March Madness! The term unquestionably fits this year’s NCAA Tournament. Truer words never spoken.

One game’s result last night proof. Farleigh Dickinson a #16 seed. Can’t get any lower in the rankings. Beat #1 seed Purdue 63-58. Only the second time in history a #16 seed has beat the #1 seed.

Farleigh Dickinson outplayed Purdue the entire game.

Purdue the tallest team physically in the tournament. Built like forwards and centers. Farleigh Dickinson the shortest. Five guards in effect. A David and Goliath match.

Purdue had a problem last year also losing right away. Seems a black cloud hangs over them in NCAA post season play.

In that respect, Purdue reminds me of Joe Btfsplk. You may need a few years on you to recall him. He was a character in the Li’l Abner comic strip that ran from 1934-1977. He was described as the “world’s worst jinx.” Lived with a perpetually dark rain cloud over his head. A bad luck guy!

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin yesterday. The charge: War crimes in the Ukraine – the unlawful deportation of 16,000 plus Ukrainian children to Russia since the war began in 2022.

Neither Russia nor the U.S. are members of the International Court. Means an actual arrest of Putin can only happen if he travels into a country that is a member. It is doubted such will occur.

DeSantis is at it again. He doesn’t take much time off between dastardly deeds.

The latest involves Florida text books again. They are being altered to remove references to Rosa Park’s race. The civil rights heroine who sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Part of crucial American history swept under the rug.

DeSantis has been hiding from face to face engagements against Presidential hopefuls and the tough inquiring questioning of the press. At some point, he will have to reveal to the American public his true composition.

In the meantime, more and more odd ball things pop up that could cause him embarrassment. Some make him the fool many think he is.

He is conscious of his height. Wears heels. Trump will eat him up on that one!

How about the claim he is a sloppy eater. Like using 3 fingers to eat chocolate pudding on a recent flight.

A tough one. A recent allegation that while in the Navy at Guantanamo, he witnessed brutal force feeding methods.

Bullies collapse when confronted. I suspect DeSantis is a bully. Going to be interesting to see the person he actually is when he is forced out of the shadows.

The seaweed Sargassum is approaching the Florida Keys. The last time it hit Key West shores was 2015.

A blob thousands of miles long is approaching. It is estimated to be 5,000 miles long. Will arrive over the next several months. Bringing with it the stench of rotten eggs and respiratory problems.

Sargassum has been known to man for hundreds of years. It was first discovered by Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the Americas.

A just now news release. By Donald Trump himself. He announced based on “illegal leaks.” he will be arrested tuesday.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi,
    Can you explain why Bidden Takes my money to give to investors like a billionaire on Shark Tank?
    A Billionaire is getting $ from my nest egg to replace the $ he lost in a bad bank OF HIS CHOICE, If he is a Billionaire, he can well afford to depart with a few million rather than have me replaces his losses. Please explain how Joe can make this choice except that some of us are not equal. Is that just like China?
    Why not put your Savings in real estate? Buy real estate at worst you will have dirt left, not $0. Drive the prices up. squeeze out the poor. Now we know why homes cost so much.
    Joe supports the poor –Ha-Ha. Joe gives my small bucks to his friend in a Cal Bank , most of whom gave money to him and some of whom live in the PRC.

    • ahhhh… that’s just a lot of bullsh*t political nonsense without ANY basis apart from a trumpted up hatred of Bidden and NOTHING to do with anything on Lou’s blog.

      Stop wasting our time with your two bit bile.

    • Indeed, Republicans are falling all over themselves trying to make this Bank failure somehow Biden’s fault, when ALL true experts point directly to Donald Trump’s deregulation of safeguards directly connected to his campaign contributors and SVG bank itself, are to blame.

      Republican’s always do this, thinking nobody will know.

      Hey you aholes – WE KNOW

  2. Billy Boy got a wind job in the WH but did not get arrested: that’s just a lot of bullsh*t political nonsense you all.

    • A Blow Job at the white House, is NOT an arrestable crime, yet suggesting he should have been is definitely a lot of bullsh*t political nonsense, especially all these years later.

      You should probably get your GED before you attempt to post cheap smear crap here on Lou’s blog.

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