On this day in 1942, Nazi officials held the notorious Wannsee Conference in Berlin to organize the “final solution,” the extermination of Europe’s Jews.

Can a similar situation occur today? In the U.S.?

Never say never. History has a tendency to repeat itself. Or at the least, attempt to repeat itself.

John Cusack: “We have Nazis running for office in America.”

Interesting article in friday’s Daily Beast: “Trump’s Running For Dictator. What’s Haley Running For?” The thrust of the article is Trump is openly declaring his intention to govern as though he is above the law. And yet, his only real GOP primary rival won’t hit on him for it.

Though I frequently disagree with Mitt Romney, he is a person of courage. Not afraid to speak out against Trump. Note that Trump apparently fears Romney. When was the last time Trump took a shot at Romney?

Romney’s latest statement against Trump is to the effect that Trump’s supporters are completely out of touch with reality.

They are!

Trump claims he did not swear an oath to “support the Constitution as President.” I do not understand him. I believe he does not understand many things he says and does.

The Oath of Office Trump took in becoming President: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

“Preserved, protect and defend” spells out “support” in my mind. And everyone else’s! Except perhaps the cult nuts who follow him blindly and believe everything he says.

Today’s podcast some 6 years old. Titled: A Country Liberated By the United States Now Openly Selling Slaves.



Dog poop an increasing problem worldwide. An Italian province has had it! It is ordering all dogs to be DNA tested and registered with authorities. Abandoned poop will be genetically tested and traced back to the responsible dog and the dog’s owner fined.

The area involved is Bolzano City and surrounding towns in the Dolomites region.

Republicans continue intending to cut Social Security benefits. Unless both the House and Senate go Republican and a Republican is simultaneously elected Presidnet, it will not happen.

In any event, Seniors note. Just another reason to vote Democratic. Assure and protect what you earned the right to during your lifetime.

A Key West civil servant was a thief. There have been several. One noteworthy of mention is T. A. Sweeting. In 1915, he was the Monroe County Tax Collector. He disappeared. Ten days later, his accounts were found to be $22,000 short.

Word has it the pickleball courts at Higgs Beach will be closed in February. Why? They are busy. Constantly in use. Locals and visitors enjoy. Especially, older ones.

I met with a vascular specialist yesterday from Miami’s Mount Sinai Medical Center. His specialty aortic aneurysms. Dr. Michael Ayad. He totally impressed me, though his conclusion as to my problem left me unhappy. Very much so.

I have had an aneurysm sitting on top of my heart where the aortic valve leaves the heart. It is the aortic valve leaving that has become an aneurysm. I have had the problem for 20 years. It has been watched by heart doctors over that period of time.

It grew. Ever so slowly for me over the 20 years. However now it has crossed the line and become an issue of concern.

I am not a candidate for surgery yet. Getting close, however. The problem, I am 88. I was under the impression its resolution was a simple one. A stent. At worst, an overnight hospital stay. Not so, I learned. Because of its location, the stent procedure not available. Major surgery involved. Cracking the ribs, lengthy surgery, lengthy hospital stay, lengthy recovery, etc.

At my age, such a surgery a danger. Not having it may be equally dangerous if the aneurysm continues to grow which it will.

Dr. Ayad has scheduled a cat scan of the aneurysm to determine if the recent number is correct. I will meet with him thereafter.

I left impressed and confident with Ayad. He had reviewed my records and knew my problem intimately. His conclusion and what next left me an unhappy camper.

It was pierogis at Brady’s Irish Pub last night. Friday evening always jam packed.

Met old friends, made a new one. The oldies included Tony and Candy. Tony at 75 still operating a major fishing vessel that goes out daily.

Met Derrick. He was seated next to me at the bar. Derrick was concerned about being close to 50. I think he said he was 47. I blew him out when I told him I was 88!

Derrick and I chatted at length. He has lived in Key West for 5 years. Has his own painting business. Family members work with him in the business. Derrick a Syracuse fan. Knew all the great players beginning in the 1990’s. I enjoyed his company.

Carola busy busy. Friday night busy. I told her how much I enjoyed the Irish scones she gave me wednesday night. She is one terrific woman!

Enjoy your day!


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department arrested 2 men on January 11 for dumping a container filled with liquid hazardous waste and oil on Pine Avenue in Big Pine. Big Pine residents saw and reported the event. They were a major assistance to the Sheriff’s Department in solving the crime.

My career was spent as an environmental attorney. Even the slightest amount of hazardous waste or oil can result in significant consequences. Water, including drinking water, is highly susceptible to contamination. The water table is fragile. The entire eco system. And on Big Pine, the tiny Key deer.

The cleanup weight of the hazardous material involved weighed more than 30,000 pounds.

Everyone involved in apprehending the criminals is to be congratulated. Good citizenry at work!

Banks are whores. Bankers the worst. Some ways they “earn” fees wrong. Like $35 or some other excessive amount for a bounced check. An excessive fee, especially when the bad check/overdraft in many instance is less than the amount the bank charges.

Biden wants to change this type of charge. He has proposed a plan that would reduce the overdraft fee to $3. Biden said re the exorbitant overdraft charges: “Banks call it a service – I call it exploitation.”

Steve Bannon predicts Trump’s first 100 days will set a 50 year agenda. A little extreme. Could be as good as Hitler’s 12 years. Recall Hitler predicted what he “accomplished” early on would last 1,000 years. Bad things have a way of self-destructing.

And who should accept anything Bannon says as good for a government, for a people? His sole goal in life has been to bring down existing governments. Together with Newt Gingrich, he has been working to take down Pope Francis and the Vatican for several years.

Wake up Trump supporters! People like Bannon will help destroy our Nation.

Today’s podcast was done 7 years ago. Even a bit truer today. Its title: A Happy Cow Is A Cash Cow. I almost titled it: Would You Believe!



Congress yesterday sent legislation to Biden that will avert a partial government shutdown. Republican House Speaker Johnson supported the measure.

The legislation would have failed in the House had Democrats not supported it. Republicans voted 107 in support, 106 opposed. Democrats provided the bulk of the House support.

The humorous World War II movie Operation Petticoat began filming this day in 1959 in Key West. The movie starred Cary Grant and Tony Curtis.

What follows is something most Americans today have no idea occurred. The U.S. is reenacting a scenario that happened in the 1930’s. The German American Bund, aka German Christian American Bund, was a pro nationalist organization. Fascism its basis. Against democracy. People were toying with trying something different. Sought a different way.

U.S. social order was in trouble. The German American Bund felt a dictator at the top of government would be best. Deep anti-Semitism. Racial discrimination. Racism had popular support. The Ku Klux Klan popular. Anti-immigration. Anti-Catholicism. Anti-democracy.

Anti-Semitism was a publicly addressed issue. Henry Ford was a popular anti-Semite. A Catholic priest, Father Coughlin, constantly denounced Jews on the radio. Both men viewed Jews as a huge danger.

Eugenics became popular.

There were Nazi Summer Camps where children spent their summers learning archery and anti-Semitism.

In New York city, the German American Bund was fomenting a coup. Filled Madison Square Garden with its followers.

In Yaphank on Long Island, tract houses were built as an offshoot of the pro-Nazi Camp Siegfried. They were built on Adolph Hitler Street.

We survived the Nazism and other despicable changes attempted in the 1930’s. We can and will do it again.

Live long enough and it is inevitable that we knew at some point in our lives well known persons. Fred Klein a contemporary. He is 82.

I wrote yesterday of Studio 54 owners Steve Schrager and Ian Rubell. Fred knew them. Well. Schrager was Fred’s fraternity brother at Syracuse University. Rubell was friends with both Fred and his wife Joanne at Syracuse. Ian was a tennis player.

Another doctor visit today. A vascular specialist with Miami’s Mount Sinai Hospital. He visits Key West 4 days a month. My heart people want me to see him.

It never stops. Hopefully, my heart won’t also.

Enjoy your day!


A recent study spells out what ALL Americans already know. An issue requiring no study. The issue: Groceries are expensive!

Some of the facts and numbers in the study interesting, however: Groceries are most expensive in California, Florida is ranked #5 on the most expensive list, Miami the most expensive city nationwide.

Breaking costs down on a family basis: The average American family spends $270.21 at the grocery store per week, more than $1,000 per month. Households with children spend more. An average of $331.94 a week, 41 percent higher than households without children.

Some in the U.S. are taking North Korea more seriously. Justified.

Some U.S. experts fear an attack by North Korea on South Korea, Japan and Guam. Any or all would bring the U.S. into the conflict immediately.

Something to be concerned about.

There are two major contributors to the Key West housing shortage, not one. The well known are vacation rentals. The other military rentals. The government pays top dollar for rent. The rents are timely paid. An important consideration for a landlord.

Military rentals are crowding the market. They should be housed on base. Such would be a major contributor to rent decline and availability increase.

“Texas will not surrender.” Words spoken by Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton after the Biden administration announced it will give Texas till wednesday to stop blocking U.S. Border Patrol agents access to several miles along the U.S.-Mexico border following the migrant drowning deaths of one woman and two children last week.

Texas insanity running on a parallel to Florida’s: Better that political figures, the Governors and Legislatures in both States, get their way than “justice be done,” lives protected.

Today’s podcast some 6 years old. Titled: Woe The Web We Weave When First We seek To Deceive.



Abolishing the penny is under consideration. Not much can be purchased for a penny today. In fact, is there anything?

There was a time a penny had value. In 1900, the New York Times cost just a cent. Today, the paper costs $4.00.

Making a penny involves a significant cost factor. Costs 3 pennies to make one. In 2022, the U.S. spent $93 million producing the coin.

Studio 54 was a hell of a place in New York City in the late late 1970’s. Fun time, big time.

Owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager made it what it was. They also made a ton of money for themselves.

Unfortunately, they developed a feeling many extremely rich persons have. They hated paying the big taxes that accompany huge earnings. On this day in 1980, they received sentences of 3 1/2 years in prison and were fined $20,000 each for tax evasion.

Satanism is on the rise.

A Satanist gave the opening prayer at the Washoe County Commission meeting in Reno tuesday. The invocation ended: “Hail the eternal rebel.” Part of the opening prayer asked the Devil to bring his “guiding actions of nobility and justice to the decisions made in the chamber.”

Christians nationalists nationwide are joining forces to recruit swing-state, MAGA leaning churches to help elect Donald Trump in 2024. A brazen effort to transform religious congregations – which technically are supposed to keep electoral politics out of the pulpit – into a campaign powerhouse for Trump.

It’s back! Lasagna at Brady’s Irish Pub. A wednesday night special. I tried it last night. A meatless three cheese dish. Excellent! The sauce especially.

Lasagna returned because Brady’s has a new chef. It stopped serving lasagna when a former chef left. The new one cooked chicken parmesan instead. As good as the lasagna it replaced.

I do not know for certain, but would bet the new chef is of Spanish extraction. As were his predecessors. Italian chefs in Key West appear to be a dying breed.

Sat next to Tony and Candy again this week. Learned more about Tony’s fisherman work. I thought he had a small boat he took out daily with 2-4 fishermen. Not so. He is a sometime captain, sometime mate on a much larger boat. One that can carry up to 55 people.

Carola gave me 3 Irish sconces she had made. I ate one for desert. Took the other two home for breakfast this morning.

Enjoy your day!


Ben Carson compared Donald Trump to the biblical King David in a monday interview on FOX News. Carson said Trump has been a “friend of religion” for years.

David is most famous for killing the giant Goliath with a slingshot and rock. David’s adulterous relationship with Bathsheba a close second. Even got her pregnant.

Carson correct in the comparison. David killed the giant, Trump killing democracy. Trump has a reputation for being an adulterer. David had at least 8 wives. The wives were not enough for David. He also had concubines.

Yes, Carson was correct in making the comparison.

Nikki Haley confuses me when it coms to slavery. Last month, she would not cite slavery as a cause of the Civil War. Tuesday she said the U.S., where owning a Black person was once legal, has “never” been a racist country.

Re the recent three migrant drownings in Texas, the Houston Chronicle called Governor Abbott a “coward” and an “embarrassment.”

Today’s podcast done 6 years ago. Brief and to the point. Titled: A Hell of a Week Ahead.



On this day in 1950, the historic Brink’s robbery occurred. Eleven men stole $2.7 million ($29 million in today dollars) from the Brink’s Armored Car depot in Boston.

The theft was almost successful. Took just under 6 years to catch the eleven. The Statute of Limitations was 6 years. The thieves almost made it!

Eight of the eleven were convicted and received life sentences. Two died before they could go to trail. One cooperated with authorities and did not do time.

Only a small part of the money was recovered. The rest is thought to be hidden in the hills north of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

On this day in 1961, President Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex. He feared their increasing influence. He was correct.

Syracuse defeated Pitt last night 69-58. The second time Syracuse has defeated Pitt this season.

Syracuse played well. A relief from the recent disastrous beating at the hands of North Carolina. Syracuse made 10 three point shots.

It was The Grand for me last night. With Jean and Joe, Cindy and Steve. Matt bartending. I enjoyed a salmon dish.

Joe returning to Birmingham today. Work calls. Jean staying till the end of the month. We will do at least one dinner together during that time. Probably stone crabs.

Enjoyed also a new couple. We met for the first time. Jeff and Dana. Reside on Long Island, they are presently renting a home in Tarpon Springs. Visiting Key West for a few days.

Jeff is retired. His career was in the pharmaceutical industry. Dana still plugging away. Involved in the entertainment industry. With “Design Studio.” She is an executive producer of video content.

I enjoyed both tremendously. Sad we probably will not run into each other again.

Jeff of Italian extraction. We talked of Italian things. Also a Trumpie. A war not involved.  We were able to converse as persons should.

Tonight Brady’s Irish Pub. Italian specialty night. Chicken parmesan. Plus, Carola.

I’m off to Date & Thyme. My Monkey Smoothie fix.

Enjoy your day!


Key West whites were major bigots in the 1920’s. A major influence in the Ku Klux Klan. The head of the Klan for the State of Florida resided in Key West and ran the Klan from Key West.

On January 14, 1926, the Key West chapter of the Klan initiated 20 new members, all dressed in full regalia. The audience included the Bob Morton traveling circus which was brought to Key West by the Ku Klux Klan for the event.

On January 13, 1929, New York Yankee star Lou Gehrig was in Key West where he visited St. Joseph’s School for Boys.

The Iowa caucus is today. In blistering frigid cold. Temperature projected to be minus 10 degrees. May have/will have an effect on participation. 

Some of Trump’s supporters very gung ho. Melissa Davis, 56, is a small business owner in Wuthering Heights. She has been out in the frigid cold knocking on doors. Her attitude re Trump: “He has sacrificed so much for our country and I need to do my part to support his efforts to save America because America is dying.”

Iowa principal Dan Marburger died yesterday as a result of wounds suffered when he placed himself in harm’s way to protect students during a school shooting earlier this month. Marburger set himself between the shooter and students in an effort to protect his students.

Gun blood paid for NRA’s chief executive Wayne LaPierre’s luxury expenses for 30 years. Expenses included use of private jets, persistent spending at the Beverly Hills Hotel by a PR executive and close La Pierre adviser, limo services and hotel charges generally.

Donald Trump repeated his claim in Iowa that he has been indicted more times than the infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone. Something to be proud of, of course! What it really shows is how bad Trump actually is.

Today’s podcast some 5 years old. Title: Sieg Heil, Light the Mother Fucker On Fire and Kick His Ass.



Texas Governor Abbott condemned after one adult migrant and two migrant children drowned. The cry: “MURDER.”

On saturday, federal Border Patrol agents noticed 6 migrants in distress trying to cross the Rio Grande River. Initial efforts by Border Patrol officials to alert State officials by phone were unsuccessful.

The Border Patrol guards then tried to gain entry to the area. They were “physically banned” from entry.

Three migrants, a woman and two children, ultimately drowned. As a result of the incident, Abbott is being referred to by some as “a murderer and psychopath.”

A few days earlier and as reported herein, Abbott said the only thing keeping Texas from shooting the migrants as they come across the border is that federal officials would charge Texans officials “with murder.”

Whether by bullets or drowning, a killing is a killing, a death a death. Murder is murder.

I am compelled to comment re the Syracuse/North Carolina basketball game saturday.

A destructive embarrassing loss for Syracuse. North Carolina defeated Syracuse 103-67.

Syracuse had been improving. I felt the team had a good chance to knock off North Carolina. It was not to be. Syracuse did absolutely nothing correct. Showed none of the improvement I mentioned.

The result confuses and confounds me. I do not understand how the Syracuse team could have played so badly.

I watched the game at Jack Flats with Fred, Dan and Dave. Fred left at the half, Dan and Dave soon thereafter. I could not. I stayed till the bitter end. I could not leave the sinking ship.

A picture of four happy Syracuse faces PRIOR to the game.



While almost half the Nation freezes, Key West has enjoyed three consecutive days of 80 degree weather. I spent a bit of time at Smathers Beach in the afternoon. Packed!

I enjoyed an excellent lunch at Goldman’s prior to the beach. First time in years I have stopped there. Worthy of a soon repeat visit.

I have a 12:30 heart doctor appointment. Life in the 80’s!

Enjoy your day!


Trump won Iowa big yesterday. As expected, with 51 percent of the vote. His victory clearly reflects the stranglehold Trump has on Republican voters. DeSantis was a distant second with 21 percent. Haley third with 19 percent.

Trump’s victory, in Iowa at least, eliminated any doubt Republicans would stand by their man when it came time to vote regardless of all the “negatives” he exhibits.

An entrance poll finding: Two thirds of voters continue to believe Biden was illegally elected in 2020.

New Hampshire next.

Trump’s Iowa landslide reveals something many elsewhere may not be aware of. Iowa’s Republican Party is controlled, more than in most states, by evangelical voters. In the last 8 years, they have grown even more fanatical in their love for Trump. Trump a thrice married adulterer who bragged about committing sexual assault.

Iowa’s evangelicals are not morally upright people who mean all that talk about chastity, charity and Christian values. They are more interested in right wing politics than feeding the poor and healing the sick.

Trump supporter Larry Kudlow re Trump’s victory: The Iowa caucuses will launch one of the greatest comebacks in American history. I don’t buy it.

Key West continues to enjoy great weather. Yesterday, 78 degrees. Beaches continued to be packed.

Some parts of the South are finally being hit with the North’s freezing cold. Especially Texas and Tennessee.

Key West will continue to be ok. It’s 2 am and I am working. The temperature is 75 degrees. The high today will be 78 again. Cold expected tomorrow however. High expected to be 69, the low 67. Thursday and friday will find a return to the high 70’s.

I had a heart doctor visit with April at 12:30 yesterday. Decided on a quick lunch following. I had some research I was anxious to get to in the afternoon. Decided to grab a Subway sandwich and take it home. The day was important in Subway advertising recently. They were coming out with some new sandwiches on the 15th.

I walked in. Lots of people. Got in line and looked up at the new items. Confusing at first. Could not believe what my eyes were seeing. The first two large subs $15 and $17. That did it! I immediately left. No way was I going to spend that much for a Subway. America’s great cheap sandwich was no more.

Subway was sold a couple of months ago for millions. Guess someone has to pay for it. Not me!

The Subway prices affected me. No longer was I in the mood for a quick cheap sandwich. I drove to Pepe’s and treated myself to a tasty luncheon. Did not mind spending the extra money. I wanted quality and was willing to pay for it.

Today’s podcast 6 years old. A change of subject one: Marital Infidelity. 



Food for thought. On this day in 1919, the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution establishing Prohibition was ratified by the requisite number of states. What a tragedy! Look at the crime, economic upheaval and everything adverse that it gave birth to. “Good minded citizens” brought havoc to the Nation. Somewhat similar to book banning in public schools today.

Considered by many to be the first modern novel and one of the greatest novels of all time, “Don Quixote” was published this day in 1605. Miguel de Cervantes, the Man of La Mancha, excites even today. I saw it in musical form three times on Broadway years ago. Loved the story and music! A thrill to watch each time. The music plays in my head as I write this piece.

Here are the photos I promised a few days ago of Fran and Tom Dixon taken on their Antarctica trip. The seal, bird, penguins, iceberg and Dixons themselves all look good!



Women are taking over the legal profession. Twenty years from now, they will control all aspects of the profession. 

Data recently released by the National Association for Law Placement indicated women make up a majority of law firm associates for the first time.

Miss America 2024 crowned. Miss Colorado. More importantly, a first in that she is an active duty U.S. Air Force officer. A second lieutenant pilot.

Don’t forget my grandson Robert Malcom and his writing for The best of FSU sports, especially football which is Robert’s continuing specialty even in the off season.

Busy night ahead. The Grand and Syracuse v. Pittsburg. My body can’t take both. It may be the game. I don’t like drinking and driving home later in the evening.

Enjoy your day!


I have received two e-mails and a dozen photos from Buffalo’s Fran and Tom Dixon. They left Buffalo’s cold to vacation in the Antarctica. From the tone of the emails and the pics, they are having a marvelous time. Bundled up, of course. The icebergs, sky, water and penguins beautiful. Each photo striking. Must be the play of the sun on the cold objects in the photos. Everything sharp and distinct.

They even went down in a submarine 400 feet. I’m impressed.

I will share some of the photos with you in the next few days. Need Sloan’s help in moving them over.

Fran and Tom visit Key West 3-4 times a year. Always stay at the Ocean Key House. Tom has a minor interest in Ocean Key. I believe their next Key West visit will be in February.

The 26th Key West Half Marathon & Runfest is scheduled for this sunday morning. Lori who has been cutting my hair for 25 years will be running in the event. The 13.1 mile jaunt no big deal for her. She has been a long distance runner for years.

Freezing cold in the Northwest and Northeast U.S., yet Key West has enjoyed 80 degree weather the past two days. Hope it continues.

Florida State Road A1A may soon be the Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway. Runs 340 miles along Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Florida may also soon provide specialty license plates with “Margaritaville” emblazed thereon.

A State Senate Committee approved both items wednesday. Both are expected to become law in due course. A fitting tribute to Jimmy Buffet, a man loved worldwide.

Last night an enjoyable one again. Dinner at Brady’s Irish Pub. Carola and pierogis. In addition to good company.

Chatted with Tammy and Rich again. Tammy a manager at A&B Lobster House, Rich a manager with Ed Swift’s trolley car operation. Together with Carola, we talked about the new Bob’s Restaurant on Margaret Street. For years prior thereto, the old Michael’s Restaurant. I was the only one who had attended so far. I loved it! Carola has plans to attend next weekend. Tammy tried to make reservations for St. Valentine’s Day. Too late already. Booked.

Met George. We talked for a long time.

George is a retired Coast Guard regular and reserve member. Twenty eight years. Following which he was a school teacher for a number of years. Now retired, he keeps busy doing paperwork for his son’s Rhode Island business and also crabbing in Key West waters. His wife Marge, who I did not meet, spends her time in what I suspect is an enjoyable past time, She does historical research.

I may run into George next week. He told me about some places I have never heard of which sound like fun. Can’t believe there are places I have not experienced in my 30 Key West years. But, there are.

Today, big! Syracuse/North Carolina at noon. North Carolina presently ranked #7 nationally. I will be watching the game at Jack Flats with Fred Klein, a fellow Syracuse graduate. Dan Riordan is in town for 2 months. A Syracuse die hard, also. Look forward to his joining me soon at some of the games.

Today’s podcast 5 years old. Involves Trump when he was President. Title: Mr. President, Have You No Conscience?



Doctors and hospitals have gone crazy complying with patient protection laws. They bend over backward to comply and protect. Pharmacists do not. A gaping loophole in federal healthcare regulations are permitting some leading drug store chains to turn over a customer’s most sensitive private healthcare information to law enforcement agencies. Without a warrant.

My message intended primarily for women. A warning, in effect. Drugs in any way even remotely involved with abortion and birth control are daily ending up in the hands of authorities. Prosecutors included if they want them. All eight of the nation’s largest pharmacy chains automatically turn over prescription records of thousands of Americans to law enforcement entities secretly. 

Women be aware! What you can do, I am not sure.

Trump has been ordered to pay the New York Times close to $400,000 for a frivolous lawsuit he brought. The actual amount $392,638.69 in legal fees for the New York Times and 3 of its writers stemming from a “frivolous” 2021 lawsuit that had already been dismissed.

Donald generally loses. Has he wakened to the fact it costs him money not only for his own attorneys (who he seems to rarely pay) and now the attorneys for those he sues?

Jesus has been called upon to be involved in the Iowa caucus monday. By a Trump supporter, who else? She is evangelist Patricia Lage who said she was calling on Jesus to lend a hand on monday. The weather forecast predicts an exceptionally cold monday. Like minus 20 degrees. Lage said, “I am declaring that it be warmer in Jesus’ name.”

What happened to people praying/hoping privately and in silence? Too much God publicly in politics today.

My closing topic involves something that has become increasingly bothersome to me. The ignorance of some Congressional persons. Those who speak knowingly about an issue where they have absolutely no knowledge of the law involved nor have taken the time to check the law first before speaking out on a matter of great concern.

I am motivated to comment based on statements made by some Democratic Congresspersons re Biden’s recent bombing of Houthi rebels in Yemen. Biden said the bombings “were to protect our people and the free flow of international commerce.” 

Note first that even prominent Republicans supported Biden’s decision. Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Speaker Johnson  both supported Biden. If they were critical in any fashion, it was to say Biden should have so acted sooner. The term used was “long overdue.”

 Congressional bipartisan support was mixed. Those opposing said what the Democrats opposing had said. The bombings were an act of war and the Constitution requires Congressional approval first.

The Democrats ignorant lazy idiots all. The Republicans opposing playing politics.

The law is clear and supports Biden one hundred percent. Biden has authority under the War Powers Act, aka War Powers Resolution, passed by Congress in 1973. The Act requires the President to inform Congress within 48 hours of military action and requires the termination of military action within 60 days of its commencement if Congress has not officially declared war or authorized the military action. 

The Democrats critical of Biden embarrassed him for a brief moment. Following which they embarrassed themselves greatly. In addition, they should have supported their leader Biden in these dangerous tenuous times. A Trump he is not.

Enjoy your day!


Florida has pythons. In excess of one million and growing. Other invasive species, also. As the weather and other conditions are good for humans, so it is for certain species.

The next species to overcome Florida’s environment are expected to be monkeys. A surprise! But then who expected Burmese pythons. The “brand” name Lieurance, They are macaque monkeys. Popularly referred to as crab eating macaques.

One strain of macaque monkey already established in Florida is the Rhesus macaque which carries a deadly strain of herpes. Acquired from eating crabs. The crab eating macaque exists in significant numbers already in Florida because of the genius of Florida government which imported them for biological testing. 

How will the monkeys become a problem? Simple. Same way as the Burmese python did. They will escape from confinement. Either as a pet or in an aquarium. Moved out into society by a hurricane. Bingo! Spread all over and then propagate like crazy. The monkeys are very sexual. Their gestation period only 165 days.

Texas Governor Abbott says Texas isn’t shooting migrants because “the Biden administration would charge us with murder.”

What else would Abbott expect? Congratulations?

Girl scout season is upon us. Prices will be higher for the first time in years.

After my haircut and manicure yesterday, I decided to enjoy breakfast out. Went to I-Hop. Difficult though it may be to believe, Key West’s I-Hop breakfast is excellent and cheap. Their over 55 menu very reasonable.

It was the second time in a week I have done I-Hop for breakfast. A young fellow named Caesar has waited on me. Talented, efficient. He should find a position at a restaurant where the tabs and tips are higher.

I spent the rest of the day in. Tired for some reason.

It is already 75 degrees this morning. Temperature will soon rise to 80. Amazing! Yesterday was in the high 60’s. For a short while, 71. Crazy weather. Glad for the warm day.

Tonight will be Brady’s Irish Pub and Carola. Friday special Polish pierogis which I enjoy. I first had them in high school. My girl friend was Polish and her mother used to make them for me. When I became a lawyer, the mother became my client. She would bring me bags of home made pierogis. I refused to take money from her.

Today’s podcast 7 years old. A bit different. I would title it: Retirement Not Laying in the Sun Under a Palm Tree. Concerns a Blog TALK Radio Show I did back then.



Trump time. 

Trump did participate in his summation in the New York fraud case. A few minutes. Enough time to break court rules he had agreed to, insult the judge, defecate on others, proclaim his innocence, etc. All of which in my opinion did him no good. He had been warned by the judge in writing prior to receiving permission to speak and nevertheless did it “his way.” Frank Sinatra he is not. 

I sense Trump fears these court fights are losing battles. He now has decided to participate on a limited basis in his own designed fashion to save his ass. His “magic” will not serve him well in a court room.

Trump also announced he will attend the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial that is scheduled to begin next week. Trump said: “Yeah, I’m going to go to it and I’m going to explain I don’t know who the hell she is, I have no idea.”

I am not sure what his appearance or attempted testimony will accomplish. Trump did not testify at the first trial where he could have. A federal judge has already ruled in this second case that Trump defamed Carroll again as a matter of law. The only issue the jury will have to decide is damages. How much? The first case resulted in a $5 million verdict by the jury re sexual assault and defamation. 

Trump is trying to retry the first case where he could have and should have testified. He attended, but opted not to testify, to defend himself with his own words.

Trump’s problem is he refuses to play by the rules. Established legal rules. In all the cases he is involved in, he “makes his own rules.” Not the way to play. The rest of us play by the rules, so should he.

It is called “respect for the law.”

Another Trump issue involves abortion. Trump proudly said on FOX News this week that he took abortion rights away. He did it with the termination of Roe v. Wade. Suggesting his three appointees to the Supreme Court were responsible. He was correct! He should not be proud of it. Rather sad that he admittedly was part and parcel to destroying a vital part of women’s rights.

As a result, Trump will lose a significant number of female votes in November.

Now to Marjorie Taylor Greene.

She who has “humiliated many,” has been subjected to a major humiliation. Which, I think is good. Retribution of a sort for her ill used tongue.

Greene is a MAGA Queen. She has used her Congressperson status well in that regard.  Payback time arrived. She had a book signing for her recent book MTG: No one showed up for the book signing. “No one” means so few people.

It’s a tough life. What goes around, comes around!

I am off to my Monkey Smoothie fix. Nothing real monkey involved. I fear not the drink.

Enjoy your day!