An exceptional evening last night. A big day ahead. Followed by Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou this evening.

Joined Dueling Bartenders last night. Terri singing. Joined by Rick Dery.

Both exceptional.

Donna appeared. She looked terrific! Donna has been sick the past 2 months. Broken knee, some serious stomach problems, etc. She apparently has made a full recovery. It showed in her face and personality.

Lynda and Bob Frechette listening to Terri also. A great couple! We have become good friends over the years.

Enjoyed a diet soda with Mary. Stayed about an hour. All I could take. Not drinking still bothers me. It is hard to be in a bar and not drink, though I am doing good. It seems like everyone is having fun, but me.

Left early for dinner at La Trattoria with Mary. Carrie bartending.

Met an interesting young lady. Her name Fanny. She was seated next to Mary.

Fanny lovely. Young. No more than 25, if at all.

Fanny’s home is Marseille. She left France following graduation to take a position in San Francisco. She is involved with robots. A sale engineer with a firm that is in the commercial robot field.

She has to be a smart lady.

In Key West for vacation. From here to Montreal to visit her sister when she leaves. Then back to work in San Francisco. A lot of traveling.

I live and learn. I asked where she was staying. Turned out she is “couchsurfing.” A new term for me.

Couchsurfing is an international organization. Twelve million strong. Puts tourists/travelers together with a couch in someone’s home. No charge. Fanny sleeping on a couch in someone’s home in Key west.

While I was eating, someone tapped my shoulder. John from the Chart Room. He was with a lovely young lady. He always is. She goes by Downtown Julie Brown. Julie has lived in Key West quite a while. Involved in all kinds of business pursuits.

I started working on this blog at 5 this morning. Hopefully will be done or close to done by 9. I want to spend the day sitting leisurely before the TV set watching the Congressional Committee hearings.

I am a political junkie!

The President keeps digging a deeper hole for himself. His tweets are helping to bury him. His problem. He refuses to learn.

The hearings also are burying him. Staff people standing up. Not 2 bit politicians acting with bravado and saying nothing.

Trump’s 2 hour Walter Reed Hospital visit saturday leaves me with questions. An early start on his yearly physical? We are being bullshitted.

I assume he had chest pains. Understandable with the pressure he continues to be under.

A 2 hour hospital visit enough time to run necessary tests. I was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago with chest pains.

Blood work, urine, a chest x-ray and ekg.

He  must have passed and was sent home. Probably aggravation, stress, etc. We have all been there.

It bothers me how the doctors handle Trump. His doctor when he was running wrote a short letter saying the man was in the best of health. The Navy Captain or Admiral who was his White House doctor lied for him. Now, I suspect the Walter Reed people also.

The walls are closing in on  Trump. The noose getting tighter. He is Humpty Dumpty. Falling. Not yet completely down. When he does hit, it will be impossible to put him together. Just like Humpty Dumpty: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall / Humpty Dumpty had a great fall / All the horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty together again.”

Trump advised over the weekend he was considering testifying in person or by written answers before the Congressional Committee.

Don’t hold your breath!

Trump continues to change his mind, flip sides, etc. The most recent example is his position on flavored e-cigarettes. He came out opposed.

The New York Times and Washington Post announced over the weekend Trump was back pedaling and backing off from his initial position.

Trump was made aware by some that he could lose the vapor vote in key swing states.

At least Trump is consistent. He always does what is good for Donald, not the people he was elected to protect.

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has many of Trump’s characteristics. Some even worse.

He is a total failure as far as working with and protecting State Department employees.

Tom Friedman noted it clearly in his New York Time’s column yesterday. Referred to Pompeo as “cowardly” and “self-serving.”

Pompeo was first in his class at West Point. Impressive! Apparently only as to true academic courses. Friedman says Pompeo “must have flunked all his courses on ethics and leadership.” He fails to look out for his “soldiers” in the State Department.

Friedman advises he would not want to be in a trench with Pompeo: “Watch your own backs because Pompeo won’t.”

Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me for a quick moving interesting half hour.

I love to rant and rave! Tuesday Talk gives me the opportunity.

Enjoy your day!


Syndicated columnist Walter Williams wrote an article titled Young People Are Ignorant of History. My initial reaction was yes. After thinking about it a bit, I realized my reaction was not correct.

Williams was referring to millenials. I go back even further in reference to the “young.” I have discovered that the “young” rarely know anything of an historical nature that occurred before they were born. Life for them and the world began at birth.

Makes me wonder if anyone pays attention to history in school any more.

To the other end of the spectrum. Many older people are ignorant of history, also. Trump an example.

A President without an awareness of history. Amazing! No wonder he knows nothing.

Came across an interesting ad over the weekend. Directed at senior citizens.  The ad was by a company promoting a drug for aged persons.

The quote…..There are only 2 types of people in the world. Senior citizens and those in training to be senior citizens.

Makes sense.

I have read many times that man has 2 great drives. Sex and food. The sex speaks for itself. Food on occasion qualifies as a “drive.” Not as often as sex.

I enjoyed my food drive yesterday.

I purchased fresh dates from Publix. Very seldom available. They were absolutely delicious! Sweet! Juicy! First time I have tasted them in years.

My Sunday got totally screwed up.

I research and write this blog in the morning. Start researching at 6. Generally finish the writing 5 hours later at 11.

Not yesterday.

My platform for the blog is WordPress. Love it! However, let me down yesterday. I could not open WordPress.

I needed Sloan to contact WordPress and get the problem corrected. We had been there before and she would know what to do.

Sloan was working at her other job. Her phone turned off while there. I did not hear from her till around 2. I had made her specifically aware of what was happening via e-mail and a phone message.

She called me after contacting WordPress. Voila! Problem corrected! Not totally, however. Time! It was around 5 by the time I got the blog done and out.

Took a shower and went out to dinner.

Roostica. Roostica has an “organic chicken” special Sundays. In addition to their spaghetti and gravy specialty. I enjoyed the organic chicken again. A tasteful dish. It has to be the “organic” factor in addition to spicing that makes the chicken so tasty.

I am Italo-American My people from the Naples region. Pasta was big in my home as I grew up. Twice a week. Wednesday night and Sunday.

We called it “sauce.” The first time I heard “sauce” was when Roostica opened. Since then I have learned many people are aware of it as sauce. Depends on the region of the U.S. they come from.

It is getting a bit cool in Key West. Days ok. In the mid 70’s. Nights not good. Last night, 69 degrees. I got the quilt out of the closet.

The media reports South Florida is “shivering” from below normal temperatures for mid November.

Not so much from the cold up north. More from a “disturbance” which has developed in the Atlantic. Could finally become a tropical storm or hurricane. Too soon for further accuracy. The projection is a 40-60 percent chance for a hurricane.

Or, it could be the disturbance will continue northwest and then turn northward in the Atlantic never reaching land.

Hurricane season technically ends November 30. There have been years however when we have experienced storms after that date.

Syracuse University is experiencing “racial” problems. Six racial incidents in 10 days. Anti-black, anti-Jew, anti-African Americans.

A problem at a fraternity. As result all fraternities have been prohibited from having any events for the rest of the semester.

The students are protesting on University grounds and inside buildings. They have delivered a set of 18 short and long term demands. The University is required to respond in 2 days by November 20. Otherwise, the Chancellor will be called upon to resign.

The University is concerned. It does not want a Kent State on their hands.

I was a student at Syracuse from 1957-1960. No one protested anything. Protests did not bloom till the mid to late 1960’s and were a result of the Vietnam War.

Those attending Syracuse during my era were there to get an education. Period. We concerned ourselves with nothing else.

Came the mid 1980’s and I was Chairman of the Law School Board of Visitors. We had a great Dean. He was Jewish, though I did not know it nor do I think anyone else did. And if anyone was aware, they did not care.

Till an episode occurred.

The Dean had a private bathroom. To get to it one had to go through his private office and lounge. To get to his office, one had to be admitted by anyone of several staff who faithfully guarded his office.

A person did get in. Determined later to have been a student. He wrote on the bathroom mirror “Jew go home.”

The Dean was irritated big time. Properly so. He resigned.

The Board did not want him to leave. He had already gone. We brought him back immediately to New York City. New York City rather than Syracuse itself because most of the Board members were from New York and it was easier to swiftly get everyone together.

One of the New Yorkers was CEO of a major bank. We met in the bank’s board room. On the top floor of a tall building. Glass window walls all around. I could not help thinking I had finally made it!

Anyhow, it was a battle. The Dean was adamant. He would not return.

The reason we wanted him back was that in our combined experiences as students, attorneys and Board members we had never had such a skilled and quality Dean.

After about 5 hours of beating the Dean up, he agreed to return.

The Jew go home thing was handled quietly. I have always wanted to write a story about it. It began in Belgium, money involved and federalism.

Some day.

Another politically exciting week ahead. More Congressional hearings. They begin at 9 tomorrow morning. Eight witnesses covering the week.

As good as it gets. I love politics. I will be glued to the TV all day.

What better way to end today’s blog than with Mickey Mouse!

It was this day in 1928. Mickey Mouse made his film debut in the “Steamboat Willie” cartoon. Had sound and music.

It was a success! Walt Disney’s first cartoon success!

Sound was new at the time.

Something I did not know and perhaps many of you were unaware, Mickey’s voice was that of Walt Disney.

Enjoy your day!




There is something unique about Key West. Everyone who craves to write ends up here at one time or another. Not just the Ernest Hemingways and Tennessee Williams. Even those who aspire though may be of little talent.

Like me. A Hemingway or Williams I am not. However I enjoy the experience of writing. It gives me pleasure. That is what it is all about.

Met a writer and his wife last night at the Chart Room. Charles and Sherry from Tampa. They visit Key West often.

Charles is in the final stages of his first book. Approximately 450 pages. Has had an editor help him. He believes in his work. He aspires to literary greatness. Seeks an agent. Hopes to have a major publisher.

I admire Charles and his enthusiasm. He may have a best seller. I wish him well.

Some write for success. I write for me. Nothing more satisfying than having a book published. Like the birth of a child.

The next step in the process is the book selling. Hopefully. My first The World Upside Down did not sell 100 copies. Irma and me did better. Sold 800 copies. A big difference!

I should break a thousand with the next one.

Charles’ book is venued in Key West. The title Climbing the Divide Line. He will be publishing under a fictitious name: Arthur Meadows. I do not know why.

Charles and Sherry nice people. I enjoyed my time with them, especially Charles. I hope his novel makes the New York Times Top Ten Seller List.

John bartending. Good to see him again.

The Chart Room filled up quickly. It seems to have become more popular than ever.

Captain Tony. Tony Tarracino. His bar lives on even years after his death. Captain Tony’s Saloon.

Captain Tony opened his world famous establishment on Greene Street in 1964. The previous owner had operated the establishment under the name the Oldest Bar.

Before World War II, during World War II, following World War II, the U.S. Navy frowned on certain bars in Key West. Those that allowed B-girls and prostitutes. The Oldest Bart had the problem. The Navy issued an order the bar was “off limits.” Morality and the medical bills for syphilis the motivating reasons.

When Captain Tony took over, the Navy lifted the prohibition and the new orders made Captain Tony’s Saloon an “on limits” establishment.

Syracuse won a double header yesterday. Beat Bucknell in football 40 something to 7. In the evening, Seattle 89-67 in basketball.

About time. I am happy for me and the guys playing. The season so far has not been the greatest in either sport.

One of the frequent commenters to this blog is Kokomo Man. We do not always agree. Nothing wrong with that.

I mentioned Hair yesterday. Pointed out a couple of songs that came out of the musical. One was Aquarius. “The dawning of the age of Aquarius…..”

I know nothing about the moon and the stars and how such things affect our lives. Kokomo apparently does. He wrote that the dawning of Aquarius was 3/22/1968. I could find nothing to say the date was accurate.

Kokomo further wrote that the Age of Aquarius will last 2,160 years. Much written in support of that number of years.

Which means we are still in the Age of Aquarius. Something I did not know.

The U.S. national debt hit $23 trillion this past week. The highest ever. Most economists believe the U.S. is moving towards “financial oblivion.”

The esteemed and highly respected Canadian columnist Michael Snyder published an article on the U.S. debt issue this past week. He believes the U.S. march into debt cannot be viewed as “normal” growth and should be “feared.” The U.S. is committing “financial suicide.”

He fears that if a major economic turndown hits the U.S., government intervention to bail certain companies out would be extremely limited.

Trump is spending money like no tomorrow. He controls the printing press. What he is doing is not healthy.

The one month deficit for October this year was $134.5 billion. Higher by 34 percent from October of last year.

Snyder describes the Trump/Republican spending as “negligence” and “mind blowing.” He further wrote, “The U.S. is in the final stages of the biggest debt bubble in history.” Not only in the U.S. World wide, also.

He sees a meltdown coming. A crash that will be bigger than the 2008 one.

Let me interject my feeling re the stock market. The highest ever. Trump sounding off about it. He should. It is the only thing he has going for himself.

Respected world wide banker Jamie Dimon says based on the stock market, the economy is terrific. No reason not to believe it will continue.

He bullshits us. Corporations and the rich have great balance sheets because of Trump’s tax cut. It is still reflecting to their benefit. The tax cut did nothing for the middle class or poor people.

The non-profit Financial Health Network recently came out with an interesting article re how tough it is for the American people. The article stated 70 percent of Americans are struggling financially.

Yet the market is the highest ever. Makes no difference the article stated. Seven out of 10 people are hurting paying bills or saving money. Financial stability lacking.

The article further went on to reflect 1.5 million middle class workers are spending more than they earn. Finally, 20 percent of women are stressed by money compared to 13 percent of men.

It was announced this past week that Trump had pardoned 3 military persons who had been convicted of war crimes.

Two questions arise in my mind.

Is Trump practicing for the pardons he is going to issue at some point to Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and if need be members of his family?

There are procedures to follow in making a Presidential pardon. Did Trump follow the procedures in each of the cases? I ask because he has issued pardons in the past without following the procedures.

On this day in 1973, Nixon appeared before a group of newspaper editors at a meeting in Disney World. He was questioned re the Watergate investigation which was still ongoing. His involvement.

Nixon responded, “…..people have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I’m not a crook.”

Sound familiar? Sort of the way Trump speaks today. The words may not be precisely the same. The thought is, however.

Which brings me to the issue of “truth.” Truth as it may apply/reflect re Trump.

Two truth quotes.

The first, “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attach it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” Winston Churchill.

The other, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddha.

Enjoy your Sunday!



For years now, the America I knew and loved has been eroding. The hole got bigger when Trump became President.

All hope for my America was gone. Not only Trump, but also his minions. The elected officials in the Republican Party who follow him blindly for whatever reason.

Congresspersons, non-Congressional Washington people, candidates for the Supreme Court, etc. The Corey Lewandowskis, Jim Jordans, Chairman Nunes, Ambassador Sonlands, Mitch McConnells, William Barrs, etc.

Trump’s Cabinet and appointees prove the point. They are inept smart asses who serve as the President does. For his and their own selfish ends.

Now come the public Impeachment Inquiry examinations.

Three people this week impressed me no end. I did not think such people still existed. I refer to William Taylor, George Kent, and Marie Yovanovitch. My neighbors, friends, and even locally elected officials.

They were me, my parents, etc. Normal. Not self seeking.

I thought what I perceived as the good people of America were gone forever, no longer existed. Therefore America was on its way out. Sliding into an abyss from which there was no return.

What happened to the people who did serve in higher positions? Honorable God fearing persons. Doing good for the sake of good. Doing good because that is what is expected of a person.

There was a time I thought the underlings, the bureaucrats, the civil servants, were the cause of government going downhill. I was wrong. Yovanovitch, Taylor and Kent prove it. It is those they work under and report to that are screwed up.

Any of the three could be President.

Trump did it again! Stuck his foot in his mouth. His tweet where he knocked Yovanovitch while she was testifying. Chairman Schiff interrupted her testimony and read the President’s words to her. She felt intimidated by them.

Laurent Simons lives in Belgium. He is 9 years old. A genius. He graduates from college in December. A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He will then attend a university to earn his PhD. He wants to take some medical courses along the way.

Laurent already knows what he wants to do with his life. He wants to develop artificial organs.

His professors say he is “simply extraordinary” and the “fastest student we have ever had.” They say he is like a “sponge.” “Absorbs” easily.

His parents do not know why their son a child prodigy. His mother believes it might be because “she ate a lot of fish when she was pregnant.”

His parents work at keeping him “normal.” At 9, he attends college with 18-21 year olds. Difficult socially. His mother says he enjoys play. However she describes “play” as fooling around with his dog Sammy. He also is on his cellphone all the time. No mention is made of playing with other 9 year olds.

I admire and worry about Laurent at the same time. Normality is no part of his life. I hope that which is and will be will provide him with a healthy existence mentally and physically.

I have been mentioning the past 2-3 years my concern for Key West. Everything is changing swiftly. Too swiftly. Not normal.

The better hotels are getting $700-$1000 a night in season. However, their rooms and those of the lesser priced are never full anymore. The restaurants and bars are doing a business. Though not as good as before.

The cruise ships come in. However they bring visitors at the lowest economic level.

My bar of choice is the Chart Room. In the Pier House. A top of the shelf hotel. I wander in the area of the Pier House. Many of the guests can be seen early evening returning to their rooms with a six pack and a pizza. They can’t afford the night life.

The tourists themselves have changed. No longer primarily the affluent. Rather those from a lower economic scale who have made it to Key West for the vacation of their lifetime.

You probably wonder why the tirade. Fodor’s Travel is an intentional travel guide. Key West has always been at the top of their recommendation list. No more.

Fodor’s has a “No” and “Yes” list. This year Key West is listed on the “No” list. Not recommended.

Fodor’s says it wants to give the reefs a break. There has to be more. It is found in my words here.

Tied into my observation that things are not continuing as they should has been the admonition that if Key West was not careful, the community would kill the chicken that laid the golden egg.

It is well on its way.

The Key West Film Festival is next weekend 11/20-11/24.

Actor Tom Skerritt will be in Key West. He is being awarded the Golden Key Award for his 40 movies and hundreds of TV shows.

The man is now 89. Still appears on TV. You would never know his age!

Skerritt has a Key West connection. Kelly McGillis was a Key West resident for years. She starred in Top Gun with Tom Cruise and Tom Skerritt.

The Waterfront Playhouse is featuring Hair next weekend.

A WOW 1960’s Broadway musical. I saw it in New York City its first month. Off Broadway at the time. Had not made it yet to Broadway.

The hippie culture on stage. Portrayed the sexual revolution of the late 1960’s.

The music outstanding! Like Aquarius and Let the Light Shine In.

I hope to see it again next weekend.

Tino Gonzalez and his wife Maria were snowbirds for many years. A home in Chicago and one in Key West. Sold because they wanted to be near their grandchildren in Chicago.

Tino’s real name Fausto. He is a retired federal agent.

I mentioned a week or 2 ago that he was performing as an extra in movies and TV shows being filmed in Chicago. He has graduated. He has his own spot(s) now. He is appearing tomorrow night in Chicago PD. He sent a picture of himself outfitted for his part. A mailman in the wintertime in Chicago.

Don’t think he has any words. Whatever, he continues on his way. Down the road, an Academy Award.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

Truman arrived in Key West on November 17, 1946 to begin a one week vacation at The Little White House.

The bubonic plague is back. The Black Death of medieval times.

Two cases have been reported in Beijing. A married couple from inner Mongolia.

There is no cure for bubonic plague.

The medical people involved claim the chance of an outbreak is “extremely low.”

There are 3 types of plague. The couple in Beijing have pneumonic. Respiratory. Caught as a result of being near a coughing person who is infected. The other 2 caused by fleas and animals.

Ten years ago, I wrote a lengthy article for KONK Life on the bubonic plague of medieval times. The plague lasted more than 200 years. The cause a Pope who stupidly thought cats were inhabited by the Devil.

The Pope ordered all cats killed.

The cats had been the peoples’ savior re the plague. The cats would eat the mice who carried the fleas causing the bubonic plague.

The mice burdened fleas then had no enemy and went their merry way infecting the world.

Syracuse football and basketball today. Football against Duke this afternoon. Basketball tonight against Bucknell.

If I am able to get the games on TV, I will have a rewarding day. I don’t now however. The Comcast/ACCN war is still on.

Enjoy your day!



In 1964, a comedy movie hit the screens. Sex and the Single Girl. Starred Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis.


In 1993, a humorous event (at least I think so) occurred in Key West. Involving 2 dogs.

The male Rocky was a 7 pound chihuahua. The female Carmella an 80 pound rottweiler.

Rocky and Carmella got together sexually. Apparently little Rocky had a hell of a time. He impregnated big Carmella.

Carmella’s owners were infuriated. So much so that they sued Rocky’s owners. The trial judge found Rocky responsible for the impregnation. Rocky’s owners were required to pay $2,567.50 in damages.

A noon appointment with Lori yesterday to get my hair cut. Merely a #1 rubbed over my head.

Lori was not there. She will be out a while. Under the weather.

One of the other ladies was kind enough to offer to do my hair. I explained to her specifically what I wanted done. I was especially concerned where my beard meets the bald head. Generally in the middle of my ears.

She cut an inch below where I wanted and at an angle. Does not look normal. It will take at least 4 weeks to get the area to grow again.

Lori, come back to me! She has been cutting my hair for 20 years.

Needed a good meal. Went to Harpoon Harry’s for lunch.

Guy deBoer there. He was waiting for Radio Station 107.9 FM’s owner Michael. Michael’s station was the one I did a talk show for a few months on thursday afternoons with Laurie earlier in this year.

Chatted a bit. They had business to discuss. I moved to the bar.

Enjoyed a hot turkey sandwich. Sooooo good!

Planned going out last night.

Around 3 in the afternoon, I returned to Growing Up Italian. Rewriting it for the fourth time. Was into it. Before I realized, it was 9.

So much for going out.

Another school shooting. Santa Clara, California. Saugus High School. Two students dead.

When will it stop? When we get proper gun laws! That will not be till both Houses of Congress and the Presidency are Democratic. The NRA and gun manufacturers “own” the Republicans.

I hope those who voted for Trump are paying attention. Here is another story that shows the “slime” running Washington.

Stephen Miller is a West Wing power. He seems to have Trump in his back pocket. He is an expert at propaganda and evil ways. Reminds me of Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Goebbels. In fact, looks like him.

Miller has been running Trump’s immigration policies. Ripping babies and the young from the arms of their mothers his brain child.

It was discovered yesterday that he was engaged in another unsavory act this past summer. Fortunately, it did not work because of strong opposition by others in the White House who were against it.

He was supported in developing the plan with Jared Kushner and U.S. Ambassador to the Euro Union Gordon Sondland.

Involved was a “fast track” proposal to boost immigration of skilled and wealthy Europeans. At a time when Trump and his cohorts were doing everything to keep Latinos from crossing our southern borders.

The plan died because it soon became obvious it was “politically motivated.” Trump was denying people of color admission to the U.S. It would not look good if all of a sudden he was willing to take whites from Europe. For any reason.

A few days ago, I reported Putin had invited Trump to some parade event in Moscow and Trump was considering going. The media is blasting the airwaves this morning with the specifics. Putin has invited Trump to Moscow to watch the Russian May Day Parade/Event. Trump appeared excited with the invitation. He would. A “wanna be” dictator standing next to a real one.

Trump says he might not be able to go. The Parade is in the middle of the U.S. election season.

Amazing! Trump wants to pay honor to Putin and Russia by attending and standing next to Putin on the viewing stand. When is Trump going to understand Putin is the U.S.’s #1 enemy?

I was up researching at 5 this morning. I am hurrying. I want to watch former Ukraine Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch appear before a House Committee this morning in a public hearing.

Supposedly a dynamite witness. It appears she was canned because she was not cooperating with Giuliani and Trump in wanting Ukraine to begin a Biden investigation. She believes Giuliani was operating a shadow rogue policy in pushing for the investigation.

Her firing came swiftly!

She was told by whoever in Washington to come home on the next plane…..for her own safety. What ever “for her own safety” means.

Trump’s head is not only screwed on wrong, it is up his ass! He acts blindly.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is upset with the U.S. and South Korea. It is claimed he is “enraged.” The reason being the U.S. and South Korea have been conducting joint military exercises.

Trump says he and Kim Jong Un are “in love.” Friends, get along well. In the meantime, Kim Jong Un has conducted in excess of 40 missile tests.

Trump had to do something to sooth the North Korean leader.

It was announced yesterday that the cost to South Korea for U.S. troops being stationed in South Korea would increase nearly 500 percent in 2020. Estimated at $4.7 billion.

Typical Trump. Suck up to an enemy while turning his back on a friend.

Viper Norag is an Associate Professor at MIT. His area of specialty is the Korean peninsula. He said yesterday, “Nothing says I love you like a shakedown.”

Two weeks ago, Joe Biden issued a statement attacking Trump’s North Korea policy and referring to Kim Jong Un as a “murderous dictator.”

Biden correct. Kim Jong Un has concentration camps that some consider put Hitler’s to shame.

North Korea responded to Biden yesterday. Referred to him as a “rabid dog” who is greedy for power and deserves to be beaten to death. The Korean Central News agency said, “A crow is never whiter for often washing.”

There may be a proper comparison to the Ukraine here. Trump wanted the Ukraine President to announce an investigation of Biden and his son before he would release to he Ukraine some $400 million.

Biden’s negative words re Kim Jong Un were 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, Trump announces the 500 percent increase for military aid to South Korea. Immediately thereafter, North Korea comes out with the name calling re Biden.

The Republicans have been having a field day appointing rock hard conservative federal judges. Most to the extreme far right. In excess of 150.

Competency and experience not necessarily important.

The Senate approved Stephen Menashe to the Second Circuit yesterday. The most important federal appellate court after the Supreme Court.

Menashi is 40 years old. With no court experience. He has never tried a case or conducted a deposition. He is presently a White House lawyer.

His past writings include offensive remarks about women, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and racial minorities. He has spent much of his time in the White House assisting Stephen Miller in crafting Trump’s immigration policies.

This inexperienced attorney has a lifetime appointment. Ends when he retires. Could be 40-50 years.

Is our Washington leadership screwed up? Please don’t tell me no.

Enjoy your day!






Herman Melville wrote Moby-Dick. A great novel! Published on this day 1n 1851.

The opening line in the book is “Call me Ishmael.” A line in the recollections of most Americans today. The reason being Moby-Dick has been a popular staple of high school reading lists since the 1920’s.

All recall Captain Ahab and his quest to catch the giant whale.

One would assume Melville became wealthy because of Moby-Dick. Such was not the case. The book published in 1851 never sold till the 1920’s when it was rediscovered.

In the meantime, Melville had to go to work in a job outside of writing. He was broke. He became a New York City custom inspector in 1865 and remained so for 20 years. Melville died in 1891 never knowing he would be recognized some 35 years later as one of the world’s greatest writers.

Melville also authored Billy Budd in his later years. Billy Budd a recognized famous work today. Did not become a work of importance till after Moby-Dick gained notoriety in the 1920’s.

A shame Melville was broke, that his writings could not gain fame till long after his death. A man should be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor in a more timely fashion.

Still cold up north. Key West weather remains steady. Today the temperature will be 83 by day and 76 by night.

Strange how weather forecasters do not always agree.

Forget being accurate.

Weathermen on TV today predict heavy rain in the Keys. Yet the Key West Citizen says only a 20 percent chance of rain.

A 20 percent chance of rain generally means no rain. It is the weather forecaster covering his ass.

An annual bicycle ride to raise money for a charity is scheduled for tomorrow and saturday. Five hundred participants. The bike ride a 165 mile one. Begins in Miami, ends in Key West. Purpose is to raise money for HIV/AIDS service organizations in Florida. It is anticipated more than $1 million will be raised.

Lori who does my hair has participated in the ride on occasion. I have an appointment with her today. Looking forward to seeing if this will be another year when she pedals away.

Key West has been recognized once again. Key West has been nominated as’s Best “Chill Getaway.”

No question about it. Key West has the best gay guest houses and a community that encourages gays to come to Key West and have fun.

My day was full yesterday. The first day of the public phase of the Impeachment Inquiry hearings. Last night, Syracuse/Colgate in basketball.

What a day!

My impeachment hearing impressions simple.

The Democrats did well. However not good enough. The Dems cannot merely show the “bad things” done. They must also show how the President’s conduct affected lives, the Russian influence, the threat to U.S. security, etc. Then and only then will the American people understand the harm that Trump perpetrated.

The Republicans looked like ignorant bullies. I say this not because I am anti-Trump. Rather because that in reality is how they came across.

Concededly, the Republicans have little to say to show an ‘injustice” being foisted upon the President. You can’t make something out of nothing.

Syracuse beat Colgate last night 70-54. I was concerned. Syracuse was ahead by only 6 points at half time. I feared a Virginia type defeat in the making. However, Syracuse “played ball” in the second half.

The score would have been even higher for Syracuse had Boeheim not played his subs a long time in the second half.

An interesting season ahead. Boeheim has 5 freshmen on the team.

The world’s children are getting the dirty end of the stick as far as air pollution is concerned. A new report in the medical journal The Lancet suggested the threat to children is world wide.

The Lancet article claims the “child” begins having problems in the mother’s womb. It all has to do with inhalation/absorption of polluted air.

The New England Journal of Medicine said a child’s lung tissues are affected by today’s air. The negative impact greater on children rather than adults.

The article further indicated air pollution killed 7 million world wide in 2016.

Something to be concerned about.

One of the articles said forest wildfires are primarily due to hotter temperatures. The temperatures dry the vegetation making it easier to ignite.

Keep in mind Trump does not believe there is such a thing as “global warming/air pollution.”

Turkey’s President Erdogan visited the White House yesterday. An inappropriate time. I assume Trump planned it to coincide with the public impeachment hearings.

Interestingly, the media generally failed to give coverage to Erdogan’s visit as it normally does to a visiting head of state.

Good for the media! It is wising up to Trump. He manipulates the media by planning something good for him on a day when the news of something bad is going to hit.

Erdogan and Trump are birds of a feather. Nationalists, authoritarians, etc.

Recall Trump two weeks ago gave Endrogan the open door to invade  Syria.  As a result, Turkey has begun an ethnic cleansing, 180,000 Syrians have fled the country. Syria has become a zone of death and the U.S. is compliant.

Trump compliant!

He has got to go!

Enjoy your day!




Flooding is occurring in many places world wide. Some natural and common place. Others new and/or aggravated by global warming.

One such flooding is known as Acqua Alta, the other King Tides.

Acqua Alta is Italian for high water. Occurs in the Venice, Italy area between autumn and spring. They are exceptionally high tides.

King Tides are common in many places in the world. My concern is for those that are annual occurrences in the south Florida area which would include Key West. King Tides are “high tides” or “highest tides.”

King Tides can cause sunny day tidal flooding.

Key West experienced King Tidal flooding in the past month. My recollection is it happens twice a year. I am not certain when next it will occur.

The Venice and Key West floodings are higher in recent years because of global warming. The floodings in both communities will probably result in terrible happenings in both places.

Experts believe Venice will wash away. Venice is presently sinking at the rate of one fifth an inch each year. Another contributing factor to Venice’s problem is that its underwater barriers are incomplete.

As to Key West, it is believed ocean front homes will be gone. The waters will come inland and make other areas inhabitable. Solares Hill may be the only land point remaining.

Venice is experiencing its highest tides in 50 years. Each year Key West flooding is a bit more.

I write about the two differently named tides and increasing water levels because of what is occurring in Venice at the moment. Flooding 5-6 feet. Damage significant. Hotel lobbies swimming pools. Century old relics being destroyed.

Nature has a way of expressing itself, regardless of the cause.

“Baby, it’s cold outside!” No question about it. Most of the U.S. experiencing record lows and snow storms.

Key West fortunately not affected. Its sufficiently south location and warm Gulf waters and breezes preclude what northern U.S. is experiencing.

Maine is the northern extreme of the U.S. The southern extreme is Florida. Specifically, Key West. Maine today undergoing record lows. Today’s Key West high 83.

An arctic blowout!

When I practiced law in upstate New York, major automobile accidents were commonplace on days being discussed. Generally on a state highway.

Ohio yesterday experienced 2 major accidents in separate parts of the state. One involving 75 cars, the other 50. The cause typical. Reduced visibility and heavy snow.

Frequently heard is nothing is certain except for death and taxes. Whence its source? Ben Franklin. On this day in 1789, Franklin in a letter to a friend wrote, “In the world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

One blog reader is Sue from Cape Cod. She came upon the blog a couple of months ago and wrote me. Sue worked for me in my law firm in the early 1980’s.

It is nice to hear from old friends.

Sue is now retired. Lives on Cape Cod. She has been following my infrequent comments re great white sharks. In one written a few days ago, I said great whites are like humans. They summer in Cape Cod and winter off the Florida Keys.

Several have been observed off Key West since September. Off Smathers Beach and the Gulf side of the island.

As we have a Key West Citizen, the Cape has the Cape Cod Times.

In the Times 11/11/19 edition there appeared a front page article re great whites. Sue sent me a copy.

Great whites get tagged. Specific data is kept re their travels. Researchers have spent the past 5 years tagging the sharks. The tags provide the information.

This past summer a record tagging season. Fifty great whites tagged.

We know now how such precise information in recent years has been provided re great whites.

Jimmy Buffett was scheduled to do a major concert at Orlando Amway Center on 12/7. His performance has been cancelled. He will be having shoulder surgery. His concert rescheduled for next year on 12/5/20.

Harry Truman part of Key West history on this date in 1948. A few days after he won the 1948 Presidential election.

Bess and Margaret followed him to Key West a few days after the election. Truman came down for a much needed vacation the day after the election.

On this day in November 1948, the President, wife Bess and daughter Margaret took a trip on the yacht USS Williamsburg to Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas.

Today is one of America’s most important days. The public portion of the Presidential Inquiry began at 10 this morning.

I am writing this blog in one room while listening to the TV in another on the other side of the house.

Trump must go! Either by impeachment or at the polls next year. Think of the damage he has done in less than 3 years in office. We can’t afford him another 1 1/2 years. Hopefully impeachment will succeed.

The U.S. car maker Tesla is opening in second plant outside U.S. borders. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced yesterday that a trial factory in China began operation. He further announced a new factory was being opened in Berlin.

The Berlin plant will definitely make Germany the winner in the “great electric car race.”

I don’t understand. Trump told us in the 2016 election that he was going to bring industry/jobs back to the U.S. Doesn’t seem to be working as he told us. In addition to Tesla planning to manufacture in China and Germany, many U.S. auto plants have moved to Mexico since Trump’s election.

The President is a man of his word. He also delivers on what he promised. Does anyone believe him other than himself?

Syracuse/Colgate tonight.

Early season many big time teams play smaller schools. A stipend is paid the smaller college to take the beating. The bigger school gets its team some experience.

Generally, the smaller school gets killed. Sometimes however the smaller school beats the bigger one.

Kentucky early season is ranked #1. Evansville beat Kentucky last night 67-64.

I recall several years ago, Syracuse played Le Moyne early season. Le Moyne did a number on Syracuse.

So it goes.

Enjoy your day!



Some exceptionally interesting topics this morning. Any of which could be the lead topic. Not able to choose, I have opted to do a Morning Stew.


Yesterday was Veterans Day in the U.S. Day of Remembrance in England.

The Brits took an exceptional beating in World War I. Lost a whole generation of young men. One if its greatest battles occurred in Belgium. Memorialized by the Canadian surgeon and soldier John McCrae: “In Flanders field the poppys blow / Between the crosses row on row.”

In 1921, England decided the day required some thing by which it would forever be known. McCrae’s In Flanders field makes mention of poppies. Properly so. The battlefield was covered with red poppies. So the artificial small red poppy flower came to represent England’s Day of Remembrance. Eventually, world wide.

Poppies are a flowing plant. Grow in different colors. One species is the red one. It is famous not only for its war recollections, it is also a reminder of the opium plant. The red poppy is a powerful alkaloid. Some morphine producing. It has been used since ancient times as an analgesic, medical narcotic, and recreational drug.

Better you wear the man made one on Veterans/Remembrance Day than ingest in some fashion the narcotic based one.

Nikki Haley. She has bothered me since coming into prominence. Gave me the feeling she was not a straight arrow. More of an opportunist. More of one who would do most anything to get ahead politically.

She is Donald Trump in a skirt.

Her new book takes major shots at John Kelly and Rex Tillerson. You are aware of the background. She refers their seeking help from her as “a very dangerous thing…..goes against the Constitution…..goes against what the American people want…..offensive.”

Such is her view. Probably the same as those in the far right who blindly support the President.

I view Kelly and Tillerson coming to her as recruiting help to keep Trump from doing anything that would endanger the country.

Think about it.

Haley’s position as reflected in the book terrifying. Rabble rousing. Poison spreading.

What follows is difficult to believe. We have an internal immigration problem in the U.S. A serious one.

Boise, Idaho and California. Californians are moving to Boise and other parts of Idaho. In large numbers. Most have money. Boise a regular American city. Not everyone affluent.

A good share of the Boise citizens live on minimum wage or close to it. The Californians wealthy in comparison.

Real estate prices have zoomed. Since February 2018, 19.3 percent. Rents have gone sky high. Purchase and rental beyond Boise means.

The Californians bring an “attitude” with them. Sort of we are better than you. Not appreciated by the people of Boise.

Seventy percent believe Boise is growing too fast because of the California invasion.

Boise’s recent mayoral election reflects such attitude. One mayoral candidate ran on “Go Back to California!” Another accused the California immigrants as “trashing Boise.” One candidate was asked what he would do if he were King for a Day. He responded, “Build a $26 million wall.”

U.S. burger chains have recently come out with  vegetarian burger. All claim the burgers taste like meat. I tried 3 different ones. They did!

A London eatery has gone one step further. It is serving “worm burgers.” Referred to not as “Big Macs.” Rather, “Bug Macs.”

Made from live worms. Purported to be tastier than beef burgers. Also, it is claimed the “worm Burgers” will help save the planet. Requires only 10 percent of the land space that beef herds do and produce far less carbon dioxide.

A chef involved says, “Let them crawl into your menu once, and you’ll be hooked! Once you get passed the ‘yuck effect’, you’ll find they actually taste really good.”

Crickets are being considered for a side dish.

I am the child of an immigrant. My mother was born in Italy. My grandparents on both sides were born in Italy. My whole family is Italo-American.

Those that immigrated, came through Ellis Island.

On this day in 1954, Ellis Island was closed. The famous “Gateway to America” was no more. Twelve million people processed before the need ended.

A degree of discrimination was involved in the immigration process. Based on money.

Only third class passengers were required to go through Ellis Island. The poor. Those who acquired passage by buying the cheapest ticket.

Many were sickly and perhaps criminal. Ellis Island was opened to search for those who might be a risk to accept on U.S. shores. The government did not want such persons to become a U.S. burden.

My grandfather Louis came through Ellis Island. Twelve years old. He had bugs in his hair and either diphtheria or scarlet fever. Ellis Island was equipped with hospitals. My grandfather was kept in one for 3 months, cared for, cured, and released.

The first person to go through Ellis Island was 15 year old Anne Moore from Ireland.

First and second class passengers were treated better. Money apparently meant they were without illness or a criminal record.

In any event, they were submitted to a brief on board inspection following which they disembarked in New York City or New Jersey at which points they passed through Customs with no difficulty.

No Ellis Island for them.

Now for a little Key West.

Yesterday was Veterans Day. Key West always has a spectacular parade. I thought it was at 5. Went down to Duval to watch. Missed the whole thing. The parade was at 4.

Stopped into Dueling Bartenders. All locals. Spent a pleasant hour chatting.

Mary was there. We went to La Trattoria afterwards for dinner.

La Trattoria was packed as if it were season. Carrie took care of us. We were seated at the bar immediately without a wait.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turned and it was Elena Spottswood. I have not seen her in 15 years. One of the loveliest and kindest women in Key West.

Husband Robert with her. Robert I see each other about once a year. Ironically, always at the same place. The bar at La Trattoria.

The Spottswoods are one of Key West’s leading families. They are into everything. Robert’s father was at different times Sheriff and State Senator. He was friend to the Trumans and Kennedys. The Trumans stayed at his home when visiting Key West after Truman was out of office.

Robert and Elena are modest people. You would never know their position in the community and that of the family in general.

I hope it will not take another 15 years for me to run into Elena. I might not be here.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Late night shopping easy. Very few shopping.

Tomorrow an important day. The public hearings begin in the Impeachment Inquiry. I will be glued to the TV set all day.

Tomorrow night, Syracuse basketball. I will still be at the TV set.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. So much going on in the world. I love ranting and raving and giving the news my twist as I view events.

Enjoy your day!


11th HOUR OF 11th DAY OF 11th Year

Time moves fast. Fifty days to the end of the year.

Today is Veterans Day. A national holiday.

Originally known as Armistice Day, it is observed annually on November 11 to honor all persons who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. In other countries, it is celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day.

The purpose of the day is to formally recognize the end of World War I. The War ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.

Woodrow Wilson did not particularly distinguish himself as President. He was neither bad nor good. Sort of run of the mill.

The first Armistice Day was celebrated one year after the War ended on November 11, 1919. In a message to the American people, Wilson expressed his thoughts as to what the day meant to them: “Out of this victory there arose new possibilities of political freedom and economic concert. The War showed us the strength of great nations acting together for higher purposes…..”

Wilson was politically inept. His ineptness precluded the U.S. from becoming a member of the League of Nations. Wilson had his head on straight however that there was a need for world order and economic dependence on one another.

What Wilson perceived became fact following World War II. Unfortunately, Trump is negating and destroying that world order and economic dependence.

Great Britain celebrates this important day as Remembrance Day. Remembering those who died in service to their country.

Great Britain took a terrible beating during World War I. It lost a whole generation of its young men.

In a National Service of Remembrance held earlier today in London to commemorate and honor the men and women who lost their lives in the conflict, certain words were repeated which clearly set forth the sacrifice of Britain’s young men: “When you go home, tell them of us, and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today.”

Words from the grave.

Sixty years since last I was in college. Things have changed. Some dramatically.

Harvard is considered one of the finest, if not the finest, universities in the United States. Harvard had a one week on campus workshop the likes of I never saw in my college days. Harvard Sex Workshops. Most of the agenda items I never experienced during my college days. Some not since even to this day.

Thirteen topics were shared, discussed, analyzed, etc. Including Self Love, Sex Toys 101, Anal Sex 101, Tantric Sex 101, Oral Sex 101, Period Sex, BDSM in the Dorm Room, and Sexual Fetishes A-Z.

The week long event was organized by the student organization Sexual Health Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard (SHEATH).

Even more shocking, I find Harvard has hosted Sex Week every year since 2012.

The Harvard Crimson published an op-ed: “Recovering the Beauty of Sex.” An anti-sex week article.

The renowned author and cultural critic Mary Eberstadt in an e-mail to College Fix wrote, “Harvard Sex Week is corporate exploitation at its sleaziest.”

The “corporate exploitation” comes into play because 20 different companies involved in sex pleasure sponsored the event. Provided all kinds of sex toys free and some for sale. Vibrators, anal plugs, specialized condoms, testicle stretchers, strap ons, and ankle restraints.

I must be old fashioned. My age certainly qualifies me. I do not approve of such a sex week workshop on a college campus, especially one of Harvard’s distinction.

I mentioned yesterday that the temperature was going to drop to 76. Advised that at 74, it is cold. I was wrong. I was cold last night when the temperature was 76. My evening at home spent wearing a sweat shirt.

The famous, infamous, respected, well loved Captain Tony Tarracino was elected Mayor of Key West this day in 1989.

Captain Tony’s famous saloon on Greene Street still bears his name. Captain Tony’s Saloon.

The Captain left us years ago. However his life and reputation remain. His life though checkered admired more than frowned upon.

Captain Tony was a saloon keeper, boat captain, politician, gambler, story teller, bootlegger and gun runner.

He ran several times before being elected Mayor. He was “arguably the city’s most beloved resident.” Recalled as “the conscience of Key West.”

The Captain had certain priorities concerning Key West. He always “sought to limit Key West’s growth and to keep its reputation as a refuge for eccentrics and renegades who had found their way to the southernmost part of the continental United States.”

Married 4 times. The last marriage the longest. Thirty eight years. Fathered 13 children.

I know only one. His daughter Toni. A lovely lady who is proud of her father and does much to keep his memory alive.

Jimmy Buffett and Captain Tony were friends. Jimmy Buffett managed one of the Captain’s losing campaigns for Mayor. Buffett wrote Last Tango in Paris following the election. The tale of Captain Tony.

The song begins, “I went down to Captain Tony’s / To get out of the heat / I heard a voice call out to me / ‘Son come have a seat’.”

Lura Gorman died November 4, 2019 in West Palm Beach. She lived many years in Key West and contributed much to the community.

I met Lura when I first came to Key West. She was always at La Te Da. She and her husband Mickey had purchased the property in 1992 and had spectacularly remodeled it.

I would run into her occasionally at La Te Da. She was always pleasant. Charming best describes her. I enjoyed our conversations.

May she rest in peace.

I mentioned several days ago that a great white shark was hovering off Smathers Beach.

Great whites are like many humans who frequent Key West. They summer on Cape Cod and winter in the Keys.

OCSearch, a research group, says more are coming. Seeking the warmer waters off Florida and the Carolinas.

OCSearch advises there were 2 great whites off the west side of Key west in September. Still there. One is Unama’ki who was tagged off the coast of Nova Scotia early in September. By late September, Unama’ki was off Key West.

Unama’ki has been described as a “big girl.” She is 15 feet 5 inches long, weighs 2,076 pounds.

Not a lady to meet while swimming.

Enjoy your day!


There is an outstanding article published in the November 4, 2019 edition of The New Yorker: Why We Can’t Tell The Truth About Aging. Authored by Arthur Krystal.

Since my doctor told me this past week I have the mind of a 40 year old in the body of an 84 year old, I read the article. Ever the desire to learn more.

I came upon the article via a short Letter to the Editor in this morning’s KONK E-Blast: About Aging. Authored by local icon Roger C. Kratmayer. A man on in his years, also.

As one ages, the mind can keep pace with the body or remain behind as mine has. A problem nevertheless are those things an aging body (regardless of the mind) loses. My age deprivations are alcohol, smoking, sex, golf and bocce.

I hate it! Nothing I can do about it, however.

Krystal’s article is a bit lengthy. Every line worthy of reading. So much wisdom. Many age related experiences.

Quotes and references to comments by philosophers and writers from the ages. Back even to Aristotle.

One quote by a person who relatively recently died. A man I got to know well over a 10 day period.

Rodney Dangerfield.

He died just short of his 83rd birthday.

We met for the only time in the mid 1970’s at La Costa outside San Diego. La Costa a “fat farm” at the time. We were both there to lose weight. Permitted 800 calories a day. Exercised big time all day.

Obviously, no alcohol.

I met Rodney on my first day in a hot tub. We immediately hit it off. I was there to tone up. He to lose significant weight.

We would meet in the bar after dinner each evening. Drank Perrier water and smoked cigars.

A smart man in his own fashion. What you saw on the screen and TV was the man. He made a living being what he was! Except that regardless how he expressed himself, his words were gems. His thoughts right on.

In Krystal’s article and repeated in Kostmayer’s Letter to the Editor is Rodney’s aging advice: “With aging, food takes the place of sex…..install a large mirror above the dinner table.”

I strongly suggest those 70 and over read Krystal’s article. Definitely, if over 80.

Thinking about the aging factor this morning, it came to me if I were to write a book about the plus and minus’ of aging, it would begin “As I stand in the twilight of my years…..”

It is “twilight” time for me and many others.

Watched the LSV/Alabama game yesterday afternoon. It finished around 7:30 so I never went out.

LSU beat Alabama 46-41. LSU remains undefeated. Alabama now with 1 loss.

The college football season still has 3-4 weeks more. Only 5 teams remain undefeated. All could lose 1 game. Only 1 or 2 could remain undefeated. Which means that if Alabama wins the rest of its games, it could be in the final four in rankings and get to play once again for the major championship.

Trump was at the game. He was cheered. No booing. I expected such. Alabama a deep red state. Trump won it by 30 points in 2016.

A cold wave moving across the north. Freezing temperatures. Key West’s temperature will drop today. By 10 degrees. From 91 to 81.

Don’t laugh. We will feel the chill.

Tonight, the temperature will drop to 76. Colder! We can handle it till it hits 74. Then we feel the cold big time.

The reason I have been told is because our blood is thinner.

Again, don’t laugh. Seventy four in Key West is similar to 44 up north.

The State of New York has been investigating the Donald J. Trump Foundation. A not for profit. It was discovered that $2 million of Foundation funds had been misused. By Trump and members of his family.

The money is to be repaid. Charitable funds cannot be used for personal purposes. Called “self dealing.”

Since the Trump Foundation no longer is in business, the court has allocated to what charities the monies are to be paid.

Enjoy your Sunday!