Children are in extreme danger in certain parts of the country. Especially in states like Texas and Florida whose Governors are beyond inept.

Revolution is brewing. The non shooting kind. Especially in Texas. You can only defecate on a people a certain length of time. Then they will rebel.

Texas is overburdened with COVID-19 cases. Hospital beds and medical staff are experiencing shortages that could result in death. Young and old alike threatened.

Texas an example where the young have been placed in extreme danger.

Clay Jenkins is titled a County Judge in Dallas County. Actually, he is County Executive. However Texans have labeled their County Execs County Judges from time immemorial. It has something to do with their Mexican heritage.

Jenkins was interviewed over the weekend. The thrust of the interview concerned COVID children and a lack of available pediatric ICU beds. The shortage significant. No room at the inn a reality. With zero pediatric ICU beds available, children are being transported to Temple and Oklahoma cities if beds are available in those places.

Jenkins said, Dallas County has “zero ICU beds for children. In order for a bed to be available for a coronavirus infected child, or even a child severely injured in an automobile accident, “you will wait for another child to die.” Yes, such is how pediatric ICU beds become available for a Dallas County child.

Though referred to as a lack of pediatric ICU beds, the problem actually is lack of medical staff to service those beds.

Children are being transported to Temple or Oklahoma City if pediatric ICU beds are available in those places.

Texas and Florida presently make up 40 percent of all new coronavirus cases in the U.S. A certain number are children. With children soon to return to school, the number of children becoming infected will increase. Especially so due to methods being invoked by Governor Abbott to disallow mandated mask wearing.

As the number of children die, their blood will be on Abbott’s hands. I am not being dramatic. A fact is a fact. His conduct speaks for itself.

A Rhode Island study was recently released. The purpose was to determine if the virus was affecting children adversely and, if so, why. Only white children were involved.

The study’s conclusion is that children are affected. Definitely.

IQ scores down by as much as 22 percent. Verbal, motor and cognitive performance all suffered. Deficiency in cognitive functioning attributed to lack of mobility and interaction at home.

Prepandemic IQ for the decade before 3/20 was 100. The number has dropped to 78 because of the pandemic.

The Department of Homeland Security issued a new “terrorist” bulletin friday. The purpose of the bulletin was to advise an increase in “terrorist” danger. Terrorism comparable to January 6.

The bulletin warned about potential “attacks” by “violent extremists” related to conspiracy theories. Three in number: Opposition to COVID measures, election fraud and Trump be reinstated, and the anniversary of 9/11 and religious holidays.

No question the hurricane season has arrived. Early, in fact. September actually hurricane month.

First was tropical storm Fred last week. For all intents and purposes, no problem for Key West. Then Grace. We are still waiting for Grace here in Key West. Not expected to be more than a tropical storm, if anything. This morning it was announced Henri is behind Grace. Could be a danger to Key West. Still not certain. Presently forming as a tropical storm east-southeast of Bermuda.

Our esteemed past President Donald Trump issued a statement yesterday. He called on Biden to resign: “Resign in disgrace.”

Amazing! The worst President in the history of the United States calling one the finest and most moral of Presidents to leave office. The resignation called for by a proven liar, dishonest individual, with a sex traffic record, who it will ultimately be proven was one of those behind January 6.

For shame, Donald!

Trump asserts several grounds for Biden’s resignation: The surge in coronavirus, the border catastrophe, and a crippled economy.

Trump claims Biden’s resignation would not be of consequence: “It shouldn’t be a big deal, because he wasn’t elected legitimately in the first place!”

This is my second tour of duty with coronavirus. Self-quarantine. Today day 29. Amazing how swiftly this first month has gone by.

I still spend a considerable portion of my day reading and writing. Watching more movies this time, however.

I love old movies. For some reason, they seem to be better this time around. The great ones!

Jean Thornton tweeted the other day how enjoyable this quarantine was bcause of the great movies.

Silent films have never been to my liking. However a few days ago, I watched the original Ben Hur starring Ramon Navarro. Even better than Charlton Heston’s which I have always enjoyed. If you get a chance to watch the silent one, do so. You will be impressed.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hey Lou, shut up about having to be quarantined. You chose to live in Florida where infectious diseases and quarantines (yellow fever) has been a way of life forever.

    Besides Florida has had wacko governors forever too.

    Some, including me, would say it worth it (sometimes, at least), especially to be in Key West. Hell, a few months quarantined in Key West is still better than living in say Utica or Troy for even a week, now isn’t it?

  2. Trump claims Biden’s resignation would not be of consequence: “It shouldn’t be a big deal, because he wasn’t elected legitimately in the first place!”

    More of the Big Lie, by the Princess of Lies.

      • Simple, while he is a lunatic, coward, seditionist and all around poor quality human, slightly under 50 percent think he is the second coming. They will defend him, excuse him, and do ANYTHING to keep his twisted little movement going.

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