So much to share, analyze, etc. this morning. This will be the largest Morning Stew ever.

No special sequence. They are going into the blog as they come up in my notes.

CDC made a mistake concerning one particular number of Florida COVID data. The CDC admitted it had over counted Florida’s cases. Not intentional. A screw up.

The CDC counted last week’s new coronavirus cases as 28,000. Actually, 18,000.

The number will be readjusted next week when 19,000 will be entered in Florida’s mix in place of the 28,000.

Indiana University mandated mask wearing. A student group went to court to reverse the decision. Lost. Appealed. Justice Amy Corey Barrett of the Supreme Court denied  the students appeal on her own without consulting her colleagues on the Court and without a formal hearing. Proper under the circumstances of the case and how it reached the Supreme Court.

The matter will shortly be heard by the full Court.

An example of DeSantis’ head stuck up his derriere. Regeneron is an antibody treatment. It was given to Trump when he had the virus. Last thurdsday,  DeSantis recommended its use to help curb the COVID spread.

I ask: Why not get people vaccinated? Get to people before they are infected with the virus. There are tons of vaccines available. I question who beside DeSantis and Trump have recommended Regeneron’s use.

Texas Democratic House members on the verge of arrest. . The Texas Supreme Court overruled the lower court decision which said the Democrats could not be arrested. The new decision said it’s ok based on the House of Representatives’ 89-12 vote to permit the same.

What next?

The U.S. has been in Afghanistan 20 years. Biden said no more. Ordered U.S. troops out.

Taliban has moved swiftly to take over the country. They are totally in control of most major cities.

The Afghan troops the U.S. spent so much money and time to train are turning and running as the Taliban arrive.

Biden and the U.S. do not look good at all.

In the past 2 days, Biden has ordered 5,000 new troops into Afghanistan to get the problem worked out, if he can. The Taliban are in the driver’s seat. They have little reason to desire any negotiation which would diminish their new present power.

Where did the money go in the 20 years? It is now being revealed that the Afghan government is extremely corrupt and it is suspected significant U.S. dollars went into their pockets. Most of which was supposed to be used to train Afghan forces.

Senator Rand Paul is another politician with his head not on his shoulders. YouTube recently blocked his comments for one week over his representation that masks are ineffective against COVID-19.

Rand retorted, It is “censorship…..very dangerous…..anti-free speech…..and anti-progress science.”

Fred missed Key West. Moved westerly as it passed Key West. Key West experienced 24 hours of off and on heavy rain and some winds. Nothing of any consequence.

Fred still on the move. At the Panhandle today. Heavy waters expected.

Grace continues towards the U.S. Key West in the cone of certainty. If it hits, it will be as a tropical storm.

Hurricane reporting not as good as in previous years. Weather people reporting using the cone alone too long. Key West always in the center of the cone. From Africa forward. Spaghetti lines needed at some point 2-3 days earlier that anticipated landfall.

Last week, I reported a Catholic Church group or two would at some point finance some entity to go to court seeking an exemption from any mandate to wear masks on religious grounds.

Biden announced last week he intended to compel mask wearing for the military. Turns out the courts have already recognized the military’s right to refuse most things on religious grounds.

Mask are next. It is anticipated that the Supreme Court would rule in favor of the exemption.

Too many freedoms being used not as intended by the people of the U.S. nor the Constitution.  And being approved by the courts.

I am the first to say “protect our freedoms.” However the people and the courts are proceeding even more than a step too far.

Last year is repeating itself this year. Street demonstrations bordering on open warfare are becoming common place again. The issue is different, however. Last year it was BLM and other “democratic groups” protesting and far righters, white supremacists, etc. in opposition. The same groups who were insurrectionists on January 6.

The issue today “masks.” Would you believe?

The mask opposition groups are getting stronger. They also appear to be more organized as time goes on. The most recent example Los Angeles saturday. A protest between pro maskers and anti-maskers.

Violence developed. One person stabbed.

The anti-maskers seem to be getting stronger and better organized. I have this gut feeling that they are being helped by and used by the same groups behind the January 6 insurrectionists.

Such should be under investigation. The far right continues to organize well. They feed the venom. There must be some with money behind them. Lets find the ones supporting these groups financially and run their asses into jail.

Another Florida shark attack. Near Key Largo. A teenager. The bite(s) to his “lower extremities.”

Further facts unavailable.

The Afghanistan turmoil continues. Keep in mind the U.S. is not the only nation to have spent a log time there. Russia was in Afghanistan before the U.S. For 10 years, 1979-1989. Left with their tails between their legs as the U.S. is now.

Afghans must be some sort of special people. Strong minded and willed. They have in effect knocked off two international giants.

DeSantis opposition is growing. The recognition proof the man does not know what he is doing.

A Florida doctor has described him as a “medical authoritarian.” A school official as the “mad king of the COVID era.”

DeSantis is unquestionably seeking a “new” aid to help people with the COVID-19 problem. He has come up with a second solution. The first was Regeneron. The latest Monocolonial anti-bodies. The two could be one and the same. I do not know. DeSantis says it is a rapid response to fight COVID-19 by administering monocolonial anti-bodies treatments to those already infected.

More importantly, we have the avoidance already. Masks and the vaccine. Why look elsewhere? He merely is doing it because he cannot find a way to say he was wrong re masking and the vaccine.

He sounds much like Trump when he was pushing the Clorox cue. Drink or be vaccinated with a bleach. Would kill the virus within minutes.

Where do these guys come from?

Are you aware that 40 percent of the new cases in the U.S. come from Florida and Texas? DeSantis and Abbott birds of a feather.

Florida’s COVID numbers from last week revealing.

Nationally based on record keeping by counties nationwide, Florida’s Broward County ranked #1 and Miami-Dade County #3. Something to be proud of Governor!

New cases last week  found Florida to have the highest number of new cases week wise since the very beginning of the pandemic, 151,415. Breaks down to an average of 21,630 per day.

Nationwide, new cases soared 700 percent since July 1. In late June, there were 10,000 new cases a day. Now, 125,000.

People are becoming concerned. The numbers are going up as new persons are being vaccinated. Friday 50 percent of U.S. persons had been vaccinated at least once. The situation slowly improving.

Andrew Cuomo.

I was a New York resident till 2006. Cuomo not N.Y. governor yet. However, I knew of him by observing his political career. He impressed me while I was a citizen. He has impressed me in his years as governor.

He is presently an item of discussion.

In the past 2 days, I have discussed his current problem with 6 people. One a male and N.Y. resident. The other 5 ladies. A mix of N.Y. and Florida residents.

Their opinions re Cuomo interesting.

The man thought Cuomo did wrong. It was against the law. He had to be made to pay.

I did not expect his response.

The ladies likewise I did not expect their responses. Each thought Cuomo had gotten a raw deal. Two recalled having grabbed my ass on occasion. Three surprised me by recalling throwing their arms around me and kissing my on the cheek at a time I was totally unaware they were coming or what they intended to do.

It seems to me the politicians, male and female, may have said kill him because they are in the forefront of the public’s eye and are expected to speak thusly.

I am done for today. Glad I was able to catch up.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. USA Supreme reported, “Obama’s Variant – Image With Statistic From Martha’s Vineyard Show A 14-Day Change Of +1,014% Positive Covid Cases.”

    That is based on data from Duke County, Ma$$, which includes Martha’s Vineyard. If liberals are willing to party like’s it’s 1999, why should the rest of us care?

  2. News Busters reported, “Rick Stengel, the former Time editor turned Obama State Department flack turned MSNBC analyst, appearing on Nicolle Wallace’s show this afternoon and defending Biden on the Afghanistan fiasco, said: ‘It hasn’t quite worked out as we thought.'”

    I think turning Afghanistan back to the Taliban was the plan since this administration began.

    I also like Biden begging the Taliban to spare the U.S. emba$$y.

    A C-130 loaded with $100 bills ought to do the trick.

  3. Don Surber is a widely discredited right wing blogger who likes to entertain himself dropping “stupid” bombs on Lou’s blog when he’s bored and really has nothing useful to say, which is quite often, as nobody reads his own lame blog anymore.

    Don is aggressive stranger to the truth and and doesn’t really care about informing people about anything. He’d rather just try and start fights, something he loves, but really isn’t really good at. What Don S. doesn’t really understand is that the world is actually laughing at him.

      • If you had read his posts, not just now, but for the past several years, you would not have to ask that question. This is a totally dishonest and irreputable person who has misused his privilege to post here or anywhere else with constant lies and distortions.

        Don once worked for a West Virginia newspaper as their right wing blogger guy, until (predictably) he got VERY publicly fired for his offensive racial remarks.

        Since then Don has hosted his own personal far right daily yellow sheet and spent his free time hara**ing other people’s (like Lou’s) blogs, mostly trolling with stupid Bull sh*t, only intended to create fights, so that he can pretend to be some sort of “victim.”

        Don Surber is a perfect example of why we have a problem today in America. He aggressively promotes decisiveness with a total lack of integrity or intelligence.

        • wow. you really have some odd obsession with this fella. I get it if he rubs you the wrong way, but knowing this much about some guy who types his opinion on a blog is weird, and frightening.

          • Isn’t Don Surber the guy who claimed on his own blog that Ashli Babbitt was just another perfectly lawful tourist in Washington on January 6th, who had every right to be at the Capitol building during the insurrection when she was killed by a negro policeman doing his job as an American, attempting to protect our capitol and the people who work there?

            I can see why everyone would find him creepy and speak out about him. That truly is weird and frightening.

              • I know, Don S. has been stalking Lou’s blog for years. He mostly just posts stupid stuff, sometimes in his own name and just as often in other names, just to try and create chaos.

                Every couple of weeks he tries to start a fight and then cries like a baby. It’s all fake, he’s just a cyber stalker!

                Good term!

  4. Afghans must be some sort of special people. Strong minded and willed.

    Or, they simply believe, as FAR too many people do, they are God’s Army. Good luck telling them otherwise.

    • Yeah, and it’s their country, where the people there seem to want them.

      Charlie Wilson got us involved twenty years earlier when like now, we cut and ran too.

      Why were we there again? Human rights I think we said, yeah, we’re really good at that !

      Doctor, heal thyself!

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