Before getting into anything else, I have to mention the weather. It is absolutely perfect this morning! Everything about it. Key West has experienced a cold front the past two days. It is now gone.

A cold front of course is an evening temperature in the low 70s.

Let the bands play and the drums roll. My first blog talk radio show Tuesday morning. Seven o’clock.

Disregard any directions/instructions I previously gave regarding how to locate the show. Following is a more simplified version. Follow it step by step.

1. The site is

2. In the upper right corner of the page that comes up, there is a box saying “Search” Delete the verbiage. Enter in its place Current Events

3. A new screen will appear.

4. About 2 inches down, there are a series of tabs. Click on Advanced.

5. A new screen will appear. On the left side of the page will be a series Advanced Search. Boxes beneath. You must enter key west lou in two places.

6. First, the box labeled All Key Words.

7. Then the box entitled At least One of the Words.

8. Then enter. A new screen will appear. There will be a series of shows and pictures. Mine will be there. Click on it.

9. You will have arrived! The new screen is the how to and to listen.Follow the final instructions on the page. A simple one or two step thing.  If any person wishes to call in, the instructions are there. It is simple. If you are calling from outside the U.S., use Skype telephone.

10. Sit back,  enjoy your coffee, and the show.

There is a quicker way. Through Facebook. I have not got it figured out yet. If you do before me, let me know. It is merely the click of one button. Everything above can be avoided.

There is another Facebook way also. Go to Key West Lou’s status page. The page where I briefly set forth each day what is contained in my blog. The radio show is being promoted twice a day there.  Separate boxes. Click on one of those boxes and you will gain immediate entry.

The blog radio show is a talk show. Call and discuss anything you like with me. We do not have to agree.

The Lighted Boat Parade was off Schooner Wharf last night. I talked to a few people already this morning who were there. Terrific as usual.  A bit cold.

This is Nutcracker week in Key West. There is an afternoon performance today. I wanted to take Robert and Ally. I took my three daughters years ago when they were small. Robert is sick. Temperature, sore throat, etc. I cannot take Ally alone. Robert would not be happy. So we are off to next year. Too bad because I would have enjoyed taking them.

I am having trouble finding a Santa Claus. For a Christmas eve visit to Lisa’s house. The one I have had the past two years seems to have disappeared. If you know of anyone, let me know.

The Newtown tragedy has rekindled the right to bear arms controversy. I want to share with you some brief information concerning guns and the Florida Keys.

Florida is a concealed gun State. Which means it is ok to carry a gun if it is properly concealed on your body. Before you get excited, a total of 49 States permit concealed carry. Forty four permit open carry. Which simply means on your hip as in the days of the Old West.

There are close to one million permits to carry hand guns in Florida. Key West and all the Florida Keys basically make up Monroe County. There is some additional area north of the Keys. Insignificant however for purposes of this discussion.

Monroe County has the second largest number of permits to carry hand  guns per capita of any county in the State. The population is 73,000. There are 5,600 permits. A big number! Concealed must mean concealed. I have never seen anyone toting a gun in any fashion in Key West.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Concealed means just that. Several years ago I witnessed a failed robbery/mugging at Truman and Simonton due to a well informed law abiding citizen un-concealing his concealed weapon.

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