My divorce from Verizon at the K Mart shopping center was finalized yesterday. I was fed up! I am not going into all the details as to why. You have heard me complain enough the past two years.

I discovered another Verizon store in the Winn-Dixie shopping center. It is called the WIRELESS ZONE. Do not walk. Run when you need cell phone assistance. My sense is the people are good.

The place is locally owned. I met one of the owners who was kind enough to take care of me. His name is Manny Rioseco. He dealt with my problems professionally and politely. He was unhurried. He dug deeper into my cell phone that anyone had in the past. The phone is working today. I hope it continues to work. My tablet a sudden problem, also. I am not sure yet if the problem is resolved.

Manny also told me I was entitled to just under$100 a month off on my monthly billing. Why didn’t the other Verizon tell me in any of my many visits to them?

My new friends…..Manny Rioseco and the Wireless Zone.

I have already done my TV/internet  show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. One of my best! If you missed the show, it is You Tubed. You can catch it beginning tomorrow. Enter Lou’s Legal Hour.

I get pissed off on occasion. A report just came out that the median family wage has gone down over the past five years. Add to it the House of Representative’s recent action passing a bill to eliminate $40 billion from the food stamp program.

I countered with some things Congress does to spend money inappropriately. In other words, wastefully. Like the US Senate. This a…..Did you know? The US Senate has its own barber shop. It is called Senate Hair Care Services. The barber shop is run with taxpayer dollars. It runs a deficit of about $500,00 a year. It has lost $5.25 million over 15 years.

Hooray for the Senators! They get next to free haircuts at taxpayer expense. They are required to pay $3.50. All the while, the median family wage has gone down, $40 billion is being cut in food stamps, and free breakfasts for children is being eliminated.

A shade of another color. The House of Representative members who want to do away with Obamacare get the very best medical free as Congresspersons.

Our elected representatives are caring people!

My yesterday was busy.

Started with a haircut with Lori. Always pleasant. Then a manicure with Tammy. Another delightful experience.

Tammy and her husband recently bought a new home on Seidenberg. Big! Tammy and I chatted about it yesterday. She recalled her life in Hue, Vietnam. She said when it rained outside, it rained inside. The whole family lived together in a small abode. The bathroom was an outhouse. Cold and scary at night.

It was Blossom’s for lunch. New owners! Five days. I wish them well. I enjoyed my usual Cuban cheese toast with tomato and a cup of Cuban coffee.

I spent what ever free time I had working on my book which is soon to be published. The World Upside Down. I am working with the publisher now editing, etc.

Bocce last night. We lost all three games. Something is wrong. This is the third consecutive season we have sucked. I see a meeting coming. Don and David will ask the team members….. What are we doing wrong? Hours will go into the discussion and hopeful resolution.

Remember the Kim I mentioned last weekend. I met her and her male counterpart last weekend at the Chart Room. Kim is a bocce player. She played against us last night. A terrific player! Always on the money! Killed us with every shot!

Enjoy your day!





2 comments on “WIRELESS ZONE

  1. “Our elected representatives are caring people!” We live in a
    Plutocracy now. Between big business, the 1% and the corruption in DC we are all losers. I follow a new political party of my own idea…it is called the “Non-incumbent Party”, in every election from dog catcher to President I will always vote against the incumbent regardless of the meaningless party. People should get in office, do what they promised and leave to go back to a real job. No more political dynasties, revolving doors of our elected onto millions in consultant fees and gold plated retirement and free healthcare.

    I agree, there should be a rule that whatever Congress does to the people should be done to them. Cut food stamps $40 billion then cut out all capital hill dining perks. Yeah right I no.

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