30 for 30

Two weeks ago, I mentioned I had seen a brief show on TV concerning the Big East. I  only caught five minutes of the show. It was called 30 something. Last night, I saw the entire show.

The title: 30 for 30. I still am no sure how the title fits. However, it is not material. It was the show itself that counted. For me, a two hour emotional trip down memory lane. The story of the Big East.

The Big East started as a college basketball league in 1979. In 1980, Syracuse opened the Carrier Dome. Seating for 35,000 plus for basketball! I described the Dome at the time as the eighth wonder of the world!

I was 45 years old. My law practice was flourishing. I was making money. I made enough around that time to do something foolish…..big. I spoke with my accountant. There were three things I wanted. An airplane, a home in Florida, or a box at the new Carrier dome. He decided for me. It was the box. From his perspective, a wise investment tax wise. It was also the least expensive of my three desires.

The cost was $50,000. Good for 10 years.

Two things stand out in my mind regarding the box acquisition.

The first game was a football game. I could also watch football from the box.

Carrier is a big name in upstate New York as well as internationally. Carrier made air conditioners. Its home was Syracuse. Carrier made a sizeable donation to the University. The Dome was named after Carrier.

There were a number of boxes. The boxholders all dressed for the game. I was in a sport jacket, slacks, shirt and tie. Classy, sporty.

I died that day! So did everyone else in the Carrier Dome. We quickly learned the Carrier Dome, named after the world’s most famous air conditioning manufacturer, was not air conditioned. It was to be cooled with blown air. The blowers were not working the day of the first game. The entire Dome was a sweat box. I was soon down to my shirtsleeves and loosened tie.

I sat there thinking…..I paid $50,000 for this?

By the way, the boxes were opulent. Private, sat 16, had a bar and server.

The cooling problem was resolved by the second game.

The other thing  that sticks in my mind is the number of big East coaches I got to meet and know on a personal basis. Several of then traveled to Utica to speak at charity fundraisers for me. Not one wanted a penny. Just cover my expenses, they said.

If you have the opportunity to watch 30 for 30, do so.

Staying with basketball, tonight is the night! The Championship Game of the Final Four. The king of the hill gets crowned tonight.

It is Kentucky and Connecticut. Either team can win. It will be exciting.

Connecticut was one of the original Big East members. As with Syracuse, no more. Connecticut is now a member of the new American Athletic Conference.

Since my back kept me indoors for most of the past 10 days, my pallor was drained of color. I was pale! Decided I needed some sun. I headed for Higgs Beach.

I enjoy Higgs Beach. I can watch the female tourists in their bikinis and get a bite to eat at Salute’s.

Yesterday, Higgs Beach was special for another reason. It was all about children. Autistic  children. A heart warming scene.

An organization called Surfers for Autism sponsored the event. Autistic kids 5, 6, 7 and 8 in the water with volunteers watching over them. Whether kneeling or standing on the boards, smiling and expressing themselves with shout of joy. Some parents on the beach crying as they watched their child become motivated to express themselves perhaps for the first time.

This morning’s Key West Citizen has an excellent article on the event. I recommend it to you.

Enjoy your day!



Before getting into anything else, I have to mention the weather. It is absolutely perfect this morning! Everything about it. Key West has experienced a cold front the past two days. It is now gone.

A cold front of course is an evening temperature in the low 70s.

Let the bands play and the drums roll. My first blog talk radio show Tuesday morning. Seven o’clock.

Disregard any directions/instructions I previously gave regarding how to locate the show. Following is a more simplified version. Follow it step by step.

1. The site is www.blogtalkradio.com.

2. In the upper right corner of the page that comes up, there is a box saying “Search blogtalkradio.com.” Delete the verbiage. Enter in its place Current Events

3. A new screen will appear.

4. About 2 inches down, there are a series of tabs. Click on Advanced.

5. A new screen will appear. On the left side of the page will be a series Advanced Search. Boxes beneath. You must enter key west lou in two places.

6. First, the box labeled All Key Words.

7. Then the box entitled At least One of the Words.

8. Then enter. A new screen will appear. There will be a series of shows and pictures. Mine will be there. Click on it.

9. You will have arrived! The new screen is the how to and to listen.Follow the final instructions on the page. A simple one or two step thing.  If any person wishes to call in, the instructions are there. It is simple. If you are calling from outside the U.S., use Skype telephone.

10. Sit back,  enjoy your coffee, and the show.

There is a quicker way. Through Facebook. I have not got it figured out yet. If you do before me, let me know. It is merely the click of one button. Everything above can be avoided.

There is another Facebook way also. Go to Key West Lou’s status page. The page where I briefly set forth each day what is contained in my blog. The radio show is being promoted twice a day there.  Separate boxes. Click on one of those boxes and you will gain immediate entry.

The blog radio show is a talk show. Call and discuss anything you like with me. We do not have to agree.

The Lighted Boat Parade was off Schooner Wharf last night. I talked to a few people already this morning who were there. Terrific as usual.  A bit cold.

This is Nutcracker week in Key West. There is an afternoon performance today. I wanted to take Robert and Ally. I took my three daughters years ago when they were small. Robert is sick. Temperature, sore throat, etc. I cannot take Ally alone. Robert would not be happy. So we are off to next year. Too bad because I would have enjoyed taking them.

I am having trouble finding a Santa Claus. For a Christmas eve visit to Lisa’s house. The one I have had the past two years seems to have disappeared. If you know of anyone, let me know.

The Newtown tragedy has rekindled the right to bear arms controversy. I want to share with you some brief information concerning guns and the Florida Keys.

Florida is a concealed gun State. Which means it is ok to carry a gun if it is properly concealed on your body. Before you get excited, a total of 49 States permit concealed carry. Forty four permit open carry. Which simply means on your hip as in the days of the Old West.

There are close to one million permits to carry hand guns in Florida. Key West and all the Florida Keys basically make up Monroe County. There is some additional area north of the Keys. Insignificant however for purposes of this discussion.

Monroe County has the second largest number of permits to carry hand  guns per capita of any county in the State. The population is 73,000. There are 5,600 permits. A big number! Concealed must mean concealed. I have never seen anyone toting a gun in any fashion in Key West.

Enjoy your Sunday!