This is the day! The Reenactment of the Great Sea Battle. The Conch Republic vs. U.S. Forces. Best viewing from Schooner Wharf, Ocean Key Wharf and Mallory Square.

Conch Republic pirate ships and air force planes will engage the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy.

Conch Republic’s bi-planes will drop toilet paper rolls representing bombs on Coast Guard vessels. Fluttering toilet paper! The bi-planes will also engage U.S. Navy jets.

Vessels of the Conch Republic  and U.S. Coast Guard will exchange water hose cannon fire and cabbage, eggs and tomato bombs on each other.

One of Keys West’s most fun filled events. Don’t miss it! Begins at 7 pm. Arrive early to get a great spot from which to watch.

The U.S. Supreme Court continues to function disgracefully. It bends over to accommodate Trump. Especially, the conservative appointees. The indications from yesterday’s argument of the immunity case reflect the trend.

What should have and could have been a simple decision will technically be a loser for Trump. In reality, however, a victory. The Court may return immunity cases to the lower courts to first decide the “type” of immunity involved. Such will add additional laborious time onto the handling of such cases. Providing Trump with the “time” he seeks to delay. Ergo, Trump coms out the winner.

The Court continues to be political without any shame.

The comments of two of the conservative/Trump appointed Justices reflect the bullshit they may attach to their decision in their effort to assist Trump. Justice Gorsuch said, “We are writing a rule for the ages.” Justice Kavanaugh, “This case has huge implications for the presidency, for the future of the presidency, for the future of the country.”

Flowery crap.

The Trump campaign has been accused of breaking federal law by hiding millions in legal payments. The Campaign Legal Center watchdog has asked the Federal Elections Commission to investigate the payments immediately.

Boeing’s problems affect others. Not passengers alone. Carriers, also. Certain carriers badly.

One is Southwest Airlines who announced yesterday it was closing its terminals at four airports. Syracuse, Houston, Washington State, and Mexico. Southwest further announced it was laying off 2,000 employees. The reason involves increased loses in the first quarter of this year. Primarily caused by delays in promised jets from Boeing. Southwest began this year expecting delivery of 79 new planes from Boeing. The number then dropped to 46. Another drop has brought it down to 20.

Victoria Spartz is Ukraine born and now a U.S. Congresswoman. An Indiana Congressperson. She voted NO on the financial aid $61 billion package for Ukraine.

Her Ukraine brethren’s pride in her U.S. success has turned to anger and a sense of betrayal. Especially since her “no” vote came days after her Ukrainian native city Chernihiv was bombed killing 18 people.

Politics over honor! Her former Ukrainian friends and teachers pride in her U.S. success is gone. She has become an American political hack in their eyes.

Enjoy your day!

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