Here we are into football season and I come up with a baseball metaphor. Casey at the Bat. It fits, however.

Will there be joy in Mudville tonight? Mudville being Syracuse.

Syracuse plays Clemson. Clemson ranked #1, Syracuse around #40. After last week’s drubbing by Maryland, it is going to take a long time to climb back into being a ranked team this year. Unless, Syracuse beats Clemson tonight!

Not impossible if the past 2 seasons are any indication.

Two years ago, Clemson was #1. Syracuse not ranked. Ended up having a lousy season, also. The night they met was special, however. The gods looked favorably upon Syracuse. Syracuse beat Clemson!

There was joy in Mudville!

Last year, almost the same result. Early in the season. Clemson #1. Syracuse not yet ranked thought it did end the season ranked based on a 9-3 record prior to the bowl games.

Syracuse lost by 3 points. Either team could have won. One of the finest football college games ever. The lead went back and forth.

I cannot say there was no joy in Mudville. There was. Everyone was happy. Clemson was supposed to kill Syracuse and failed to do so. At the time, none of us knew what a great season Syracuse would have. Clemson was ranked #1 at the time and ended the season #1.

Will it be 3 in a row tonight? A win or close defeat the same after the Maryland game.

We shall see. Mighty Casey will be at the bat.

I mentioned yesterday, the war that apparently exists between Comcast and ACCN. I can’t get Syracuse games.

Since Clemson is #1, it does not appear to be a problem. The game will be shown tonight on ABC also.

Jean and Joe Thornton back from a month in Europe. Two weeks now.

Spoke with Jean via telephone this morning. It was good to hear her voice. Love the lady!

I called to ask her about Alonzo’s which I will get to in a moment.

Jean reminded me that we were together 2 years ago. Irma had hit Key West 9/10. I arrived as a refugee at her home 9/8. Several others were arriving that day and the next.

Jean and I reminisced about all the fun we had. Twelve days together. All of us sleeping in the same home. Jean and Joe great hosts.

An experience. A unique one. A good one.

Jean mentioned that Birmingham had been without rain 3-4 weeks. I laughed. It has been pouring in Key West every morning for about 3 weeks. Raining now. The sky black.

The Alonzo thing. Alonzo’s is a famous Key West fish house. Alonzo’s has been located in the same place on the waterfront the many years I have been here.

It came to my attention yesterday that Alonzo’s is closed. Not only closed, but gutted! No one could tell me if Alonzo’s is returning or another restaurant.

Could be the place is rented to another outfit. Several buildings in the area were purchased by a group of local businessmen last year. They may be remodeling or rented to another.

Jean said she would check and let me know. By day’s end, Jean will know and have told me.

Berlin’s is upstairs from Alonzo’s. The new building owners made almost immediate changes to Berlin’s when they took title. The 2 that bothered me the most were cutting out smoking in the bar and charging for parking.

I have yet to return to Berlin’s.

A couple of interesting comments in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice.

The first made mention of the generosity of the people of the Florida Keys re the Bahamas. Locally garnered together supplies and money which is being sent over every day. Manpower also. People remaining and helping.

Sounds good! Is!

However, the comment also makes mention of something that continues to aggravate many in the lower keys.

It is 2 years post Irma. Renovation, rehabilitation, etc. still not complete. Up around Big Pine people still living in tents with no toilets, water supply or power.

I have spoken to the issue for 2 years. The reason for the problem lies clearly with Washington. Trump has failed to make available sufficient federal dollars to help. He always says when a disaster occurs not to worry. The government has enough money.

I believe the government does. The problem is Trump takes from the FEMA account and uses it for something else somewhere else. Like the recent monies he took to finish building the wall. Monies that had been appropriated by the House of Representatives for natural disasters.

The people of Puerto Rico, Florida Panhandle and Georgia continue to suffer also. Several hurricanes having hit.

All crying for help. The people of the Florida Panhandle view themselves as forgotten people.

Another comment along the lines of the previous involved the inability of Florida key’s people to rebuild or rehab for financial reasons. Again because federal dollars have come up short.

Many houses that went down are still down. Those leveled were mostly older ground level homes. Replacement homes have to be built on footings. Code required.

Many people cannot afford the new/additional cost to rebuild.

The federal government paying insufficient dribs and drabs. Insurance companies likewise. Would you believed that 2 years later and people are still waiting for an insurance settlement?

These same people continue to pay their mortgages. Now on an empty lot, in addition to paying for alternate housing.

Enjoy your day!



  1. The federal government paying insufficient dribs and drabs. Insurance companies likewise. Would you believed that 2 years later and people are still waiting for an insurance settlement?

    Come on Lou, you have been around a while AND with a career in law. Why should Insurance companies or the government be any different? How many good people were screwed in environmental law by the big players having good representation?

  2. Lou… I hate to be the one to mention it, but…

    Maybe Key West is the favoured land and the sun is shining bright.
    And maybe the bands are playing on Duval, and in the Chart Room hearts are light;
    And on Malory square turons are laughing, and children shout,
    But in Mudville… Mighty Casey always strikes out.

    My apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer.

    Kokomo Man

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