My yesterday started with a business meeting at 11. Then to the eye glass store. Eye Eye Eye. Had to pick up a pair of new prescription sun glasses and have another pair fixed. Followed by lunch with Lisa and the grandkids at their home.

Last night my first stop was the Chart Room. JJ bartending. Captain Peter, Che, and Key West Greek at the bar. Billy and Cindy Schott from the other night sitting at a table with friiends.

Che has a beard. Saw mine for the first time last night. Gave me pointers on how to clean it up and give it definition. It is starting to grow all over the place.

Key West Greek was seated at the end of the bar. Met her once and we are friends. We kissed. I got two kisses. one on each cheek in Greek fashion. Greek said because of my earlier mention of her in a blog, Michael at the Greene Street Cigar Company had hung several more of her paintings. I hope they sell. She also advised that the Hemingway House yesterday started displaying additional pieces of her work.

Billy and Cindy extended their stay through Sunday. I am having dinner with them tonight. They were with friends. Also from the San Antonio area. Herb and Melinda Pounds.

Herb is an attorney. Formerly a bank president, he now is in private practice. His specialty is representing people against stock brokerage houses. Herb and I had a good lawyer conversation. He and Melinda are frequnet Key West vistors. I look forward to getting to know them better the next time they are here.

I was hungary.

As you recall, I have been trying to have dinner at Slopopy Joe’s for a while. Can never get a table. I took a chance and stopped in last night. Got one.

Though not gourmet dining, Sloppy Joe’s has some great menu items. I love their french fries buried in ground beef and macaroni sauce, covered with melted cheese. That is what I ordered. Delicious!

Saw a picture of Donna on Facebook yesterday. She was in a hospital bed in Detroit. I still do not know what happened. She and Terri are due here Monday for a week.

My Friday internet show The Key West Lou Legal hour is coming together.

The Olympics start today. In London. Prostitution was one of the preparatory items for the Olympics.

The English are hypocritical about sex. Sex is legal and not legal in England. It depends where it is being done and/or solicited. Street walkers and brothels are on the no no list. London police have been working the past several months to clean up the Olympic neighborhood of street walkers and brothels. The English do not wish the Olympics to get a bad rap because of prostitution.

If you are wondering, prostitution is legal if done in a room one on one. There can be no street solicitation. Only one girl per apartment. Otherwise, the place is deemed a brothel.

I plan on discussing prostitution and the Olympics on my Friday show. Together with the U.S. poverty level being at its all time high since the 1960s, the Paterno statue, the NCAA penalties against Penn State, Bank of America and Balboa Insurance, and the right to bear arms. Plus more. The show is still in preparation.

Today is a big day. I am babysitting again. All day. Robert and Ally planned our today yesterday.

Swimming at my house in the morning. Then miniature golf at Boondocks. Followed by a late lunch at No Name Pub.

Robert and Ally are excited. Especially with going to No Name Pub. Ally wants fries covered with melted cheese. Both of them look forward to writing their names and mine on a dollar bill and stapling it to the wall.

I am having dinner this evening with Billy and Cindy Schott.

A full day!

Enjoy your day!

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