What a lovely Saturday!

The MTV house across the way has been repainted a bright yellow. The sun is reflecting off it. Magnificent!

I like Saturdays. It is the start of a two day vacation. Happens every five days.

Loved yesterday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. From the reaction, I have to believe many others enjoyed it also.

The topic garnering the most interest this week was the one having to do with Social Security. I reported the recent purchasing procedure by Social Security to obtain 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets. To be delivered within 60 days to 41 locations. The locations being Social Security offices in various parts of the United States.

Several reasons have been mentioned as to why Social Security is arming itself. With heavy duty ammunition at that. The consensus seems to be in preparation for civil unrest. Following an anticipated economic collapse.

Forty per cent of those receiving Social Security live off  of it. They are totally dependent on their Social Security checks to survive. If the government cannot issue any checks because it is broke or going broke, it is feared there will be a run on Social Security offices through out the country. Demonstrations and protests will occur.

Social Security workers are being armed to protect against such activity.

Americans shooting Americans. I cannot believe it! If such is true, it is a sorry place we are at.

The news became public this past Wednesday. Some print media have picked up and are commenting on it. Television news is saying nothing.

After the show, I hustled over to Lee Nails. Manicure time. A whole half hour to chat with Tammy. I had to wait a few minutes. Her son Kevin is five years old. Mom was babysitting him while she worked. Kevin and I had a conversation. We ended it by high fiving each other.

Then a quick run  to the airport. I had to get some information face to face. Sometimes it is impossible to get a straight answer via computer or telephone.

Lisa and family have been away a week. Vacation time. They were returning last night. Lisa called me. Buy some groceries. She gave me a list over the phone. I filled her order at Publix and left the goodies in her refrigerator.

By this time it was mid afternoon and I was tired. I went to the Plantation Coffee House for a cup of coffee. Sat quietly and read the newspapers.

Owner Diane was working. A lovely person. Met her sister who also lives in Key West.

A quiet dinner last night. Me and the bar stool at Hogfish. Actually, I did chat a bit with some of the local fishermen. Always interesting conversation. These are for real fisherman. Have been doing it for years. Look like men of the sea.

Paul Ryan tells us the influence Ayn Rand had upon him. I wish to comment on Ayn Rand and her influence on Louis .

In the early 1960s, I was a young attorney. I had just opened my own office. Somehow I came across a book called The Fountainhead. Ayn Rand had written it. Her work blew me out! I needed to read more by her. The more was Atlas Shrugged. From my perspective, The Fountainhead raised the questions and Atlas Shrugged answered them.

Just as Ryan, I told my employees and everyone to read her books.

The bottom line of Ayn Rand’s works was a type of laissez-faire capitalism.The rights of the individual were supreme. She called loud and clear for the protection of those rights.

I loved her! I loved her thoughts! Stand up against the world and let no person detract you from what you consider correct.

I was browsing through a New York paper one day. I noticed an ad by Ayn Rand. She was giving weekly lectures in New York City and also publishing a monthly newsletter. It was impossible for me to attend the lectures because of distance. I could read the newspaper, however. I subscribed immediately.

The first newspaper arrived. A small 4 or 8 page publication. I buzzed my secretary and told her to hold my calls. I could not wait to get into Ayn Rand’s newspaper.

I read it. The whole thing.

It was immediately obvious to me. The woman was a nut. Ayn Rand was crazy. I did not get this when reading her novels. But the newspaper provided a different and more personal vehicle for her thoughts. She was undoubtedly certifiable!

I immediately cancelled my subscription. Never more did I recommend her books to others to read.

Now comes Paul Ryan. Republican Vice-Presidential candidate. He claims Ayn Rand is the one person who has had the most influence on his life. He lives by her teachings.

I guess Ryan never read the newsletters.

If Ayn Rand is his guru, his god outside of chuch, we are all in for trouble if he is elected.

Enjoy your Saturday!

2 comments on “AYN RAND A NUT CASE

  1. Lou–
    What was in the Ayn Rand newsletter that was so drastically different from her novels. I too have read her novels and loved them. I’ve seen her on TV on many occasions and she spoke with great clarity and logic. What was in the newsletter?

  2. My favorite Ayn Rand quote of all time and on topic right now….” We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”

    Paul Ryan’s problem is he wants it both ways, to be an altruistic Christian on the surface, great family guy, why supposedly espousing the ultimate Libertarian views of Ayn. Feds need a lot of ammo if they intend to cut off the checks. The end result is mayhem at this point. I hope I end up in the best part of the former USA.

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