A rarely heard event. The plot to assassinate George Washington.

The plot occurred during the very early stages of the Revolution. Tea dumped in Boston harbor, Jefferson finalizing the Declaration of Independence and Washington bringing the ragtag Continental Army to New York where a British invasion was expected at any moment. 

The plot was revealed in a recent non-fiction book “The First Conspiracy” by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch.

New York’s royal governor was William Tryon. He was forced to live on a British ship in New York harbor while waiting for the British invasion. The loyalist Mayor of New York City was David Matthews. They visited on the British vessel several times.  One of their plans to assist the British was to kill George Washington. To kidnap and then hang him.

A lowly conspirator on their team was Thomas Hickey. He was caught by the Colonists, tried and found guilty of mutiny, sedition and treachery. Sentenced to death. Hung June 28, 1776 in what is now Manhattan Bowery before a crowd of 20,000 persons. The largest “public hanging” up to that time.

Washington required his men to attend the execution. In a letter to John Hancock, Washington wrote: “I am hopeful this example will produce many salutary consequences and deter others  from entering into like traitorous practices.” 

Notice how swiftly the matter was adjudicated. No screwing around and long delays as are experienced today.

The opening of Trump’s New York City criminal hush money trial began yesterday. Scheduled to end at 2 pm because of the Passover holiday. Ended at 12:30 pm because one of the alternate jurors had a toothache and dental appointment. The case will continue this morning.

Trump has argued publicly this past week that New York Attorney General James was wrong to question certain aspects of the $175 million cash bond Trump was able to obtain. Trump said, “It was his money” and James had no right to question whether the bonding company was able to control the funds. 

James raised the issue friday. Yesterday morning, agreement was reached which would keep the $175 million bond viable.

Initially, Trump was to maintain control of the bank account holding the $175 million. Such is what James objected to. Apparently she did not trust Trump not to screw around with the funds.

Yesterday, Trump’s people agreed to 5 concessions. One is that the insurance company would have “sole control” of the funds. Thusly preventing Trump from invading or swapping out the funds for more volatile collateral.

Both sides have till thursday to finalize the paper work. 

Pro-Palestinian protesters at major universities are conducting themselves in what can only be described as a “too much fashion.” Out of hand. Yesterday dozens were arrested at Yale and NYU. Demonstrations continued last week and over the weekend in addition at Columbia, MIT, and Boston University. All out of control.

Many in the U.S. are upset with the Palestinian situation. Israel has  gone steps too far in seeking retribution. However, student protests similarly go too far. To the extent that their right to an education may be waning. Non deserving.

I addressed this issue several weeks ago. Mentioned that I thought “outsiders” were encouraging the demonstrations and rabble rousing the students in many instances. 

NYU authorities believe many of the demonstrators “were not affiliated with NYU.” Referred to them as “trespassers. Yale referred to many as “outsiders.” 

Columbia claims students are not making any efforts to engage “respectfully.” They are avoiding suggestions to let’s sit down and talk.

Key West Mayor Teri Johnston and the Key West City Commission have proclaimed April Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Sexual assault a national/world wide problem. I was not aware it was an acute Key West one requiring special comment by Key West’s political leaders. It is another example of Key West officials spending time dealing with extraneous matters and letting more immediate constant problems continue to fester. To go unattended. Like cheap housing, rents and street conditions.

Citizens’ Voice today: “How come more than 130,000 Cubans who illegally came to Key West in 1980 are called refugees, while men, women and children coming from Venezuela and Central American countries who are escaping similar economic and political conditions are called “illegals” who are “criminals, murderers and rapists?”

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