When will men stop beating up on women? Especially older white men.

The world has changed in the last 50 years. Women are men’s equal. Legally and otherwise. They even can vote!

The new Alabama abortion law is a disgrace. The wives, girl friends, or maybe boy friends, of the 12 men who voted in favor of the abortion bill should be cut off from bedroom privileges. For life!  The same period of time a woman or doctor who breaks the new law would be required to spend in jail.

Bothering me further is that the Governor of Alabama is a woman. Kay Ivey. She should know better.

Even ultra conservative anti- abortion Pat Roberts said, “I think Alabama has gone too far.”

The Alabama vote, Donald Trump shenanigans…..All make me feel like the U.S. is on a down hill slide. Rapidly and big time!

Yesterday was overall a pleasant day.

Started the morning with a heart test. I have another friday and then a sit down with Dr. McIvor to see if my heart is making me feel as I am. Next week, I meet with my primary care physician Dr. Norris to check out what his test results revealed.

I will probably be told nothing is wrong. Then, why do I feel like shit!

Then to Books & Books. Robert’s birthday. He’s into tennis big time. I decided to get him a book about tennis. Spent almost an hour picking one out. Various stories relating to tennis players, etc.

Hungry. No breakfast. To Harpoon Harry’s. Ate a huge breakfast. I have not been eating. Lost 7 pounds.

Robert’s birthday dinner last night. Ate good again.

Typical family party. Everyone joyful. Corey’s folks, Cameron and his girl friend, there also.

The chocolate cake with white frosting that Lisa baked absolutely delicious.

Robert was pleased with the book. Tennis is his life at the moment.

Discovered Robert has a girl friend. His first. Since December. Normal. Good for him.

The thing that excited Robert the most is that he can now get a learner’s permit as step one to getting a driver’s license.

Home directly from Lisa’s. Too tired to go out.

Tonight, I will be out. The radio show I do with Laurie from 4-5:30. Then to the Chart Room. I have not been drinking. Going to try one tonight.

I had mentioned to Mary the other night that my cleaning lady of 17 years had moved on. She also washed and did whatever ironing was necessary.

Mary showed up. She came to wash and iron.

Good girl! I was not even embarrassed.

She washed and dried 2 loads of clothes and ironed 12 shirts. Fortunate. I was down to my last clean shirt.

I am indebted.

The measles thing is getting out of hand. The numbers increase. Not only in the U.S. World wide. Bringing with the affliction other problems.

Anyone not vaccinated is at fault. Parents who failed to inoculate children at fault.

The orthodox Jewish population taking a hit. They apparently do not believe in vaccinations. Two geographic areas involved. Brooklyn and Rockland County, both in New York. The very orthodox live together in both areas. Measles rampant in both areas.

The group obviously anti-vaccine. Vocal about it.

A meeting was held this past week attended by hundreds. The Jews involved extremely agitated.

They view forcing vaccinations, etc. upon them as anti-Semitic. A 77 year old rabbi who survived the Holocaust was very vocal. Claimed Jews were being persecuted. He heard of a man on the streets of New York who was arrested for sneezing.

He was down on Mayor deBlasio. Referred to him as a “sneaky fellow” and a “closet German.”

I am distressed as a lawyer about a Harvard Law School incident.

Until this week, Ron Sullivan was Dean of the Law School. A respected attorney.

He has been representing Harvey Weinstein.

The students did not approve. Went crazy. “How could you defend such a person?” Several protests. The cry continued…..”How could you represent such a despicable character?”

Dean Sullivan has resigned.

A shame!

Harvard law students not understanding basic precepts of the law. Like a person is presumed innocent, everyone is entitled to a defense.

I would not want any of these soon to be lawyers representing me in any type litigation. They clearly do not understand the function of an attorney.

Washington attorney Edward Bennett Williams was the country’s foremost lawyer in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. A huge law firm. Represented major corporations and national criminal figures. Like Jimmy Hoffa.

His philosophy as to who to represent was simple: Does a doctor turn someone away because the person is too sick? Does a priest turn a person away because he is too much a sinner? A lawyer should not turn some one away because the person may be too much a criminal.

Makes sense.

These Harvard students don’t understand and never will. It is one of those things in your heart that makes you want to become a lawyer.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Those Harvard law students have fallen under the influence of the Trump Effect with regard to traditional concepts of law and order.

  2. You ask “When will men stop beating up on women? Especially older white men?” I say, only when women act in ways that do not support thees men, at least those women who keep voting them into office. If it weren’t for the women in Alabama voting these men into office, then maybe they wouldn’t enact these laws that affect women so badly. Women are in a large part, the cause of this misery! Wake up bitches!

  3. Women have always had abortions and they always will have abortions, one way or another, no matter what. And they do know exactly what it is that they are doing, but that decision is theirs alone to make.

  4. Trump and his pandering to the deplorable element of his base is doing great harm in many ways. Trump does not care about many of the issues he champions except for the adulation it brings from his backwater following. Trumps lack of respect for women is evident as they are objects for his gratification and little more. Trumps lack of respect for YOUNG women is equally evident…as he sees them as mere seedlings … flowers on the come to be picked again for his pleasure. The disturbing comments made and the evidence of his voyeurism regarding the underaged speaks volumes. The fact that so many ignore the truth about him is sad and astonishing.

  5. Trump can do this to women, because they are submissive to him. True not just to Trump, but to Republican politicians everywhere. Wake up girls, you’re causing your own problems. Not very bright and nothing is going to change unless you smarten up a little.

  6. If you take the anti abortion argument down to the next level, why not claim that every egg ovulated by a female is a human being and must be birthed?

          • No, the every egg ovulated is a realistic affront on birth control. The radical right wing is not going to be satisfied with just controlling women.s choices with abortion restrictions, but will turn it’s efforts next to birth control and who knows what else. Your stupid remarks just show how ignorant you are on the issue, it is not about killing anything, it is about protecting women from over zealot phony do goodiers.with hidden adgendas. Women are capable of making their own reproductive decisions

  7. The original post is the issue causing the following responses:
    “If you take the anti abortion argument down to the next level, why not claim that every egg ovulated by a female is a human being and must be birthed?”

    Nowhere is it stated that the government should not be forcing these decisions in that question/post. It’s a hypothetical question, not a forced govt issue.

    Keep up. Stupid.

  8. Your level of comprehension is pathetic, only matched with your willingness to twist anything and everything to suit an argument that only makes sense to your aforementioned limited comprehension.

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