“Protest, take our nation back.”

January 6 was not enough. Trump wants to see it happen again. He knows he has the power to ignite such a conflagration again. And he will not hesitate to do so!

First lets get rid of the bullshit Trump is intimating. He makes his “arrest” sound like aa 5 am breaking the door down to get him. Nothing farther from the truth. Regardless of what I may think of him, or anyone else may for that matter, he is a former U.S. President and will be accorded every courtesy such demands.

Trump will be treated as many persons of status are. His attorney and the prosecutors will agree on a date and time when Trump will appear somewhere for surrender. No movie type arrest involved. Trump will show up, be booked, fingerprinted, photographed and taken before a judge to be arraigned. Based on the nature of this particular case, he will probably be released on his own reconnaissance.

A few hours involved. Following which he leaves.

Trump prefers rabble rousing his followers. He wants them out on the streets protesting what he will be experiencing. He wants the world to know he is a big man with a huge following who will literally fight to save and protect him. He cares not who will be injured or killed in the process.

Which brings me to who Trump is. Beginning with he is not normal. He is a sociopath. His mind criminal.

Trump visions a civil war. “I am your retribution.” One he will lead. One which will place him at the head of our government again. This time however by violence, not the ballot box. His words encourage violence. He claims Americans “will not stand” for his prosecution.

The man is pure authoritarianism. He is Mussolini, Hitler, Putin, Jung and Xi wrapped into one.

Back in the days when our nation was opening the West, Indians were a problem. For years, the popular saying was “the only good Indian is a dead Indian.” Some think Trump believes “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

And on and on it goes.

Enjoy your Sunday!





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