Australia has a problem about which Trump claims to have expertise. Wildfires.

The North Wales portion of Australia is experiencing more than 100 wildfires at the moment. Dozens are “out of control.”

The causes are extreme heat, dry and windy conditions. Drought a contributing factor. Rainfall unusually low.

Trump should contact Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison    and advise him to “sweep” and “rake” the forest lands.

College football. Alabama is ranked #3 and LSU #2. They meet today in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Trump is flying in for the game.

Trump probably attending because he wants to carry Alabama by 30 points as he did in 2016. He is not known to be a sports fan per se.

Trump appeared at a Washington Nationals baseball game last week. He was booed. An organized effort has been made in Tuscaloosa asking the fans not to boo.

Booing is not my concern at the moment. The cost of Trump’s trip is.

Who pays for the President’s plane, crew, extra Secret Service, extra local police, etc.

His attendance at the game is either for personal pleasure or political in nature. Perhaps both. He or one of his political PACS should pick up the tab.

Trump is doing 1-2 rallies a week. I asked the same question recently. Who pays the expenses?

No one talks about it.

I have lived through 2 “impeachments.” Nixon and Clinton. Both as an adult and practising lawyer.

Nixon’s did not reach the impeachment trial stage. He resigned. Clinton went through it all.

The country was somewhat split. Republicans and Democrats went at it. None however as the parties are waging war re impeachment activities directed at Trump.

I worry. The statesman of today are not those of yesterday. Today’s Congress has many “thugs” in its ranks. Especially the Republican Party.

The walls are closing in on Trump. The noose gets tighter each day.

How will matters end? How will Trump’s “supporters” react as matters proceed?

The American people are split. On one side the anti blacks, Klu Klux Klanners, white supremacists, authoritarians, etc. On the other, those who still believe in the values upon which America was established.

Confrontations have been few. Some involving actual fighting, fires, and on one occasion a death.

Will matters get worse? Especially in view of what is unquestionably coming down on Trump.

Will Trump encourage his supporters to take to the streets and fight to keep him in office? A possibility. Maybe a probability.

Today is the anniversary of the Night of the Broken Glass. This day in 1938. Though directed by Hitler against the Jews, a similar situation could arise involving Trump’s people and the rest of America.

Night of the Broken Glass is also referred to as Kristallnacht. In Germany and Austria, Hitler’s dislike of the Jews resulted in an escalation of his purge against Jews.

During the Night and days that followed, 100 Jews died, 7,500 Jewish businesses were damaged, synagogues, homes and graveyards vandalized, 30,000 Jews arrested.

Hitler’s Gestapo and Hitler engaged followers received a free hand. Police were told not to interfere. Some Jewish families committed suicide.

Trump could bring us to that point. ICE is his Gestapo. Perhaps even local police. His followers in the thousands. Their actions directed against those who do not support Trump.

Sound crazy? You may think I am. However, a good possibility. Our country is strained. Consider the damage Trump has done nationally and worldwide in less than 3 years.

All I can say is what I have in the past. Beware.

I have no sports weekend. Syracuse has a bye in football and the basketball team does not play till wednesday. I will be aggravation free!

Blog short today. I want to “comment” on 2 recent Comments to my blog. Concerning Da Vinci’s Last Supper and the Berlin Wall. My comments will be found in the Comment section.

Enjoy your day!



  1. We all know how Trump supporters will react to anything he does. He said it himself… he could “shoot someone” on 5th avenue and he wouldn’t loose any supporters. His supporters simply close their eyes to every evil Trump commits.

    Fortunately, his supporters are a minority of people in this country. I just hope the majority doesn’t sit home again for the next election.

  2. Regarding Presidential travel costs for political events: according to a formula established in the Reagan era, the President’s political party or a PAC must pay a prorated share of most costs. Taxpayers pay the rest. One hour of flying time for Air Force One costs $206k. The President’s party reimburses the govt at a rate based on the hourly cost of a chartered 737, which is much less than the Presidential aircraft.

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