11th HOUR OF 11th DAY OF 11th Year

Time moves fast. Fifty days to the end of the year.

Today is Veterans Day. A national holiday.

Originally known as Armistice Day, it is observed annually on November 11 to honor all persons who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. In other countries, it is celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day.

The purpose of the day is to formally recognize the end of World War I. The War ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.

Woodrow Wilson did not particularly distinguish himself as President. He was neither bad nor good. Sort of run of the mill.

The first Armistice Day was celebrated one year after the War ended on November 11, 1919. In a message to the American people, Wilson expressed his thoughts as to what the day meant to them: “Out of this victory there arose new possibilities of political freedom and economic concert. The War showed us the strength of great nations acting together for higher purposes…..”

Wilson was politically inept. His ineptness precluded the U.S. from becoming a member of the League of Nations. Wilson had his head on straight however that there was a need for world order and economic dependence on one another.

What Wilson perceived became fact following World War II. Unfortunately, Trump is negating and destroying that world order and economic dependence.

Great Britain celebrates this important day as Remembrance Day. Remembering those who died in service to their country.

Great Britain took a terrible beating during World War I. It lost a whole generation of its young men.

In a National Service of Remembrance held earlier today in London to commemorate and honor the men and women who lost their lives in the conflict, certain words were repeated which clearly set forth the sacrifice of Britain’s young men: “When you go home, tell them of us, and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today.”

Words from the grave.

Sixty years since last I was in college. Things have changed. Some dramatically.

Harvard is considered one of the finest, if not the finest, universities in the United States. Harvard had a one week on campus workshop the likes of I never saw in my college days. Harvard Sex Workshops. Most of the agenda items I never experienced during my college days. Some not since even to this day.

Thirteen topics were shared, discussed, analyzed, etc. Including Self Love, Sex Toys 101, Anal Sex 101, Tantric Sex 101, Oral Sex 101, Period Sex, BDSM in the Dorm Room, and Sexual Fetishes A-Z.

The week long event was organized by the student organization Sexual Health Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard (SHEATH).

Even more shocking, I find Harvard has hosted Sex Week every year since 2012.

The Harvard Crimson published an op-ed: “Recovering the Beauty of Sex.” An anti-sex week article.

The renowned author and cultural critic Mary Eberstadt in an e-mail to College Fix wrote, “Harvard Sex Week is corporate exploitation at its sleaziest.”

The “corporate exploitation” comes into play because 20 different companies involved in sex pleasure sponsored the event. Provided all kinds of sex toys free and some for sale. Vibrators, anal plugs, specialized condoms, testicle stretchers, strap ons, and ankle restraints.

I must be old fashioned. My age certainly qualifies me. I do not approve of such a sex week workshop on a college campus, especially one of Harvard’s distinction.

I mentioned yesterday that the temperature was going to drop to 76. Advised that at 74, it is cold. I was wrong. I was cold last night when the temperature was 76. My evening at home spent wearing a sweat shirt.

The famous, infamous, respected, well loved Captain Tony Tarracino was elected Mayor of Key West this day in 1989.

Captain Tony’s famous saloon on Greene Street still bears his name. Captain Tony’s Saloon.

The Captain left us years ago. However his life and reputation remain. His life though checkered admired more than frowned upon.

Captain Tony was a saloon keeper, boat captain, politician, gambler, story teller, bootlegger and gun runner.

He ran several times before being elected Mayor. He was “arguably the city’s most beloved resident.” Recalled as “the conscience of Key West.”

The Captain had certain priorities concerning Key West. He always “sought to limit Key West’s growth and to keep its reputation as a refuge for eccentrics and renegades who had found their way to the southernmost part of the continental United States.”

Married 4 times. The last marriage the longest. Thirty eight years. Fathered 13 children.

I know only one. His daughter Toni. A lovely lady who is proud of her father and does much to keep his memory alive.

Jimmy Buffett and Captain Tony were friends. Jimmy Buffett managed one of the Captain’s losing campaigns for Mayor. Buffett wrote Last Tango in Paris following the election. The tale of Captain Tony.

The song begins, “I went down to Captain Tony’s / To get out of the heat / I heard a voice call out to me / ‘Son come have a seat’.”

Lura Gorman died November 4, 2019 in West Palm Beach. She lived many years in Key West and contributed much to the community.

I met Lura when I first came to Key West. She was always at La Te Da. She and her husband Mickey had purchased the property in 1992 and had spectacularly remodeled it.

I would run into her occasionally at La Te Da. She was always pleasant. Charming best describes her. I enjoyed our conversations.

May she rest in peace.

I mentioned several days ago that a great white shark was hovering off Smathers Beach.

Great whites are like many humans who frequent Key West. They summer on Cape Cod and winter in the Keys.

OCSearch, a research group, says more are coming. Seeking the warmer waters off Florida and the Carolinas.

OCSearch advises there were 2 great whites off the west side of Key west in September. Still there. One is Unama’ki who was tagged off the coast of Nova Scotia early in September. By late September, Unama’ki was off Key West.

Unama’ki has been described as a “big girl.” She is 15 feet 5 inches long, weighs 2,076 pounds.

Not a lady to meet while swimming.

Enjoy your day!

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