The United States, the most powerful nation on Earth, finds it difficult to extract it own people and friends from Afghanistan. Not surprising.

Other nations have failed in confrontations with Afghanistan. As far back as Alexander the Great. Great Britain and Russia, also. So why would it be surprising the U.S. failed?

Leaving in defeat unquestionably an embarrassment. If a great nations such as the U.S. has spent 20 years in a country as small as Afghanistan and not defeated the “enemy,” something is wrong. There is a message here.

We beat the big guys in World War II. Germany and Japan. What war have we won since? North Korea never capitulated. Even to this day. Whatever may have been signed or agreed to is not “adhered to” by the enemy. Kim Jung Un continues to do what he wants when he wants.

Vietnam was the worst. A war against a smaller country, a war that went on too long also. The Vietnamese whipped our ass.

The U.S. departure from Saigon an embarrassment. I thought nothing could be more embarrassing that Americans and supporters en mass on the roof of the Saigon Embassy clawing their way to get the next U.S. helicopter out. While the enemy was below shooting up at them.

I was wrong regarding emergency removals. Afghanistan in recent days worse than the rooftop scene in Saigon. Here the American planes are huge. On the tarmac in Kabul. Taking off with hundreds of people holding onto whatever they could grab on the side of the plane or running along while the plane is taking off in hopes of getting on somehow.

I blame no one and yet blame everyone. Each President during the Vietnam and Afghanistan wars. Their military and other advisers in both wars.

We never got it right.

Eisenhower’s philosophy was you go in with a superior force. As he did on D-Day. No pussy footing around. Use more military than needed. Use all sorts of weaponry short of nuclear.

There is a key to insure against defeat by a minor nation. Don’t get involved in a war with one!

Big day today. On this day in 1969, the Woodstock Music Festival ended. After three days of peace, love, and rock ‘n roll.

Key West’s Larry Smith and Christine Cordone were there. Had to be college age at the time. It was 52 years ago.

Both are still performing strong and enjoying their life’s work.

Grace has abandoned the U.S. Decided not to engage us in her path. Her path is now taking her south of Cuba and into the Gulf.

Where is Henri? Significant reporting re Henri yesterday. Today, I came across none. Henri is the new kid on the block. Still gaining strength.

There is a saying let sleeping dogs lie. I would also throw in what goes around comes around.

Cuomo announced his resignation as Governor last week. An ultimate type punishment.

The Speaker of the New York Assembly is the second most powerful person in New York following the Governor. Speaker Heastie announced friday that the Assewmbly’s investigation of Cuomo would close. There would be no further move to impeach Cuomo.

Cuomo would go quietly into the night. He had no friends on either side of the aisle. Nor anywhere for that mater.

The announcement by the Speaker was friday. Over the weekend, bipartisan outrage exploded. Everyone unhappy. Cuomo needed further punishment. Everything short of burning him at the stake like Joan of Arc.

Speaker Heastie apparently is lacking in brass testicles. He is the boss. He is the second most powerful man in the State. Yet he capitulated to the mob. He advised yesterday he was reversing his position. The investigation would go on and a report released.

Strange! The purpose of the investigation and report could only be used to impeach Governor Cuomo. I ask, how do you impeach a governor who is no longer governor?

The U.S. national debt is now $21 trillion. China has been the U.S.’ #1 creditor in previous years. No more. China has been replaced by Japan. China is now #2.

The dollars owed each minuscule in comparison to the total national debt of $28 trillion. Japan is owed a mere $1.2 trillion and China $1.06 trillion.

Coronavirus numbers for Key West and the Keys continue to trend upward.

The surge is causing concern. Should Key West for example continue planning major events or cancel them now. A meeting to discuss the issue will take place at 5 pm today in City Hall. On the table are Fantasy Fest, the offshore power boat races, and the December holiday parade.

Keys data reflects 504 new COVID-19 cases last week. Yesterday alone, 69 new cases.

All Keys’ numbers by week or day contain 13 children who have become infected.

Not every country has reacted to government intervention to control the virus as people in the U.S. have. Many have. Sluggishly. However there are others in varying degrees who have not.

New Zealand has a Prime Minister and people who have their heads on straight.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister is Jacinda Ardern. Her country’s population is 5 million. Since the pandemic began, New Zealand has had less than 3,000 cases, with only 26 of that number dying.

The country did lockdowns and took other measures. The population with few exceptions did what was necessary to protect themselves.

New Zealand has been clean since February. No new cases till this weekend. One. The Prime Minister immediately announced the country would be in lockdown for 3 days. Note again, for only one infection since Ffebruary.

The Prime Minister suspects the one infection of the Delta variant.

The one infected person is a 58 year old New Zealander who went unvaccinated. His business required him to travel around New Zealand.

Lockdown in New Zealand means everyone must stay home. Busineses will be closed also except for essential services such as groceries and pharmaceuticals.

Today is tuesday. Means my blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 pm for my observations re local, national and world events. Observations delivered with a kick!

Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Enjoy your day!



  1. ……… Afghanistan and not defeated the “enemy,” something is wrong. There is a message here.

    It isn’t a mystery. Guerilla warfare is far from conventional. Non combatants mixed in with the enemy plus home turf advantage. Get too heavy handed (kill innocent people) and you turn the entire population against you. Vietnam should have been the lesson.

  2. We lost the war in Korea
    We lost the war in Viet Nam
    We Lost the war in Iran
    We Won the War in Grenada
    We Lost the war on Drugs
    We Lost both Wars in Iraq
    We lost the war in Libya
    Now we lost our second involvement in Afghanistan.

    We have to stop telling ourselves we are the best all the time, or at least just attack small undefended Caribbean Islands.

  3. Covid “fixes” another stupid.

    Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Sr., a conservative Christian radio host, has died in Chattanooga of Covid-19.

    Phil Valentine, yet another conservative talk show host in Nashville, is in “grave condition” according to his family.

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