The best I have seen them play this season. The defense played especially well causing some fumbles and interceptions. I read a post game review by a sports columnist in a Maryland paper. His take was that Maryland handed the game to Syracuse because of their sloppy play. He had it wrong. The Syracuse defense caused Maryland to play poorly.

Go ‘Cuse!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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