The 42nd Anniversary of the Conch Republic Independence Celebration begins today. A whole week of events. Today’s include an opening ceremony and raising of the colors. Followed by a kick off party and Conch shell blowing contest at the Schooner Wharf Bar.

Big time fun every day and evening for the next week.

Trump criminal trial update.

A jury of 12 has been seated. Plus one alternate. Five more alternates sought. Total selections should be completed by the end of today or monday,

Syphilis is surging. Doctors are calling for more testing during pregnancy. Three tests recommended. A routine blood screening at the first prenatal visit, a screening in the third trimester of pregnancy, and a final one at birth.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s siblings are not supporting him in his quest for the Presidency. They are openly rebuking him and openly supporting Biden. Six of them made their support of Biden clear at a Philadelphia rally recently.

Brothers and sisters standing against their brother. Says something. They have been consistent that RFK Jr. is not qualified to be President.

America’s toxic water problem continues. Years ago it was lead. Today, arsenic.

One example is Sunland Park, New Mexico. The population of the city is Latino majority.

Is politics involved in the water cleanup in this city? Disgusting, if so.

Regarding funds for the Ukraine, Speaker Johnson is at a Chamberlain or Churchill moment. It appears he is leaning Churchill. Finally! Good for him! He’ll probably lose his Speakership. So what. Better he does the right thing and stands tall.

Rain beyond conception has flooded Dubai. The equivalent of two years rain fell in just one day. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hey Lou, welcome back and continued improved health. RFK’s siblings don’t want him to run as an independent. That’s correct. However, nowhere have I seen where his siblings said their brother RFK Jr is “unqualified” as you stated. Facts Lou, Facts!!

  2. Hey Troll – I don’t think Lou ever stated that RFK Jr’s brothers and sisters said their brother RFK Jr is “unqualified” as you stated. He (Lou) actually said, and I quote “…standing against their brother. Says something. They have been consistent that RFK Jr. is not qualified to be President.

    There’s a difference you failed to comprehend in your hurry to condemn Lou, with innuendo that he lies, when HE (unlike you) did not

    It was LOU (and a awful lot of other people who have said RFK Jr. is not “qualified.”

    Facts “Eyw,” Facts! – they are important when attempting to criticize someone else of THEIR blog.

    STOP trying to be soooooo clever. YOU don’t have the Iitelect, only the hate.

  3. I think maybe we should all applaud that idiot savant now posting as “EWY” for drawing more attention to how unqualified this RRK Jr., really is to be president.

    Trolls generally don’t think of themselves as stupid, they are too busy proving it!

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