The Grand Happy Hour is one of the finest in Key West. Price wise and food wise. Limited to locals. Appetizers and drinks half price from 4-6 pm monday through friday. The appetizers meals in themselves. All delicious.

Tuesaday is my day to go. Matt bartends that day. The best! I attend with Steve and Cindy Thompson.

I was there again last night. Unfortunately, my meal is limited as it has been since the last day of January when my heart attack caused me to pass out on the street. Face first.  The impact screwed up my bottom implants. Later lost my upper denture in the ambulance as I was puking. I have been without teeth since. Which means I have not been eating properly. Cannot chew. Limits me to soup and very soft foods.

At The Grand, it is tomato soup. Their’s a thick delicious soup. Served in a large bowl.

Mount Sinai’s valve heart doctors said I could not have dental repair of the implants till May 22 at the earliest. Has something to do with blood being a part of the process and mouth germs could cause another heart attack.

I have only recently began prep work re new dentures. Non cutting procedures. I am excited. Not only the not eating part, also my mouth sinks in, I tend to slur a bit, and also inadvertently spit on occasion.  Not a nice situation.

The one benefit is I have lost weight. Fifty eight pounds!

Time to begin considering the replacement or conducting major repairs to the Seven Mile Bridge. The Keys bridge of bridges!

The bridge was completed 42 years ago in 1982. It took four years to complete.

Reconstruction, etc. is not imminent. A first meeting will be held tomorrow to discuss, etc. the project. The meeting will be chaired by the Florida Department of Transportation. Held at the Marathon Government Center, 2798 Overseas Highway, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The meeting will be in person, virtual and broadcast on MCTV-76. The first step in planning the extremely large project.

Boating was less than safe in the early days of Key West. In 1843 for example, 3 large commercial vessels carrying valuable cargos  were wrecked on reefs near Key West on May 15.

Years ago, cargo was “strange” and “different” from today. On this day in 1893, the sloop Gregory arrived at Key West after a two week excursion to the Dog Rocks on the Cay Sal Bank. The crew brought 4,000 bird eggs and 2,600 whelks. All of which garnered a good sum when sold.

Memorable Key West street name changes. On this day in 1961, Thirteenth Street was changed to Kennedy Drive and Fifth Street to Macmillan Drive. Each to commemorate the meeting of Presidnet John Kennedy and British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in Key West.

The anti-Israel War began this day in 1948, within hours of the announcement of the new state of Israel. Israel was attacked by Transjordan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Mickey Mouse arrives!

Mickey Mouse’s first appearance in front of a public audience was this day in 1928 in a test screening of the short “Plane Crazy.”

A compatriot of mine age wise enjoys her birthday today. Italian actor-singer Anna Maria Alberghetti is 88 years old.

Confusion has arisen re commemorating a special day to honor Jimmy Buffett. 

The State of Florida announced August 30, 2024 would be that day and August 30 each succeeding year. Jimmy Buffett Day!


Suddenly someone has suggested December 25 be the day designated to honor Jimmy Buffett. The thought has caught hold with many people. A crazy idea!

December 25 belongs to one person alone. Jesus Christ. Let’s not confuse things. 

There is reason for the December 25 suggestion. However not explained. Jimmy Buffett was born on December 25. So was Humphrey Bogart, Anwar Sadat, Cab Calloway, Larry Csonka, and others.

Leave well enough alone! December 25 belongs to Jesus Christ. Others born that day can celebrate to a lesser degree. Buffett already has his day by Act of the Florida Legislature: August 30.

The winner of the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was not one of the favorites. Sage, a three year old coifed miniature poodle, won over favorites which included a German shepherd, Afghan hound, and a schnauzer. 

It doesn’t only happen in horse races!

I reported yesterday Red Lobster had closed “without notice” some 40 restaurants. Money problems. Reports later in the day advised the number of restaurants closed to at least 50 and that workers were “blindsided” by the abrupt closings. They had no prior warning of the possibility.

It was reported that one plane struck another after landing while taxing at Palm Beach International Airport just after 1 am sunday morning. Yesterday, it was further reported the private Boeing 757 that clipped a smaller parked plane was Donald Trump’s private jet Trump Force One.

Key West’s hot weather continues. Afternoons are heavy! Extremely hot!

Enjoy your day!


On this day in 1924, Key West’s Bayview Park was formally opened. Today marks its 100th anniversary.

Bayview is an item of pride even today. In fact, it gets better by the year.

Visit. Walk around. Bayview easy to appreciate.

Thelma Strebel authored “Reap the Wild Wind.” A story involving Key West wreckers. Her book was made into a film which was released in 1942. The film starred John Wayne, Paulette Goddard, Ray Milland, Susan Hayward and Raymond Massey.

Strebel lived in Key West for a time. On this day in 1940, she took out a building permit for $12,000 to build a house at 400 South Street,

Today’s Key West Citizen ran a lengthy article re yesterday’s  meeting concerning the Key West Hospital. A public meeting attended by 100 persons. Open participation.

The hospital is technically known as the Lower Keys Medical Center. Its lease with Community Health Systems ends in 5 years in 2029. A 30 year lease.

The Key West Commission arranged the meeting to get input from citizens in preparation to negotiate a new lease.

Concerns yesterday seemed to involve assuring that the lease be put out for bid rather than negotiated. The hospital is a money maker so should be attractive to many.

There will be more meetings.

One thing that may not be in the forefront of people’s minds is that the hospital serves a small group of people. Including suburban areas, I would assume 35,000 people. Whatever the number, it is small. I fear locals want the warranted small facility to provide all type services. Much more than now.

It does not work out economically. I am a frequent user of the hospital. For some things, it is Miami for service. No way could I have received the 5 weeks and 3 heart surgeries performed on me at Mount Sinai in Miami in Key West. We have to face up to it. We selected a small community to live in. We must be willing to accept limited medical services.

My concern is how the services provided locally are done. Waiting times are too long. Rarely are appointments kept by the hospital. You sit and sit. Also something should be done with the temperature. The place is an ice box. I once got a bronchial condition that lasted 3 weeks because of the delay in being timely serviced.

It is the small things that require attention. Anything more is unreasonable to expect from a small town hospital.

On this day in 1948, the independent state of Israel was proclaimed by David Ben-Gurion. President Truman immediately recognized the new nation.

Red Lobster has abruptly closed at least 48 of its locations in the U.S. Financial problems.

A mother died of cancer. Her 29 year old daughter was unaware how sick her mother was. Her Mom died 3 days after she became aware.

Cleaning up her mother’s apartment, she found a note her mother had hand written in 2010 which was stuck to the back of a pocket size black leather daily planner: “Life is not waiting for the storms to pass…’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Trump appears to be showing the stress he is experiencing at the hush money trial. The trial seems to be wearing him down. His nodding and appearances suggest he is falling asleep. Also, his mouth going slack and his head drooping into his chest, do not spell well he is handling the trial.

His comments outside the courtroom indicate the same. He rants, has made juvenile comments about Gettysburg, and occasionally slurred while speaking.

All of which raise the question whether Trump is ready to resume the Presidency.

Michael Cohen testified yesterday. He continues today.

The report is he did not sound like a jerk. He did well. His testimony a coup de grace to his ex-boss.

His testimony came off as calm.

He testified Trump approved the deals made on his behalf. He further testified Trump was worried about the impact of the Daniels story on voters, not his wife.

I believe Trump overall failed as President. Now he seeks to return. Are the people of the U.S. going to permit him to return to fail again?

My heart appears to be mended. Now, my teeth. 

When I had the heart attack the last day of January, I passed out face first on the street. Lost my upper plate in the ambulance, smashed my lower implants from the impact. Working on both uppers and lowers now. Taking a long time. Valve replacement heart doctor said no implant work till May 22. Something about teeth work can lead to another heart attack. Primarily responsible for the delay. 

I have not been eating. Cannot chew. Have lost tons of weight. Not complaining about that. Would like to be able to bite into a steak again, however.

Tonight, Happy Hour at the The Grand. I will enjoy a bowl of tomato soup. Add onto it a diet soda. Doctors have told me no more drinking. My new life! Sort of sucks!

Enjoy your day!


The python update a simple one. The pythons continue to win. Florida continues to fail to eradicate them.

The Florida problem involves Burmese pythons. They are not native to Florida. Nor any part of the U.S. for that matter. Their natural habitat is South Asia and China.

The first Burmese pythons were discovered in Florida in 1979 in the Everglades. Thought to have been “escapees” from capture. Pythons that were kept as pets and decided to abandon their human abode.

The first Burmese pythons were discovered in the Keys in 2007. One in Key Largo and one in Key West. The Key West one resting near a landing strip at the airport. It is not anticipated Burmese pythons will make it into the Keys in any significant numbers. They are fresh water beings, not salt.

The Florida problem occurred in 1992. Hurricane Andrew the culprit. Andrew was a Category 5. Wiped out Homestead. Pet pythons kept in the homes destroyed were blown helter skelter. Most homes were leveled. Ninety nine percent plus. I drove through Homestead 3 weeks post Andrew. You would have thought a nuclear bomb had fallen on the community.

The pet pythons were blown everywhere, though primarily into the Everglades.

They settled in. Became comfortable. Promiscuous by nature, screwed their brains out. Florida failed to pay attention. The number now exceeds one million. They will never be eradicated. Too many.

Florida failed to timely deal with the problem. Now that it is trying, it deals with it the same way it does with most other problems. Ass upside down.

The Burmese python is a sort of protected species in Florida. Cannot be shot. Cannot be frozen. Cannot be run over by a car. They must be “humanly euthanized.” A two step process. The first is the python must be rendered unconscious by a shot to the head. Not by a real gun. Rather by a captive bolt or air gun. The second step is to disable the python’s brain by jamming a screwdriver, pick or spike into the python’s head to smash its brain.

The python must be killed where it is captured. It is prohibited to transport live pythons.

Florida puts money into the capture and killing of Burmese pythons. For several years now, the State has conducted a Python Challenge. Last year’s brought 1,000 participants out for the hunt. Dollar prices awarded. The 1,000 captured a total of 209. A losing proposition.

The 2024 Python Challenge will be during the summer. The exact date has not been scheduled yet.

Go Florida!

Enjoy your day!


Mother’s Day.

Generally celebrated world wide, though on different days. In the U.S., the second Sunday in May each year.

Anna Jarvis is  responsible for organizing the celebration of a Mother’s Day. In 1907, at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia. The Church serves as the International Mother’s Day Shrine today.

Note that “Mother’s” is singularly written and pronounced. Intended for each family to honor its own mother.

The holiday is widely celebrated in the U.S. Considered by many to have become too commercialized. In the U.S., Mother’s Day remains one of the biggest days for the sending of flowers and greeting cards. Church going popular also. The day yields the highest church attendance after Christmas Eve and Easter. It is also the biggest holiday for long-distance telephone calls.

God bless each Mother, a person’s best friend. My Mother was.

Trump may have another large tax bill. A government audit reveals Trump may have “double-dipped” on tax losses tied to a Chicago skyscraper. If he loses the audit, the tax bill will be in excess of $100 million.

Everything seems to be catching up with Trump at one time. Sort of a…..If you live by the sword, you die by the sword thing.

Trump’s game playing with finances reached a new level Thursday in the Stormy Daniels hush money trial in New York City. A Trump organization bookkeeper Rebecca Manochio testified that some Trump checks he was meant to sign to Michael Cohen while Trump was in the White House were sent to the Washington address of Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller. Manochio was not sure why.

Horse racing update. Kentucky Derby winner Mystik Dan will run in the Preakness. The Belmont will be run at Saratoga this year and next while the Belmont race track in Elmont, New York, is under repair.

A significant day in history. This day in 1215. It was on this day that English barons served demands on King John which lead to the creation and signing of the Magna Carta.

A special television show took place on this day in 1960 involving Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. The show a Frank Sinatra Special. Presley sang Sinatra’s 1957 hit “Witchcraft” and Sinatra performed Presley’s 1956 classic “Love Me Tender.”

The show was hopefully recorded. If so, should be found and run again. A classic!

The weather is HOT! Oppressively so. 

In Key West, high 80’s every day. Some days into the 90’s. Yesterday, Fort Lauderdale hit 97 degrees.

For the first time in years, I feel the effect of the heat. I’m beginning to wonder if my “new” heart makes me more susceptible. Does not make sense.

Wednesday night, Cathy and I had dinner at Antonia’s followed by a walk down Duval.

There was a time when the season was January through Easter Sunday. Off season thereafter. A few months very slow business wise. It used to be said that in July, August and September, you could throw a bowling ball down Duval Street and not hit anyone.

No more. Off season disappeared with COVID. People came in droves to Key West. They kept coming. Query: Are they still coming?

This is May. A new busy month. Not Wednesday night.

Antonia’s is one of Key West’s top restaurants. We arrived at 6. Ate at the bar. TK bartending. Nine seated at the bar. Four tables occupied. When we left at 7:30, there were 4 persons less at the bar and table occupancy remained the same.

We took a leisurely walk down Duval. Not crowded at all. No walking into other people. La Trattoria shocked me. Looked in the bar window. At 7;30 there were only 5 persons at the bar. The other smaller restaurants along the way were similarly not crowded.

I have been here 30 years. I have seen prices shoot up several times. Saw them fall each time. Is this the beginning of the anticipated fall? Nothing is forever. It is inevitable. Will occur. The only question is when. High home prices, rents, hotel prices, restaurant costs, etc. cannot remain as exorbitant as they have been the past few years. Eventually people will stop buying, renting, visiting, relocating here, etc. It is the law of nature.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Plenty of older adults are enjoying sex and getting venereal diseases as a result thereof. Doctors are neither questioning nor testing the elderly for such diseases.

The elderly do have sex. Why not. Rightfully so. Such pleasure is not limited to the young. They need however to test for and practice safe sex. Proof is in the numbers. Gonorrhea among the 55 plus group, grew 600 percent since 2010. Chlamydia cases have quadrupled, while syphilis cases are now 700 percent higher than in 2010.

I have been fortunate to visit Italy many times. One of the things that impressed me were the food items available at gas station stops  on major highways. Especially the Autogrill chain.

Sandwiches hot and cold. Hot the most popular. All kinds of non-alcoholic drinks.

An experience! I have spoken of the sandwich pleasure many times. I write about it today because of an article in the Washington Post yesterday titled “The Case For Eating At Italian Gas Stations.”

Another Italian experience I have spoken and written about is Milan. What a city! The “best” of everything.

Unfortunately, I have not visited Milan in 15 years. Things have changed a bit.

Outdoor dining, daytime and nighttime, was the best. Not only the food. The ambiance also! It has changed. Dramatically.  Noise and overcrowding a huge bother. Even past midnight. Milan is passing ordinances to limit the out of control behavior.

Many American universities are having graduations today. Disruptions are anticipated. I hope not too badly. College graduations are a proud day for students and family. It should not be disrupted.

The U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. is Linda Thomas-Greenfield. An intelligent black woman. She has reported Biden’s positions before the world government as she should.

Now she pays the penalty.

Thomas-Greenfield was scheduled to speak at Xavier University of Louisiana’s commencement ceremony today. She was scheduled to speak at the University of Vermont last week.

Both schools cancelled her visits. She became persona non grata because of her Gaza stances in the U.N.

Both universities claim she was cancelled to avoid “disruption.”

The U.S. continues to be out of control as a result of recent campus disruptions. I hope the scenario will calm down and cease with the summer season upon us. I continue to disapprove with that which has occurred in recent months.

You never know. Marilyn Birch, now 76, lost her engagement ring while feeding hay to cattle on the family farm in 1970. A “detectorist,” while searching for other things, found the ring recently. Fifty four years after it was lost. It had been buried on the farm 8 inches down in one of the fields.

Husband and wife are both thrilled.

I close with a poor and shameful American. Clarence Thomas, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

He pushed back yesterday after facing harsh questions about his Justice decisions and accepting lavish gifts from a millionaire. He said he and his wife Ginni have endured “nastiness” and “lies.”

He claimed Washington is a “hideous place.” He further added he “had no interest in public life,” but  felt called to it by God. He deceives himself by so thinking.

Thomas is one of the worst Justices to ever sit on the Supreme Court. Decision wise and personally with regard to accepting “freebies” in his personal life. He is an insult to his profession and race. He is not worthy of  the seat he holds and the “honors” it bestows upon him.

My yesterday activities were limited to a manicure and some grocery shopping.

Tammy is back. She returned from three weeks in Vietnam. Her grandmother is not well. 

My grocery shopping is limited. I cannot carry heavy things any longer. Want to personally shop, however. About 30 percent cheaper than ordering and having delivered. Plus, I enjoy the experience of being able to walk Publix aisles.

I cannot carry heavy things from my car to my apartment. Six packs of soda, water bottles, gallon jugs of diet iced tea, etc. I learned my lesson two weeks ago. I called Jackie and she stopped by to take them from my car to refrigerator. I am fortunate to have friends like her.

Cathy left for home in Seattle thursday morning. She had a bad wednesday night. Apparently a touch of food poisoning. Horrible! Too nice a person to have suffered as she did.

Enjoy your day!


College campus protests have aroused pro and con opinions. I believe the protests have been too much and abusive. Many have disagreed with me. I have received some heavy adverse comments to the effect.

On May 8, the New York Post published an article setting forth that Columbia Law students wanted their final exams called off. Basically in the name of Palestine. The protests took up too much of their time and they are not ready for final exams.

The students wish automatic passing grades based not on their final exams, but on work through the semester. Preferably, a simple pass or fail grade.

The students argue they are tired and distressed from their protestations and those of their fellow students. They describe the police actions as “violence” that “has irrevocably shaken many of them” and “the majority of their classmates.”

A letter supporting their position was prepared by the Law Review Board. The Board is compromised of the best and brightest law students of a law school. They claim they and their fellow students have been rendered “unable to focus” and “are highly emotional” due to recent campus events.

The bottom line is they want one of the most elite law schools to go easy on them.

Again, Law Review Editors are the elegante of the student body. The most intelligent. They will be the A students on final exams. However because most protested rather than going to class, doing their homework and preparing for final exams opted to hopefully resolve the Israeli/Palestinian problem, they are in a bind re approaching final exams. Their protests have failed. Many will fail their final exams also.

The student demand is absurd.

Nothing about exams is easy or equitable. The whole purpose of a final exam is to determine who retained knowledge and understood concepts and who did not. Egalitarian grades are no grades at all.

University colleges and schools have coddled students for nearly a generation. Easy work, pass them all, provide good grades even where not warranted, keep parents and students happy. Universities became huge business corporations. The bottom line economically became more important than educating the students.

Students expect to be coddled.

There is a danger to all this. Especially where law students are concerned. The day will come when they will be representing clients. Their abilities will be less than what they should be and the client will get screwed in the process. Guaranteed!

Columbia Law School should stand tall and refuse to give grades and dole out degrees to “feeble, flunking” Hamas supporters.

Bear with me a bit further.

Law school is not easy. A tough experience. Three arduous years. The law student studies 8 days a week, 25 hours a day. It is no easy task. Many times leaving the student feeling overwhelmed. The feeling exists for all law students. The As as well as the Cs.

A semester consists of 4-5 courses. A mix of two and three credit ones. The law student must read cases assigned, attend class, take diligent notes, work with a study team, prepare outlines and begin getting ready for final exams 2-3 months before they are given. Otherwise, failure is the ultimate achievement. The Columbia students let down the last two months of the present semester. Impossible to catch up and be ready for final examinations. Want a break, a favor.

No way. Jose!

These pseudo-adults made a decision. The wrong one it appears. Many will fail their final exams. Many will not timely graduate. They will have to do another semester or year. Some will not do it and never receive a legal degree.

Choices have consequences. A legal degree is not a free lunch situation.

Enjoy your day!


I introduced Cathy to a smoothie at Date & Thyme yesterday. She enjoyed. 

Last night, it was Happy Hour at The Grand. Good time! We were joined by Theos and Dina from Greece and Steve and Cindy.

It was good to be back to The Grand again. My last visit was in January before the heart problem hit. Unfortunately, I could only partake of tomato soup and diet Coke. Still having my teeth worked on. Difficult to chew. Actually, impossible. I must admit I do not enjoy watching other people eat. I have now lost 24 pounds due to the inability to chew. I have refrained from going out because of that. 

It was a no choice situation the last few days. Cathy was a surprise visit and how could I not go out with Theos and Dina who came to visit from Greece.

Then there is alcohol. Doctors say my drinking days are over. Ok. Still it is difficult to watch friends have a few and enjoy their time by getting a bit high. While I remain stoic and bored.

Such is my life now. I will adjust.

Cathy and I plan on doing Higgs Beach today and then dinner at Antonia’s tonight. It will be soup again for me. I will not begrudge Cathy a meat or fish entre and a few drinks. The good host I shall be.

Galileo was a scientist making discoveries. Discoveries true, however the timeliness of some too early to be accepted. One of Galileo’s specialties was astronomy. He believed the Earth revolved around the sun. Heresy back then! The popular concept was the sun revolved around the Earth.

Even the Catholic Church was involved. In an area that did not touch God. The Catholic Church labeled Galileo a heretic.

On this day in 1945, President Harry Truman announced Nazi Germany had surrendered.

Hitler was a Jew hater. The world knows that. The atrocities he heaped upon those of the Jewish faith will never be forgotten. 

An example of Hitler’s hatred of Jews was the Nazi order in 1942 to kill all pregnant Jewish women in Kovno Ghetto.

Hitler did not create nor discover anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism goes back centuries. On May 7, 1355, 1,200 Jews in a particular community in Spain were killed by a Count Henry of Trastamara.

Vietnam stood strong in saying don’t screw with us. The Vietnamese defeated two major powers in the process. France and the U.S.

The French in 1954, The U.S. in 1972-73.

President Johnson expanded U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Overall he was a good Presidnet. However, he failed where Vietnam was concerned. Johnson wanted to be a “successful wartime Presidnet” as Roosevelt had. He failed in that regard.

Vietnam turned into a major failure for the U.S. and disrupted American society drastically.

Is Trump embarrassed that his sex life is openly being disclosed in a public trial in New York City?  I suspect not, even though some things are private. Sex is a personal private matter. One does not go round bragging about his or her conquests.

Donald does.

Now he is stuck in the Stormy Daniels hush money case in New York. She says they did it together. Describes Trump personally and other factors that make it appear they did it. Trump has consistently denied sex with Stormy. Wonder if he will testify. If he does, would he perjure himself?

Judge Aileen Cannon decided another point in favor of Trump yesterday in the documents case. Her decision favored Trump once again. She ruled the documents case would not be ready for trial later this month and adjourned the trial date to some future time to be decided. 

A victory for Trump. Means the case will not be tried before the election nor this year at all.

The quality of judges is important. Trump appointed a lot of favorites and misfits. Cannon one of them. He is reaping the benefit of the appointment.

Not American justice!

Trump is not one to waste time. The Judge in the New York City hush money case agreed to give Trump a day off from the trial to attend his son Barron’s graduation. The graduation is at 10 am in South Florida.

It was announced yesterday that Trump will also be speaker at a fundraiser later that same day in St. Paul, Minnesota. A 3 and 3/4 hour flight from Palm Beach to St. Paul.

Trump wastes no time, especially when it comes to money.

“Organized anarchy.” Leon Cooperman is a billionaire and Columbia University graduate. He describes the campus student protest as “organized anarchy.”

I do not know if I would go that far in describing the protests. I openly admit I disagree with the present protests. College students may be getting a hell of an education. However their mental and judgmental development is not yet sufficient to handle the Gaza problem. Most are nothing more than smart asses thinking they are big shots by espousing various theories.

Many comment to my expressions of not believing we should be guided by the judgment of the young and inexperienced. They disagree with me. They’re right as mine is to disagree with them. My problem is I do not understand why young inexperienced persons should lead/guide us. 

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday…..What a day!

Terrible afternoon, wonderful evening.

I had a CAT scan angiogram at 3. To possibly discover the cause of the extreme heart pain I had last week. Did not make sense in view of three heart surgeries I had recently.

It turned into a torture. Not blaming the Key West Hospital personnel. The cause may perhaps go back to Mount Sinai. The first pacemaker surgery which failed and had to be redone left me with three blood clots. Two in my left arm. My left arm is still in rest mode. Use it little. No blood work advised.

So it was the right arm yesterday. Four professionals tried to grab a vein from the wrist to my armpit. Finally succeeded near the armpit. Had to bring in an ultra sound machine to find deeper veins that might be usable. The regular ones still too beat up to take. They have shrunk among other things.

Took 45 minutes, but finally succeeded. My right arm covered with six bandages, the last near the armpit large. The arm slightly swollen at midsection.

I was not a happy camper, but did not complain. Everyone was doing their best. The last opportunity was the ultra sound and armpit. Glad it finally worked.

Now for the good.

I rushed to the airport to pick up Cathy. She had to wait a bit for me. Did not complain.

Her luggage is in Fort Lauderdale. Everyone on her Key West plane had their luggage left in Fort Lauderdale.

Cathy took it like a good sport.

Checked her into Silver Palms. Great rooms. 

Then we were both hungry. I had neither drunk nor eaten since the night before. We enjoyed an early dinner at Pepe’s. Then a long walk along the water. Stopped at Schooner’s Wharf for a while. I’m being a good boy and drinking diet Pepsi all the time. More walking and talking. Took her back to her room early and went home.

We are meeting Theos and Dina from Greece and Steve and Cindy Thompson at 4 today at The Grand.

Cathy renting a scooter this morning to do her thing. No baggage till 11:30. She slept last night in one of my old Key West Lou tee shirts.

Israel does not know when enough is enough. The nation has gone too far in seeking retribution. Israel will pay 50-100 years for its miscarriage. The problem has wrongfully extended throughout much of the world. Even to U.S. college campuses. 

Enough is enough!

History is interesting. Takes time for the “full truth” to come to light. Genghis Khan an example. He is rightfully known as one of history’s greatest conquerors. He established the largest contiguous land empire known to man up to his time. By winning battles. He was a brutal diabolical killer. Murdered whole peoples on his road to success.

He did accomplish good to some degree. Most dictators do. Mussolini gave Italy a good water system and made the trains run on time. Even Hitler achieved a degree of good in his early years. He gave his followers pride and economic security.

What did Genghis Kahn do? He established a “postal system.” Known at the time  as the “Yam” and “Orboo.” Stations were placed 20-30 miles from one to another, each featuring food, lodging and horses.

It was limited, however. The postal system was only available to merchants and travelers who could afford it. Eventually as most dictators do, Kahn abused the system and lost it.

Trump fined again for violating the gag order. The Judge warned him he is forcing him to jail Trump if he does not stop so doing.

It appears Trump wants to be jailed. Believes it will assist him in attracting voters. After all, he claims he is permitting himself to be “persecuted” in order to protect his followers.

Jail him. Let’s see how it plays out. Everyone is equal under the law. Trump must be stopped from destroying our judicial system. His anti-gag postures are just one example.

There is talk that Florida schools may stop teaching cursive writing. Cursive is writing with letters that flow. As children are taught to write today. Years ago, cursive writing was set aside and replaced by block letter writing. 

The Citizens’ Voice had a comment directed to the issue in today’s paper: “If schools stop teaching cursive, then how will anyone be able to read our founding documents or the signatures affixed thereto? What about wartime letters between your great-grandparents? The world will be poorer if this skill disappears.”

Many years ago, I dwelled on the issue. I was shocked by the result. Many persons, friends and strangers, went out of their way to tell me they could only write by printing letters. They had never been taught cursive.

Let’s leave cursive alone this time around. Government should find more important things to disrupt. That need disrupting. Florida has been under a disruptive binge under DeSantis. Nothing to be proud of.

Enjoy your day!


Common events can be happy ones. I have two ahead of me today.

At 3, I will be receiving a CT Angiogram of my chest. Recall last week, I suffered extreme heart pain. The worst ever! Thought I was getting the big time heart attack. Strange since recently I had received 3 heart surgeries at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami over a 5 week period in February and March.

The CT scan today is to determine why the pain. Fortunately, no pain since last week.

I am upset it took this long to get scheduled for the test. Eight days. I am doing it at the Key West Hospital. Nevertheless, I am thrilled the day is finally here.

Happy #2 is Cathy Holka arrives at 4:30 today for a few days. My Cocktails at 7 friend from Seattle. She is stopping in Key West for a three days visit. 

Cathy is on her way home from a trip to Belize. While there, she decided to spend a few days in Key West. 

In Belize, she broke a bone in her foot while snorkeling. Walking with a boot now.

She will be my dinner companion for the next few nights. And my companion day wise also. 

Cathy loves Key West. She resided her for a few years in the late 1980’s. She rented an apartment at the former Mercedes Hospital building on Virginia Street.

From the teens to early 1940’s, the Mercedes Hospital was administered by nurse Maria Valdez de Gutsens. Since her death, rumor has it she continues to walk its corridors and rooms. Touching and otherwise helping the sick.

Cathy claims she was “touched” by Mother Gutsens.

Cathy says she was really sick. A bronchial condition. Fever, sweats, body wracked in pain. She was asleep. Felt someone raise her arm as if taking her pulse. She could not see who it was. Mother Maria was not visually visible. She could feel, however. There were lights flashing through her window from the outside also.

Cathy describes her experience as “totally peaceful.” Yet, no words spoken. 

She describes the happening in the words of the time. She claims it was a “blast” and “cool.

Cathy would like to meet another who has had a similar experience. To discuss their happenings and how each felt about it.

I believe the whole Gutsens/Cathy story. A nut Cathy is not.

By the way, she did not get any better soon as a result of Mother Maria’s visit.

Cathy will arrive this afternoon wearing a boot.

Keep shooting! Continue selling guns without adequate safe guards!

Ty’oh Settles a lovely 3 year old. Will never make 4.

She was riding in a car which was caught in a Washington, D.C. crossfire. The vehicle, driver and Ty not pat of the crossfire battle.

A bullet struck and killed Ty.

Some things are hard hard to do.

Rudy Giuliani filed for bankruptcy last year. He since has been forced to live on a budget of $43,000 a month. He now says he cannot live on that amount. He requires an increase.

William Shakespeare’s words of centuries ago still commonplace today. Like “The course of true love never did run true…..Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once…..What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet….What’s love cannot be undone.”

Lunched yesterday with Theo and Dina at the Thai Light Restaurant at the foot of the Palm Street bridge. Sushi!

My friends loved it! Fortunately, I enjoyed their company. Thought I could handle a California roll without teeth. Could not. Theo ate my portion.

I pick up Cathy at 4:30 at the airport. My medical procedure should be over by that time. 

I am looking forward to her visit. She always cooks a meal for me. Lamb chops one of my favorites and she does them for me. Not this trip, however. No culinary efforts required of her. Cannot chew. Therefore cannot eat. Cathy will owe me two meals the next time she visits.

Enjoy your day!


Cinco de Mayo is a yearly celebration held on May 5 to celebrate Mexico’s victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Mexico’s troops were led by General Ignacio Zaragoza.

For some reason, Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated with any significance in Mexico. However, it is celebrated in Key West. Key Westers party with dancing, drinking and food. Margaritas the drink of choice.

Enjoy the special holiday today!

Mystik Dan, a long shot, won the Kentucky Derby. An 18-1 shot.

The finish thrilling. A three horse photo finish that took judges several minutes to decide. The victory by a nose.

Trump creates problems. He seeks to isolate a particular group to support him by so doing.

Trump’s recent is his pledge to fight “anti-white feeling.” He claims whites are downtrodden because of government and corporate programs created to battle racism and boost diversity in American life.

Trump continues attacking his prosecutors. Yesterday, he accused Democrats of ” running a Gestapo administration.” He called Jack Smith a “fucking asshole.”

Presidential language?

Especially the Gestapo charge from a man who has openly made statements he would run a boss driven government similar to those of autocratic authoritarian leaders.

Lunch today at Thai Island Restaurant on Palm Street with Theos and Dina Markos.

Sushi time!

An interesting Frank Sinatra observation on the internet re his eating habits. One of favorite dishes was stuffed artichokes. Mine, also, though I rarely get them these days.

A holiday favorite prepared by my grandmother, mother and former wife that I enjoyed. Rarely available in Key West restaurants.

Sinatra’s favorite stuffed artichoke was prepared similar to that I enjoyed. Fresh herbs, bread crumbs, cheese, oil, capers and chopped black olives.

Oh, the days of good meals!

An interesting little known Rory McIlroy fact. He left high school at 16, with the support of his parents, to focus on his dream of becoming the world’s top golfer.

Enjoy your Sunday!