A proud week in the Malcom household!

Robert graduated yesterday from the third grade at Montessori. He had a big grin on his face. So did Lisa and I. And as predicted yesterday, Lisa hit me in the ribs a couple of times with a …..isn’t he beautiful!

Cameron graduates from Key West High School friday. He did well academically and will be attending Florida State. Yesterday’s Key West Citizen front page had a picture of Cameron. He was dressed in his graduation attire and standing on a stage in front of a podium. The photo was taken monday at Take Stock in Children’s separate graduation ceremony for those the organization has worked with in their mentoring program. The same organization that sent Cameron to Mongolia and has been guiding him during his high school years.

The rain ain’t going away! Two more days of it. This time up from the south. Predicted for today are winds of 20 mph and gusts up to 50 mph. The rains will be torrential. Key West streets will flood, as usual.

Yesterday afternoon, I treated myself to peace and tranquility. A manicure and pedicure with Tammy.

Dinner at Hogfish. Me and the newspapers.

Last night was my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I did the show for the first time using Skype. A success! Finally! The audio clear and distinct.

I start my summer travels this week. The first step is Washington, DC. I will be doing my blog talk radio show from there next tuesday.

In  due course, I will be in Italy, Greece and France. Skype makes it possible for me to do the show from these far away places. You do not need Skype to receive me. Nothing changes at your end.

I wanted to do my TV/internet show from far away places. Looks like it will not be possible. Tried hard to put it together. It does not work.

Last night’s show was hard hitting as well as informative. I talked about Darrell Issa’s shortcomings, the Catholic Church’s hypocrisy, the Catholic Church and artificial insemination, Father Andrew Greeley, thong bathing suits for women being banned in Myrtle Beach, and Mc Cain, Syria and Turkey combined.

The show is archived immediately and is available for listening anytime at your convenience.

Have to hustle this morning. Seems I hustle every morning. I have an early morning appointment with the dermatologist.

Enjoy your day!



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