Small though Key West may be, it provides many of the pleasures of a big city such as New York. Excellent theater, terrific restaurants, night life fun, historical places to visit, etc, etc., etc.

One difference, however. Key West persons are more friendly than New Yorkers. No disrespect. Just the way it is.

Another item of similarity are storefronts. Empty storefronts becoming more common. New Yorkers describe it as a brick and mortar meltdown.

It appears there are more empty stores on Duval than in recent years. High rents a contributing factor.

Manhattan is overloaded with vacant stores. Its prime retail area 57th to 72nd Street. More vacant stores this past year by 25 percent than the previous year.

What does this tell us? I am not sure. It could be the economy is not as good as we are being told.

Whatever, Key West is shoulder to shoulder with the Big Apple.

My day yesterday can only be described as lousy. Can’t stop being tired. Exhausted a better description. I should know more later today. Visit my heart doctor. One more test. Following which I sit with him and hopefully find out the cause.

I had prepared for the radio show with Laurie. Called her at 3 to advise I could not make it. Tired like you would not believe.

At 6, I was rejuvenated. The tiredness comes and goes. Swiftly both ways. I went out.

Chart Room first. Not enjoying booze at the moment. So I did not drink.

Jean Thornton has returned and I was happy to see her. One of the best people in the world!

Sheila and David at the bar also. Chatted with David a bit.

I have not been eating. Lost 7 pounds in 10 days. Decided to try eating.

Mary came by and we had diner together at Pier 1. Felt terrific after I ate.

Anyhow, may today be a good day information wise.

On the way home, I drove by the new sushi restaurant at Duval and Truman. Looked beautiful through the window. It sits where the former Denny’s was for years.

Construction of the Duval Pocket Park at the Atlantic end of Duval to start July 1. Will be a dining mall of sorts.

Great location. Should be a winner.

Devin a Key West friend. He is a farmer. He and his brother operate a farm in northwestern Illinois.

I know Devin from the Chart Room. He owns a home in Key West also.

I have previously spoken of him. He is getting killed financially! Soybeans his big product. Followed by corn and wheat.

Trump was his hero. No more. They can’t sell last year’s yield. They can’t plant this year even if they wanted too. The excessive rains have affected corn first. The seeding time has passed. More heavy rain expected.

Soybeans cannot be sold because of the China tariff war.

Two years ago, Illinois corn grown and sold was at 80 percent. This past year, down to 11 percent. Soybeans were 56 percent. Down to 4 percent.

We all will be affected by the farm problems. Demand will continue. There will be insufficient items available. Prices will go up. The law of supply and demand.

Same sex marriage. Few give it any thought these days. It was not so many years ago that same sex marriages were a no no.

Today is the anniversary of the first same sex marriage. The State Massachusetts. Two ladies married in 2004.

In 2015, it became legal in all 50 states.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Hey Luigi, my brother (93) was feeling tired all the time and is now getting testosterone shots….something to ask your doc about !!!!!!!

    Good Luck !!!!!!!

  2. Lou, there are empty storefronts all over America. Maybe the economy is as good as we are being told. Lou, there is a company called Amazon, and a thing called the internet. Maybe these have changed the way people are shopping!
    To suggest empty storefronts may be a sign the economy is not as good as we are being told and not to mention a change in shopping habits to online shopping is beyond belief. You are smarter than this. Once again an example of TDS because somehow the bottom was supposed to fall out of economy under this president and some want to continue to believe the economy is not as good as it currently is!

    • Roaring? That would be a somewhat optimistic exaggeration. Even if you accept the figures from a government obviously prone to constant over statements and outright lies. Besides, anyone can have a decent economy while spending freely. Factor in the enormous deficits and this economy can only be said to be on the edge of disaster!

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