There is an outstanding article published in the November 4, 2019 edition of The New Yorker: Why We Can’t Tell The Truth About Aging. Authored by Arthur Krystal.

Since my doctor told me this past week I have the mind of a 40 year old in the body of an 84 year old, I read the article. Ever the desire to learn more.

I came upon the article via a short Letter to the Editor in this morning’s KONK E-Blast: About Aging. Authored by local icon Roger C. Kratmayer. A man on in his years, also.

As one ages, the mind can keep pace with the body or remain behind as mine has. A problem nevertheless are those things an aging body (regardless of the mind) loses. My age deprivations are alcohol, smoking, sex, golf and bocce.

I hate it! Nothing I can do about it, however.

Krystal’s article is a bit lengthy. Every line worthy of reading. So much wisdom. Many age related experiences.

Quotes and references to comments by philosophers and writers from the ages. Back even to Aristotle.

One quote by a person who relatively recently died. A man I got to know well over a 10 day period.

Rodney Dangerfield.

He died just short of his 83rd birthday.

We met for the only time in the mid 1970’s at La Costa outside San Diego. La Costa a “fat farm” at the time. We were both there to lose weight. Permitted 800 calories a day. Exercised big time all day.

Obviously, no alcohol.

I met Rodney on my first day in a hot tub. We immediately hit it off. I was there to tone up. He to lose significant weight.

We would meet in the bar after dinner each evening. Drank Perrier water and smoked cigars.

A smart man in his own fashion. What you saw on the screen and TV was the man. He made a living being what he was! Except that regardless how he expressed himself, his words were gems. His thoughts right on.

In Krystal’s article and repeated in Kostmayer’s Letter to the Editor is Rodney’s aging advice: “With aging, food takes the place of sex…..install a large mirror above the dinner table.”

I strongly suggest those 70 and over read Krystal’s article. Definitely, if over 80.

Thinking about the aging factor this morning, it came to me if I were to write a book about the plus and minus’ of aging, it would begin “As I stand in the twilight of my years…..”

It is “twilight” time for me and many others.

Watched the LSV/Alabama game yesterday afternoon. It finished around 7:30 so I never went out.

LSU beat Alabama 46-41. LSU remains undefeated. Alabama now with 1 loss.

The college football season still has 3-4 weeks more. Only 5 teams remain undefeated. All could lose 1 game. Only 1 or 2 could remain undefeated. Which means that if Alabama wins the rest of its games, it could be in the final four in rankings and get to play once again for the major championship.

Trump was at the game. He was cheered. No booing. I expected such. Alabama a deep red state. Trump won it by 30 points in 2016.

A cold wave moving across the north. Freezing temperatures. Key West’s temperature will drop today. By 10 degrees. From 91 to 81.

Don’t laugh. We will feel the chill.

Tonight, the temperature will drop to 76. Colder! We can handle it till it hits 74. Then we feel the cold big time.

The reason I have been told is because our blood is thinner.

Again, don’t laugh. Seventy four in Key West is similar to 44 up north.

The State of New York has been investigating the Donald J. Trump Foundation. A not for profit. It was discovered that $2 million of Foundation funds had been misused. By Trump and members of his family.

The money is to be repaid. Charitable funds cannot be used for personal purposes. Called “self dealing.”

Since the Trump Foundation no longer is in business, the court has allocated to what charities the monies are to be paid.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Oh this reminds me of my Dad soooo much! How he loved frying up a slice of sweet Italian sausage to eat in a sandwich lovingly made on Cuban bread. And he never stopped missing his Lucky Strikes.

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